Inaugural Golden Youth Cup breaks junior records in Ukraine

FIDE - Wed, 07/10/2019 - 15:28

Breaking records in chess is no easy feat nowadays, but the inaugural Golden Youth Cup in Ukraine did exactly that this week, 648 kids descending on the Vinnitsya International to chase titles and $20,000 in guaranteed prize money.

A converted ice-skating rink inside the MEGAMOLL shopping centre proved to be the perfect venue for the multi-category children’s tournaments. There was seating for 550 parents at a respectful distance and more than enough distractions for the grown-ups to leave the kids to play in peace, and vice versa when the games were done.

The Ukrainian Book of Records were on hand to certify the recordbreaking attendance after financial contributions from both FIDE (thright the Planning and Development Commission) and the ECU, along with Chess Evolution’s primary sponsorship and local contributions, helped to make the 1st Vinnitsya International a huge success.

With a time-control of all moves in 90 minutes, and a 30 second increment from the start, the first in what tournament organiser Arkadij Naiditsch hopes will be many Golden Youth Cups proved to be an excellent international-standard event.

The Azerbaijani super-GM has been stunned by the level of interest and play in his first outing as a tournament organiser, stating: “It’s incredible to see so many kids playing the game I love". Naiditsch added: “I have to thank the families for choosing Vinnitsya in Ukraine as their summer chess destination, and the support of the sponsors has been invaluable in making this dream junior event come true”.

On to the chess itself, and there were u-6, u-8, u-10, u-12 and u- 14 category titles to be fought over, attracting young players from Scotland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Moldova, Israel, Estonia, Ecuador and Belarus – as well as a slew of youthful and hopeful local Ukrainian talent.

All the tournaments were hard-fought, and the blue and yellow striped flag of Ukraine flew atop the leaderboard in every section as the nine-round battles approached the finishing line.

In the under 14 section it was Oleksandr Vakulenko who claimed the title, and the prizemoney and CE Premium clock that went with it. Draws with his closest rivals was enough to take the trophy on tiebreak after five players hit the 7/9 mark.

Anastasiia Dubovyk’s fine finish on 6.5/9 meant she scooped the girl’s title.

The under 12 competition saw a similar result, Mikhail Tobak securing first spot with a draw against top seed Vadim Petrovski.

Anzhelika Lomakina lifted the girl’s title just half a point behind Mikhail Tobak.

At the under 10 level, Artem Dyachek was already assured of tournament victory after eight straight wins, before relaxing with a trophy-winning draw in the final round.

Anastasiia Hnatyshyn finished fourth overall to take down the girl’s title. In the under 8 section, Kyrylo Niezhentsev gave up an early draw but then stormed home with seven straight wins to bag victory, with Valeriia Zhubenko taking the top girl’s prize with an excellent 7/9.

The youngest age category, the under 6, it was Mykhaylo Nezhyvenko who took top honours with 8/9, Alina Donets a close second overall and crowned girl’s champion.

Following the closing ceremony, Naiditsch expressed his hopes that ‘The Golden Youth Cup’ would become the premier children’s event on the chess calendar. “It was amazing to see so many children competing and we hope that next year we will break even more records as word of the Vinnitsya International spreads far and wide!”

He added: “With 648 participants, we have broken the record for holding the biggest-ever children’s chess event in Ukraine. We invited the book of records of Ukraine who fixed this record officially and awarded us a diploma. “This diploma we distributed to all the participants of the event so they could take home something special and memorable, and give them even bigger motivation to love the game of chess”.

Report by Andy Burnett. Golden Youth Cup official website: http://goldenyouthcup.com

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Joint meeting of the Task Force for the Reform of the FIDE Statutes and the FIDE Constitutional Commission

FIDE - Wed, 07/10/2019 - 14:13

The joint meeting of the Task Force for the Reform of the FIDE Statutes and the FIDE Constitutional Commission with the participation of Roberto Rivello, Willy Iclicki, Martin Huba, Lakhdar Mazouz, Ken Koort, Francois Strydom, Casto Abundo, Ian Wilkinson, Merouane Tabti, David Jarrett, Kezzie Msukwa and Tomasz Delega was held in Lausanne on 5-6 July 2019.

The meeting was held again in the modern and nice MSI building ("House of International Sports") where FIDE has its headquarters together with other international sport organisations.  The aim of the meeting was to present the draft of the new FIDE Charter to the members of the FIDE Constitutional Commission and to discuss in details all parts of the document. The hard and intensive work went in a very positive and constructive atmosphere and all participants contributed to further relevant improvements and amendments so that the strategic FIDE material is as much as possible supporting the efforts of the world chess umbrella organisation to transform in the well governed and transparent body.

The final draft version of the FIDE Charter was agreed to be ready by the end of July 2019 so that to be presented and disseminated to relevant FIDE stakeholders for final discussions.

The Task Force work is going to its end and all of its members will be very satisfied when the FIDE General Assembly will start a new world chess era with the approval of the FIDE Charter before the end of this year.

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2019 Belt and Road China Yuecheng Shaoxing International Women Chess Open kicked off

FIDE - Mon, 07/08/2019 - 14:00

Jian Hu One Courtyard Cup 2019 Belt and Road China Yuecheng Shaoxing International Women Chess Open kicked off on July 8 2019 in Xianheng Hotel Shaoxing city (China).

This event is organized by the Board and Card Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Chinese Chess Association and the People's Government of Yuecheng District Shaoxing City.

