6ο International Chess Tournament Of Heraklion-Gazi (22-29/8/10)


Municipal Organization of Athletics of Heraklion, Chess Academy of GAZI, Municipality of Heraklion (First Central Department), Union of Cretan Chess Clubs

Playing Hall

The games will take place in Heraklion, at the conference center “ARIADNI” and “CELLAR” of the Hotel Capsis Astoria**** (

Tournament Schedule

1stround: Sunday, 22 of August 2010 at 09:30

2nd round: Sunday, 22 of August 2010 at 17.30

3rd round: Monday, 23 of August 2010 at 17.00

4th – 8th round: Tuesday, 24 August 2010 - Saturday 28 August 2009, daily at 17:00

9th (final) round: Sunday, 29 August 2010 at 10:00

Closing ceremony: Saturday, 29 August 2010 at 14:30


FIDE rated swiss system in 9 rounds. Open to all chess players.

Time limit: 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes + 30 seconds increment for every move starting from move 1

Tie break criteria: 1) Games between the tied players (only if all tied played each other), b) Sum of progressive score, c) Buchholz, d) Sonneborg – Berger e) Number of victories

Tournament Director: Stefanatos Charalampos

Chief Arbiter: IA Mitrou Ioannis

Prizes (in EUR) 3.750 €

1st place: 1.000 Euros, 2nd: 700 Euros, 3rd: 500 Euros,

4th 300 Euros 5th: 200 Euros, 6th: - 10th 250 Euros (5 X 50)

Women: 1st place: 300 Euros, 2nd: 150 Euros, 3rd:100 Euros,

Special category "Performance minus Rating": 1st: 120, 2nd: 80, 3rd: 50 Euros.

In case of a tie, prizes are divided equally. A player qualifying for more than one prizes takes the higher one.
Cups and medals will also be awarded to the 3 top winners of the tournament, to 1th women winner, to 1th boy and 1th girl winners<20 years old, to 1th boy and 1th girl winners<12 years old and metals will be awarded to the players 4-6 top winners of the tournament, 2th and 3th women winners, to 2th and 3th winners<20 and to 2th and 3th boys and 2th and 3th girls winners<12.

Participation fee (no accomodation included)

Men players with international rating above 2300 and women players above 2000 free.

Men under 2300 and Women under 2000: 40 €

Boys and girls<18: 30 €


Hotel «VANISKO»*** (

Prices per percon, per night, Breakfast and lunch included

Single room: 45 €, Double room: 30 € , Triple room: 28 €

Hospitality conditions

For players with Fide Rating 2500 + 8 days residence in single room (Full Board)

For players with FIDE Rating 2450-2499 8 days residence in double room (Full Board)

For players with FIDE Rating 2401-2450 50% discount at hotel prices

For women chess players are the same conditions, minus 100 ELO

For every 4 players from the same chess club, outside Crete, 10% discount at hotel prices.

There will be priority for the chosen chess players who will accept this hospitality.

The first 10 chess players, above 2450 ELO, who will be interested will be chosen.


The airport of Heraklion is connected daily with many European airports. The IATA code of Heraklion airport is HER. The major Greek airlines are Olympic Airways and Aegean Airways while many international airlines also serve Heraklion. You can always check other flights with your travel agent or also find low-cost airtickets to Heraklio at SkyScanner. A taxi ride from Heraklion to the Hotel Vanisko shall cost about 10 EUR.

Transportation from Hotel “Vanisko” to the Hotel where will be the playing Hall is about 10 minutes by public bus, which passes by the hotel every 15 minutes.


Entries must be sent by fax to the number (+30)2810821029 or by e-mail at and All entries should include full name, international rating, accomodation type, dates of arrival and departure. All entries should be confirmed by the Tournament Director and rooms will be booked after the deposit of 50% of the total cost (free of bank charges) to the following bank account:


IBAN account number: GR6201727550005755041258755



Bank location: GREECE

More information

Tel.: (+30) 6972262486 , Mr Charalampos Stefanatos

Fax: (+30) 2810821029