Press document of the end


After 8 days of batles on the boards we had the end of "8th International chess tournament of Gazi-Heraklion", which held from 4-11 of August in Ammoudara of Gazi.
The tournament this year was very strong with 95 chess players from 11 countries and from them there were 8 GMS, 2 IMS, 2 FMS, 1 WIM, 1 WFM as also many other strong chess players..

Organisers of the tournament were the :Chess Akademy of Gazi", the "Organisation of Athletics of Gazi", the "Organisation of Athletics of Heraklion" and the hotel "Dolphin Bay**** Hotel. Chief Arbiter was Mr. Stefanatos with arbiter Mr.Magoulianos Georgios and assistant arbiter Skebri Ioanna. Responsible for the website was Mr.Theodoros Dimitriadis.

We have to thank all these chess players who took part in the tournament and especially those who came from abroad for our tournament. We thank the sponsors and those who helped in any way for the success of this tournament.

Talking about hte final results in the general ranking after the round 9 we find IM Maghalashvili Davit as the only winner, with 7,5 pts, and 7 players who are GM Papaioannou Ioannis, GM Sethuraman S P, IM Azaladze Shota, GM Pap MIsa, GM Maiorov Nikita and GM Skebris Spiros.
QAfter them with 6,5 pts is Mr Kokolias Konstantinos and with 6 pts GM Kharitonov Alexander and GM Mastrovasilis Thanos. With 6 pts also are GM Petrov Marijan, FM Tsilidis Alexandros, Azis-Azizis Ektoras, WIM Makka Ioulia, Papadakis MIchalis, Kalogeris Ioannis, Theodorou Nikolas και Makka Evanthia.

In special categories we have these results:

In the category of women first is WIM Makka Ioulia, with 6 pts, second with the same pts Mrs Makka Evanthia and third WFM Petraki Maria.

In the category <20 years we have first GM Sethuraman S P, with 7 pts , and with 5,5 pts follow, as second Mr Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos, as thirs Balokas Dimitrios and as furth Mr Stefanatos Nikolaos.

In the category Boys<16 first is Giannis Kalogeris, with 6 pts, second is Li Lun with 5,5 pts and third, with 5 pts Halkiadakis Marios. With the same pts follow Hnaras Foivos and Eleftherakis Panagiotis..
In the category Girls<16 first is Serpetsidaki Eva, with 4 pts, second Vitsaxaki Marilena, with 3 pts, and third is Stratigi Maria, with 2,5 pts.

In the category Boys<12 first is Theodorou Nikolas, with 6 pts, second Serpetsidakis Georgios, with 5 pts, and third Kadianis Georgios, with 4,5 pts.
In the category Girls<12 first is Vasileiou Aimilia, with 4,5 pts, second Stratigi Evita, with 3 pts, and third Van Linthout Pandora1η θέση, with the same pts..

In the categories "Performance minus rating" we have:
In the category "Performance minus rating", with international rating, first is Li Lun, second is Serpetsidakis Georgios and third Petrakis Nikolaos.
In the category "Performance minus rating", with greek rating, first is Magoulianos Nikolaos, second is Karidis Fotis and third is Vasileiou Aimilia.

These were the final results for the tournament of 2012. We are waiting all of you in the "9th International tournament of Gazi-Heraklion" in the summer of 2013!