34 players from 9 countries, including 8 GMs and 4 former women world champions, compete for the total prize of $119,000 in a 9-round swiss system. The champion will get $40,000.

Mr. Yuan Jian, Chief of the People's Government of Yuecheng District, Shaoxing made a speech to welcome all the players.

Mr. Zhou Baolin, Deputy Secretary General of Shaoxing Municipal People's Government also made a speech to invite players to visit Shaoxing, the city of profound culture at the spare time and he hoped to organize this tournament next year again.

Mr. Victor Bologan, the Executive Director of FIDE, attended the opening ceremony. On behalf of FIDE, Bologan extended the congratulations on Shaoxing Yuecheng District for hosting this exciting event. He said that "the Shaoxing Yuecheng women's Open is the highest-level women open competition in the world. I am very happy to see the spread of chess and chess culture around the world. I hope Shaoxing will hold more chess competitions and events in the future".

Mr. Ge Feng, the Deputy Director General of Board and Card Games Administrative Center of General Administration of Sport of China, delivered a speech and announced the opening of the event.

Shaoxing city is one of the famous historical cities in China. Numerous accomplished scholars or figures were born or lived here. This city is also a typical ancient water town, known as Venice of China, with abundant waterways and more than 4000 stone bridges of various styles and sizes. During the competition, the organizer will arrange for the players to visit Shaoxing city and experience the profound cultural heritage and rich cultural landscape.

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List of titles approved by the 2019 2nd quarter PB in Baku, Azerbaijan

FIDE - Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:11

FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the 2019 2nd quarter Presidential Board in Baku, Azerbaijan, June 27-30.

GM FIDE ID FED Aguero Jimenez, Luis Lazaro 3508455 CUB Baldauf, Marco 4688210 GER Fawzy, Adham 10613129 EGY Iniyan, P 25002767 IND Li, Di 8607508 CHN Miron, Lucian-Costin 1210920 ROU Mirzoev, Emil 14108640 UKR Pechac, Jergus 14926970 SVK Pena Gomez, Manuel 2252813 ESP Sadikhov, Ulvi 13401416 AZE Sargsyan, Shant 13306766 ARM Swayams, Mishra 5028183 IND Wieczorek, Oskar 1133950 POL Xu, Yi 8605564 CHN Yakubboev, Nodirbek 14203987 UZB             IM FIDE ID FED Aditya, Mittal 35042025 IND Afanasiev, Nikita 24183555 RUS Alshameary Puente, Ismael 2225166 ESP Ambartsumova, Karina 4166299 RUS Apryshko, Gleb 24131792 RUS Baidetskyi, Valentin 14142317 UKR Bakhmatsky, Vladislav 14124890 UKR Bitelmajer, Martin 111651 ARG Bronstein, Or 2815770 ISR Danielyan, Vahe 13304828 ARM Ertan, Can 6306330 TUR Galburd, Yan 2808528 ISR Gavrilescu, David 1227190 ROU Gines Esteo, Pedro Antonio 32080190 ESP Guichard, Pauline 639370 FRA Jackson, James P 416860 ENG Kjartansson, David 2301130 ISL Kristensen, Kaare Hove 1400940 DEN Kulon, Klaudia 1131044 POL Lin, Yi 8609659 CHN Mendonca, Leon Luke 35028561 IND Neelash, Saha 5094160 IND Nguyen, Van Thanh 12402532 VIE Peek, Maurice 1004239 NED Pershin, Denis 24165506 RUS Popov, Mikhail 4146182 RUS Sai Agni Jeevitesh, J 5070147 IND Schitco, Ivan 13905465 MDA Setyaki, Azarya Jodi 7101589 INA Shubin, Kirill 34119962 RUS Srbis, Jurica 14515555 CRO Suleymanli, Aydin 13413937 AZE Taylor, Adam C 424668 ENG Voigt, Roland 4651332 GER Wadsworth, Matthew J 415804 ENG Zhang, Ziji 8609470 CHN Zwirs, Nico 1036432 NED di Nicolantonio, Lucas 680460 FRA     Yan, Dzhumagaliev 24100110 RUS             WGM FIDE ID  FED Badelka, Olga 13509926 BLR Balajayeva, Khanim 13406396 AZE Gevorgyan, Irina 14201437 UZB Salimova, Nurgyul 2915138 BUL Wang, Annie 2053900 USA             WIM FIDE ID  FED Julia, Antolak 1159569 POL Sonja Maria, Bluhm 24654027 GER Yoana, Gonzalez Ochoa 3507629 CUB Tea, Gueci 872342 ITA Ivana, Hrescak 14613441 SLO Manli, Liu 8608121 CHN             IA FIDE ID  FED Djennane, Salah 7909705 ALG Afandiyev, Majid 13411128 AZE Baghirov, Javanshir 13404318 AZE Poley, Vladimir 13500090 BLR Nugusse, Dejen Zelalem 15700763 ETH Blot, Philippe 696757 FRA Lebret, Loriane 683906 FRA Ast, Bernhard 4683242 GER Ruetemann, Dirk 12961809 GER Anagnostou, Zoi 4282701 GRE Biswajit, Bharadwaj 5035465 IND Venkata, Kumar G 5029449 IND Sembei, Mutua 10802150 KEN Laizans, Aivars 11603348 LAT Corotcova, Anastasia 13900137 MDA Grima, Noel 5600588 MLT Westerduin, Philip 1014269 NED Vestby, Anniken 1525093 NOR Milligan, Helen 2401312 NZL Wang, Ying 4307011 NZL Wejsig, Michal 1160532 POL Sofran, Radu-Pompiliu 1213393 ROU Ferreira, Marius 14306930 RSA Bykov, Vladimir 24190080 RUS Nikitin, Aleksey 4188837 RUS Polovina, Elena 4135008 RUS Shukan, Alexander 4141733 RUS Volkov, Alexander P. 34156213 RUS Mihevc-Mohr, Narcisa 14600587 SLO Danada, Tomas 14919362 SVK Adeeb Zehrawi 7607148 SYR Imamoglu, Mustafa 6320210 TUR Yildirim, Yucel 34568786 TUR Biliy, Vadim 14114127 UKR Keik, Mykola 14135744 UKR Carvalho, Guillermo 3000311 URU Gevorgyan, Irina 14201437 UZB             FA FIDE ID  FED Adoui, Mohamed 7919646 ALG Belmahdi, Mouloud 7924720 ALG Daho, Mohammed 7903359 ALG Kendi, Sid Ali 7904339 ALG Rahmouni, Madjid 7913621 ALG Ramos, Jose Luis 132217 ARG Al Jamri, Maleeha 11202300 BRN Yin, Hongbin 8621993 CHN Miranda Solano, Keylor 6509959 CRC Urbina Quiroz, Edwin 6500650 CRC Miranda Rodriguez, Tania 3510417 CUB Marcussen, Claus 1506021 DEN Serag El Din, Moheb 10628118 EGY Bleuzen, Christian 20623585 FRA Flament, Sebastien 20679904 FRA Zhorzholiani, Meri 13604031 GEO Klein, Andreas 24602701 GER Piechot, Steffen 24637009 GER Avramidou, Varvara 25872125 GRE Bobadilla, Yelso 84020970 HON Chetan, Chauhan 5026920 IND Gandhi Sagar 25086944 IND Gundoo Gurujitsingh 46609261 IND Jain Rinku 25725190 IND Kamate Jameel Dastagir 25921819 IND Naresh Krishna, S 25003780 IND Neelesh, Kumawat 5061792 IND Nelson, Clement 5014280 IND Roopak Arora 25646168 IND Salina Masum 25061453 IND Sawant Rupesh Damodar 35001558 IND Shaji K 46621598 IND Sharma Shardul 45035334 IND Soni Shubham 45098425 IND Sri Chitra P 25933280 IND Taba Anam 35095371 IND Tangsale Pranav Vijay 5038839 IND Khodabandeh, Milad 12538620 IRI Zabihi, Zahra 12557803 IRI O Murieagain, Colm 2507382 IRL Marinello, Dario 2808108 ITA Olivo, Paolo 804169 ITA Abylkassimov, Azamat 13723740 KAZ Kovanova, Mariya 13704818 KAZ Berisha, Agon 22103155 KOS Mustaps, Matiss 11602295 LAT Jawhar, Oussama 5302137 LBN Jouni, Hassan 5302609 LBN Chimedlkham, Bayarsaikhan 4905326 MGL Gan-Od, Sereenen 4901304 MGL Moustapha, Cheikh Brahim 19600860 MTN Singh, Ram Kishor 12315257 NEP Fivelstad, Jon Olav 1510339 NOR Collantes, Juan Ramon 6600085 PAN Montilla, Eloisa del Carmen 6603319 PAN Cruz, Reden 5228506 PHI Santos, Ronaldo 5222761 PHI Tabudlong, Ronnie M. 5216540 PHI Flak, Pawel 1117548 POL Ivanova, Tatiana 4109724 RUS Karalkin, Maksim 4136250 RUS Kurbatov, Andrei 4186664 RUS Altinci, Ebru 34582975 TUR Dogan, Havva 34598529 TUR Karakafa, Hakan 34506950 TUR AlTaher, Salman Tarek 9303995 UAE Diaz Hollemaert, Nahuel 104019 URU Cohen, Lawrence 2026228 USA Sztaray, Judit 30930189 USA Talamantez, Abel 30915694 USA Del Nogal, Moraima Gregorys 3934152 VEN             IO FIDE ID  FED Chowdhury, Mahmuda Hoque 10203095 BAN Herrera del Sol, Isbel 3516113 CUB Matlak, Jacek 1101234 POL Uskudarli, Erman 26348195 TUR Yalcin, Firat 44555733 TUR Keik, Mykola 14135744 UKR                   CONDITIONAL ON RATING     GM FIDE ID  FED Chernousek, Lukas 311707 CZE Justin, Sarkar 2010011 USA       IM FIDE ID  FED Mosesov, Danylo 14149494 UKR Nalbant, Tuna Onat 6372821 TUR Ozen, Bahadir 6337058 TUR Seth, Homa 2031779 USA       WIM FIDE ID  FED Soyunlu, Narmin 13400843 AZE                   CONDITIONAL ON INFO     IA FIDE ID  FED Sigurdardottir, Hallfridur 2314746 ISL Musa, Omer 12200298 SUD Alpyuruk, Mehmet Salim 6386377 TUR       FA FIDE ID  FED Bat-Amgalan, Ravdanlkhumbuu 4904923 MGL Erdenebat Dolgorsuren 4903781 MGL Majed Ali, Abdouli 9304975 UAE       IO FIDE ID  FED Syed Shahab Uddin Shamin 10216944 BAN Ozturk, Baris 26302055 TUR Kayonde, Andrew 8700281 ZAM

Download LIST OF TRAINERS' TITLES approved by 2019 2nd PB.  
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Players qualified for the World Cup 2019 - Average ELO & ACP Tour

FIDE - Thu, 07/04/2019 - 11:59

FIDE publishes the list of players qualified for the World Cup 2019 by average ELO & ACP Tour.


Qualification by Average Rating

    PLAYER Federation Avg July 18 - June 19 Total games 1 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar AZE 2798.7500 69 2 Giri, Anish NED 2785.1667 71 3 Anand, Viswanathan IND 2772.1667 69 4 Grischuk, Alexander RUS 2770.2500 55 5 Nepomniachtchi, Ian RUS 2768.5000 55 6 Kramnik, Vladimir RUS 2765.5000 37 7 Yu, Yangyi CHN 2755.9167 101 8 Radjabov, Teimour AZE 2755.7500 34 9 Karjakin, Sergey RUS 2754.0833 45 10 Svidler, Peter RUS 2741.4167 41 11 Topalov, Veselin BUL 2740.5833 13 12 Duda, Jan-Krzysztof POL 2734.0000 52 13 Harikrishna, Pentala IND 2731.3333 86 14 Rapport, Richard HUN 2730.0833 68 15 Jakovenko, Dmitry RUS 2726.3333 78 16 Bu, Xiangzhi CHN 2723.6667 50 17 Vitiugov, Nikita RUS 2723.4167 85 18 Wang, Hao CHN 2723.0000 104   Reserve       1 Andreikin, Dmitry RUS 2721.2500 64 2 Naiditsch, Arkadij AZE 2711.6667 123 3 Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi IND 2707.5833 89 4 Fedoseev, Vladimir RUS 2705.4167 94 5 Tomashevsky, Evgeny RUS 2703.5000 36                       Qualification from the ACP Tour 2018               Adhiban, B IND    
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TCEC Season 16 – information and participants

Chessdom - Wed, 07/03/2019 - 16:28

TCEC Season 16 is going to start mid July with the participation of the strongest computer chess software. For the first time ever a Neural Network – Leela Chess Zero aka Lc0 – will defend both a league title and a Cup title.

TCEC Season 16 will feature a new format. It will keep the acclaimed Premier Division and Superfinal as in previous seasons, but will give more chances to starting engines to climb up the rankings. For this reason three leagues of 16 engines will be created. The event will start with a Qualification League where all newcomers will be featured, including new AB engines and Neural Networks. The top 6 of the Qualification League will promote to League 2 (also 6 will relegate), and the top 4 of League 2 will promote to League 1 (also 4 will relegate). Finally, the best placed 2 engines from League 1 will qualify for the Premier Division (also 2 will relegate).

The change of structure for TCEC is necessary due to the present rapid development of computer chess. With the new format more engines will have a chance to climb up the ranks and have a shot to enter in the elite.

Here is the list of participants for the Premier Division and the newly formed leagues. The seeding of the engines is based entirely on Season 15.


Superfinal (100 games with time control 120′+10″ – using a new book by Jeroen Noomen)


1. Premier Division winner 2. Premier Division runner up


Premier Division (3x DRR with time control 90′+5″ – using a new 8 move book by Cato aka Nelson Hernandez)


1. Lc0 – current TCEC champion 2. Stockfish 3. Komodo 4. AllieStein 5. Houdini 6. Komodo MCTS 7. League 1 winner 8. League 1 runner up


League 1 (1x DRR with time control 45+5 - using a 6 move book, randomized)


1. Ethereal 2. Fire 3. Xiphos 4. Laser 5. Andscacs 6. Fizbo 7. Jonny 8. Chiron 9. Ginkgo 10. ChessBrainVB 11. Booot 12. Rofchade 13. League 2 qualification 14. League 2 qualification 15. League 2 qualification 16. League 2 qualification


League 2 (1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 4 move book, randomized)


1. Fritz 2. Nirvana 3. Arasan 4. Texel 5. Vajolet 6. Gull 7. Pedone 8. Nemorino 9. Rubichess 10. Pirarucu 11. Qualification 12. Qualification 13. Qualification 14. Qualification 15. Qualification 16. Qualification


Qualification (1x DRR with time control 30+5 – using a 2 move book, randomized)


Up to 16 engines playing for 6 qualification positions. This is a mix of engines from Div 4 and new entries. The complete list of participants will be announced soon.


Stay tuned for updates
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47ο Πανελλήνιο Ομαδικό Πρωτάθλημα Α’ Εθνικής (2-6 Ιουλίου 2019)

Skakistiko - Tue, 07/02/2019 - 13:26

Αρχίζει σήμερα Τρίτη 2 Ιουλίου στο Ρίο της Αχαίας και ολοκληρώνεται το Σάββατο 6 Ιουλίου το Πανελλήνιο Ομαδικό Πρωτάθλημα Α’ Εθνικής 2019 (τελική φάση) με τη συμμετοχή, κατά το μοντέλο που προκρίθηκε κατά την τελευταία δεκετία και λίγο περισσότερο, της συμμετοχής 34 συλλόγων σε ελβετικό 7 γύρων.

Οι τρεις ομάδες με τις πιο ισχυρές συνθέσεις σύμφωνα με την αρχική δήλωση των παικτών τους είναι ο Φυσιολάτρης Νίκαιας, η ΕΣΘ και ο ΣΟ Καβάλας.

Οι περισσότεροι σύλλογοι έχουν ενισχυθεί και με ξένους γκρανμέτρ και μερικά από τα πιο γνωστά ονόματα είναι οι Ναβάρα, Σαφαρλί, Σάριτς, Βαγιέχο-Πονς, Ιστρατέσκου, Νταβίντ.

Η επίσημη ιστοσελίδα των αγώνων με τις κληρώσεις, βαθμολογίες και ζωντανή μετάδοση παρτίδων και όλες τις πληροφορίες:https://chessfed.gr/league2019/

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July 2019 FIDE Rating list

FIDE - Sun, 06/30/2019 - 15:13

FIDE publishes July 2019 FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.
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2019 2nd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting

FIDE - Fri, 06/28/2019 - 15:14

FIDE officials gathered in Baku, where 2019 2nd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting is taking place on June 28-29.
The agenda of the two-day meeting includes a number of important issues. The proposal of reducing the membership fees for the federations, dress code topic, the hosts of the future FIDE events and the membership of the three countries will be discussed at the meeting among the other questions. The list of the final decisions will be published within 10 days.
The agreement of the cooperation between FIDE and the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan is planned to be signed. It will mainly cover children's chess and social projects.
Arkady Dvorkovich expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the Presidential Board meeting in Azerbaijan: “I would like to thank the organizers for their hospitality. They created all conditions for holding a meeting at a high level. We would be glad to see more intense chess life and more tournaments in Baku in the future”.

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7th World Championship in Composing for Individuals

FIDE - Thu, 06/27/2019 - 12:28

The seventh World Championship in Composing for Individuals is completed. 266 composers from 42 different countries competed in 8 sections and submitted a total of 2831 compositions. 611 compositions by 151 authors automatically qualify for the inclusion into the FIDE Album. About a hundred of these problems mostly composed by the winners can be found in this report.

The ceremony and the award of trophies will be held in this year’s congress in Vilnius.

This was a big project that took almost two years in preparation and execution. It would not be possible without the help of many experts from different countries.

The winners:

· A – Twomovers: Vasyl Dyachuk, Marjan Kovačević, Valery Shanshin

· B – Threemovers: Aleksandr Feoktistov, Aleksandr Kuzovkov, Valery Shavyrin

· C – Moremovers: Mikhail Marandyuk, Aleksandr Kuzovkov, Fedor Davidenko

· D – Endgame studies: Oleg Pervakov, Martin Minski, Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen

· E – Helpmates: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi, Aleksandr Semenenko, Fadil Abdurahmanović

· F – Selfmates: Andrey Selivanov, Zoran Gavrilovski, Aleksandr Kuzovkov

· G – Fairies: Vlaicu Crișan, Petko Petkov, Lev Grolman / Borislav Gadjanski

· H – Retros: Silvio Baier, Dmitrij Baibikov, Nicolas Dupont   The official website: https://www.wfcc.ch/
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Υποψήφιος στην Α’ Αθήνας με τον Σύριζα ο Βασίλης Κοτρωνιάς

Skakistiko - Thu, 06/27/2019 - 10:40

Εδώ το κείμενο της προγραμματικής δήλωσης για το σκάκι που συνέταξε και υπογράφει ο Έλληνας γκρανμέτρ και δέκα φορές πρωταθλητής Ελλάδας:

Ανάμεσα στις δράσεις-παρεμβάσεις που πρόκειται να συμπεριλάβει ο ΣΥΡΙΖΑ στο κυβερνητικό του πρόγραμμα βρίσκεται και η ένταξη του σκακιού σαν ισότιμο υποχρεωτικό μάθημα στα δημοτικά σχολεία με διαπιστευμένους δασκάλους-προπονητές.

Το σκάκι, σαν ένα άθλημα που οξύνει τις πνευματικές λειτουργίες σημαντικά (συγκέντρωση, μνήμη, ταξινόμηση πραγμάτων, συνδυαστική ικανότητα) και βοηθά στην κριτική σκέψη από μικρή ηλικία, ενισχύοντας τις στρατηγικές ικανότητες του ατόμου, αποτελεί ήδη εδώ και δεκαετίες μοχλό ανάπτυξης των δυνατοτήτων του παιδιού σε πολλές χώρες του κόσμου με χαρακτηριστικά παραδείγματα χώρες μεγαλύτερες όπως π.χ. η Ισπανία, αλλά και μικρότερες, όπως η Αρμενία και το Αζερμπαϊτζάν.

Πρόθεση του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ είναι το πρόγραμμα να ξεκινήσει πιλοτικά σε διάφορους δήμους της ελληνικής επικράτειας και να μετατραπεί ταχύτατα (μέσα σε 2 χρόνια) σε μια καθολική καινοτομία στον χώρο της εκπαίδευσης.

Ήδη στην Ελλάδα το σκάκι αποτελεί ένα αρκετά διαδεδομένο άθλημα με πολλές χιλιάδες αθλητές εγγεγραμμένους στα μητρώα της Ελληνικής Σκακιστικής Ομοσπονδίας (ΕΣΟ).

Υπάρχει επομένως το υπόβαθρο για την άμεση στήριξη και εμπέδωση του προγράμματος με ικανό αριθμό από σκακιστές-προπονητές, πολλοί από τους οποίους φέρουν υψηλούς αγωνιστικούς βαθμούς αξιολόγησης της Παγκόσμιας Σκακιστικής Ομοσπονδίας (FIDE) αλλά έχουν και παράλληλα τα τυπικά και ουσιαστικά προσόντα για να είναι πραγματικοί δάσκαλοι του σκακιού καθώς έχουν ανάλογη διαπίστευση και πλούσια προπονητική εμπειρία σε συλλόγους.

Ο στόχος του προγράμματος είναι μια ουσιαστική παρέμβαση στην καθημερινότητα του μαθητή που θα του επιτρέψει

  • να συνδυάσει την θεωρία και την πράξη σε πολύ μικρή ηλικία
  • θα αυξήσει τα πνευματικά του αντανακλαστικά
  • θα δώσει αθλητικά ερεθίσματα διαφορετικού περιεχομένου από αυτό στο οποίο είμαστε συνηθισμένοι ως κοινωνία.

Δεν είναι τυχαίο ότι για το σκάκι χρησιμοποιείται συνήθως το τρίπτυχο επιστήμη-τέχνη-άθλημα σαν περιγραφή των ιδιοτήτων του αφού εμπεριέχει στοιχεία και από τους τρεις χώρους. Πολλές προσωπικότητες από τον χώρο της πολιτικής, της τέχνης, του αθλητισμού, της επιστήμης έχουν σε κάποια στιγμή της ζωής τους υπάρξει φανατικοί σκακιστές, κάτι που πιστοποιεί την γοητεία που μπορεί να ασκήσει το σκάκι σε άτομα με δημιουργική έφεση ή και την συμβολή του στην ανάδειξη τέτοιων προσωπικοτήτων.

Όπως είπε ο Πάμπλο Μαρτίν από το Σοσιαλιστικό Κόμμα (PSOE), ο οποίος παρουσίασε την αντίστοιχη πρόταση εισαγωγής του σκακιού στα σχολεία της Ισπανίας, το να παίζεις σκάκι στο σχολείο «βελτιώνει τη μνήμη και τη στρατηγική ικανότητα, διδάσκει στους μαθητές να παίρνουν αποφάσεις υπό υψηλή πίεση και αναπτύσσει τη συγκέντρωση, με πολύ χαμηλό οικονομικό κόστος».

Στον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ περαιτέρω πιστεύουμε ότι η κανονική ένταξη του σκακιού σαν μάθημα στο σχολείο θα βοηθήσει σημαντικά στην αρμονική ανάπτυξη του παιδιού συμβάλλοντας στην ισορροπία μεταξύ σώματος και πνεύματος, κάτι που αποτέλεσε από τα αρχαία χρόνια τρόπο ζωής του Έλληνα, και πρέπει να έχει συνέχεια στον σύγχρονο κόσμο. Το σκάκι με τα ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά του αποτελεί ένα χρήσιμο εργαλείο προς αυτή την κατεύθυνση.

* Ο Βασίλης Κοτρωνιάς, αθλητής του Σκακιστικού Ομίλου Θωμάς Γεωργίου, υποψήφιος βουλευτής στην Α΄ Αθηνών με τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, θα δώσει αγώνα σιμουλτανέ στο εντευκτήριο Chess Square, Μακρυνίτσας 3, Αμπελόκηποι (τηλ. 210-6251538) και  θα αντιμετωπίσει ταυτόχρονα 30 σκακιστές και σκακίστριες με έλο έως 1700. Η εκδήλωση θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Κυριακή 30 Ιουνίου στις 6 το απόγευμα. Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής στο email: chesssquareclub@gmail.com

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FIDE World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2019

FIDE - Tue, 06/25/2019 - 16:56

This is the official invitation to all National Chess Federations who are participating in the FIDE World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2019, which will be held in Corum, Turkey, from the 28th of October (arrival) till the 06th of November (departure) 2019.
The Championship will be organized and held by Turkish Chess Federation and under the auspices of FIDE.

Official Website

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TCEC15: the 15th Top Chess Engine Championship

Chessdom - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 03:46

Written by Guy Haworth and Nelson Hernandez
Reading, UK and Maryland, USA

Corresponding author: g.haworth@reading.ac.uk

This is the latest in our series of analytical articles on past TCEC events. The main text can be read below on this webpage, and at the bottom you will find a link to the full layouted article in pdf format, including the important tables, graphs and images.

TCEC is very grateful to the authors for their kind permission to publish these substantial and scholarly analyses of its events!




TCEC Season 15 started on March 5th 2019 with a more liberal Division 4 featuring several engines in their first TCEC season. At the top end, interest would centre on whether the recent entries, ETHEREAL, KOMODO MCTS and LEELA CHESS ZERO would again improve their already impressive performances. Fig. 1 and Table 1 provide the logos and details on the enlarged field of 44 engines.

Fig. 1. Logos for the TCEC 15 engines (CPW, 2019) as in their original divisions.

There were a few nudges to the rules. In the event of network breaks, if both engines were in the 7-man and/or TCEC win (or draw) zone, the game was adjudicated as a win (or draw). Otherwise, TCEC resumed games with extra initialisation time rather than restart them.

The common platform for TCEC15, as for TCEC14, consisted of two computers. One was the established, formidable 44-core server of TCEC11-14 (Intel, 2017) with 64GiB of DDR4 ECC RAM and a Crucial CT250M500 240 GB SSD for the EGTs. The ‘GPU server’, upgraded to a Quad Core i5 3570k with 32GiB DDR3 RAM, sported Nvidia (2018) GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 GPUs.

Table 1. The TCEC15 engines (CPW, 2019), details, authors and progress.

Initial interest centred on a third non-Shannon engine, this time the hybrid ALLIESTEIN, a cross between Adam Treat’s ALLIE and Mark Jordan’s LEELENSTEIN (Chessdom, 2019) and a pupil of supervised rather than ‘tabula rasa’ learning. Would this combine the best of ‘Shannon AB’ and neural-network approaches in a case of ‘1+1=3’ or would it be a fall between two stools? There were several reasons for believing that ALLIESTEIN would not tarry in Division 4 for too long.
HANNIBAL was recuperating after its crashes in TCEC14 but new to TCEC were some other ‘AB conventional’ engines – CHEESE, BAGATUR, IGEL, JUMBO, MARVIN, MINIC, MONOLITH, RUBICHESS and TOPPLE – a generous addition to the line-up. Given the wide range of estimated ELOs, there was likely to be a higher degree of carnage in Division 4 and so it proved. The division was in fact split into two halves with a play-off for the promotion places between the top two in each half.

Division 4a/b: each half of 1 DRR, 2 RRs, 18 rounds, 90 games @ 30′+5″/m

As for TCEC12-14, each engine played both White and Black from four-ply openings defined by the second author here. The results are as in Tables 2-3: ‘P%’ is the %-score and ‘ELO±’ the change to the engine’s nominal ELO based on its performance. Generic stats are in Tables 11 and 12. In part 4a, CHEESE’s win ‘against the otherwise unchallenged NEMORINO in game 11.2/52 was a clear outlier. RUBICHESS took second by virtue of its 2-0 result against WINTER.
In Act 2 game 12.5/60, SCORPIONN had a 7-man win (dtm = 22m) on move 80 but took 108 moves to get a 6-man EGT result. WASP disconnected against ALLIESTEIN in game 15.4/74, effectively a 1.5-point swing for second place as ‘crashes’ are the first tie-breaker. Unusually, games 29 and 87 ended in mate, and SCORPIO exhibited its ‘resigns’ move in games 5, 28 and 78.

The network crashed in g32, ALLIESTEIN–CHESS22K, on move 49w with CHESS22K’s evaluation at +5.3, a clear case for a continuation rather than a restart, surely the default response. ALLIESTEIN worked through to a 6-man RB-BP ‘mate in 18’ win with some difficulty. It would have been interesting to see it actually achieve this as neither engine was using the 6-man endgame tables (de Man, 2018).

Table 2. The TCEC15 Division 4a cross-table: one DRR phase, 18 rounds, 90 games.

Table 3. The TCEC15 Division 4b cross-table: one DRR phase, 18 rounds, 90 games.

The Division 4 play-off was marred and skewed by two PIRARUCU technical concessions. Throttled back by fiat from 43 threads to 16, this engine then underperformed and missed a likely second-place promotion. This should not obscure the fact that ALLIESTEIN showed new form to win, remarkably beating NEMORINO 4-0 and RUBICHESS 2½ 1½. The only blot on ALLIESTEIN’s escutcheon was its loss as Black to RUBICHESS in game 9.1/17: the power of two queens is not to be underestimated.

Table 4. The TCEC15 Division 4 play-off cross-table: two DRR phases, 12 rounds, 24 games.

Division 3: 2 DRR phases, 14 rounds, 112 games @ 30′+5″/m, 4-ply openings

With LEELA and KOMODOMCTS now in the higher divisions, competition for promotion was bound to be more open and keenly contested. Indeed, each engine lost at least two and won at least three games. There were plenty of wins below the diagonal of the eventual x-table, notably by PEDONE and VAJOLET at the expense of ROFCHADE, games 8/2.2 and 30/8.2.

Game 45, ALLIESTEIN-ARASAN, broke the TCEC shortest-win record in g45/12.1 with a mate in 20 moves (The shortest TCEC-draw was TEXEL-GULL in Season 10, Stage 1. After the mandated 1. b4 d5 2. Bb2 Qd6, play went 3. a3 a5 4. Nf3 axb4 5. Be5 Qb6 6. Bd4 Qd6 7. Be5 Qb6 8. Bd4 Qd6 9. Be5 {3x} ½-½.) (g45/12.1, AS-Ar: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 {as mandated} 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. Nxd4 Bb4 6. Nxc6 bxc6 7. Qd4? (7. Bd3) Qe7 8. f3 Bc5 9. Qd3 O-O 10. Bg5 Rb8 11. O-O-O d5 12. exd5 h6 13. Bh4 Ba6 14. Bxf6 Be3+ 15. Kb1?? (15. Rd2) Rxb2+ 16. Ka1 gxf6 17. Qxa6 Rfb8 18. Bd3?? (18. Qa5) Qb4 19. Ne2 Rxa2+ 20. Kxa2 Qb2# 0-1.), too sudden and savage for the TCEC referee to intervene. This was not the first evidence that there are still some bugs to be fixed. ALLIESTEIN was weak on moves 4 and 7 and blundered on 15 and 18 – the m4/m7 mistakes apparently connected to it failing to recognise castling options.

Despite this, ALLIESTEIN stayed in the promotion fight and its chances were conclusively enhanced with the 0-1 result of g100/50.2, ARASAN–ROFCHADE in which ARASAN got tangled up. The final results contained some surprises. No tiebreak rules were needed and ROFCHADE deservedly took first place after being unbeaten by the top half of the table including a unique 4-0 result against TEXEL. In con¬trast, ALLIESTEIN in second lost its matches against ARASAN and TEXEL but was unbeaten by the bottom four engines. The hope was that its known weaknesses had been sorted out. As the under-performing GULL was the reference engine at 3300 in the TCEC ELO scale, all other engines increased their TCEC ELO (GULL’s role is similar to that of the ‘IPK’ International Prototype Kilogram which defined the mass of one kilogram. If it hypothetically lost a gram, everything else would increase in mass by 0.1% even though unchanged. This parallel ceased to be valid on 20th May 2019 when the new definition of the Kilogram became operative (BIPM, 2019).), even NEMORINO which returned to Division 4. Wool (2019) picked out the round 19 game ARASAN–ALLIESTEIN which ARASAN would have ended with position-repetition but which in fact ended in a 6-man EGT-adjudicated draw.

Table 5. The TCEC15 Division 3 cross-table: two DRR phases, 28 rounds, 112 games.

Division 2: 2 DRR phases, 14 rounds, 112 games @ 30′+5″/m, 8-ply openings

A burnished ALLIESTEIN checked in for Division 2 with endgame table support and without the castling-related bug that manifested itself in Division 3: ROFCHADE was also refreshed. A point of interest was whether the newly promoted engines would hang on to their new status.
After RR1, ALLIESTEIN headed the standings with XIPHOS on +3 despite losing the drawn g21/5.1 to ROFCHADE after 109. Ke5?? instead of Ke7. ROFCHADE itself was on -2 and in the drop zone. At the halfway point, the leaders were XIPHOS (+7), ALLIESTEIN (+5) and CHESSBRAINVB (+2), despite the fact that ALLIESTEIN lost to ROFCHADE again. Can an engine play so badly that it plays well?

In the third round robin, there were few upsets. CHESSBRAINVB lost to FRITZ and ceded third place to BOOOT (+2) which had previously had difficulty winning. ALLIESTEIN (+8) and XIPHOS (+11) took their promotion prospects past the 97.6% and 99.9% confidence-levels respectively. NIRVANA was similarly headed for Division 3. In RR4, ROFCHADE escaped the drop in the final cliffhanger at the expense of FRITZ. XIPHOS and ALLIESTEIN gained promotion easily as BOOOT fell away badly. Interestingly, ALLIESTEIN performed better than XIPHOS against the better engines. Would this trend continue in Division 1?

Table 6. The TCEC15 Division 2 cross-table: two DRR phases, 28 rounds, 112 games.

Division 1: 2 DRR phases, 28 rounds, 112 games, tempo 60′+5″/m

Second author ‘Cato’ provided 12-ply openings for this division. The news was that the KOMODOMCTS crash problem was solved and so expectations were that it would promote easily. After seven rounds, KOMODOMCTS led ALLIESTEIN and FIZBO, ALLIESTEIN second courtesy of a default by CHIRON in game 25 when the latter failed to play a single move and crashed after 2.5 minutes: hash-table initiali¬sation may have been the problem. CHIRON has been on the cusp of Divisions 1 and P since it crashed three times in Season 12. KOMODOMCTS and FIZBO did not know that they were less likely to receive a similar gift but CHIRON was then cut back to 32 cores.

ALLIESTEIN (+4) reached half time strongly with 2.5/3 and a key win against FIZBO. KOMODOMCTS (+3) was second after being gifted a win by CHIRON in g46/12.2. With 12 moves to go to a 50-move draw, CHIRON lowered the drawbridge of its own fortress with 138. … f6?? and welcomed its enemy in with red carpet and heralds. As Karsten Müller confirmed, Ke8 was always available to guarantee the draw. LASER (+1) was gapped in third, sound, unbeaten but draw-centric. JONNY and CHIRON looked earmarked for Division 2 with just one win, literally between them.

Round Robin 3 ended with fireworks, nine of twelve games being decisive. ALLIESTEIN’s first win of RR3, a key one in g77/20.1 against XIPHOS, was followed by a network crash against CHIRON at move 70 in g81/21.1. This was posted as a ‘no fault’ loss but continued later and was drawn as expected. Meanwhile, KOMODOMCTS had moved confidently back to first place with three straight wins, the last to previously undefeated LASER. XIPHOS and LASER contested third place but were effectively two points behind ALLIESTEIN because of tiebreaks.
The last quarter started badly for ALLIESTEIN: its first genuine loss in g85/22.1 against ANDSCACS (Wool, 2019), a sharp, tactical Q-RR fight, not its forte. However, its win against KOMODOMCTS in g93/24.1 more than revived its promotion chances, giving it tie-breaking advantage against the other contenders. ALLIESTEIN and XIPHOS met in g105/27.1 for almost all the marbles and drew. As the dust settled and the GPUs cooled, positions 1-5 were decided clearly on points despite the closeness of this division. FIZBO escaped relegation only by virtue of the third ‘number of wins’ tiebreaker at the expense of JONNY which had the better SB score: TCEC follow FIDE’s tie-break priorities here. CHIRON, tailed off last at -10 and with one more albeit ultimately irrelevant crash to its name, now finds itself two divisions below its personal zenith. The two promotion spots went to KOMODOMCTS (+7) and newcomer ALLIESTEIN (+5) with fellow promotee XIPHOS (+3) a creditable third.

Table 7. The TCEC15 Division 1 cross-table: two DRR phases, 28 rounds, 112 games.

Division P, three DRR phases, 42 rounds, 168 games, tempo 90′+5″/m

The heavyweight Division P promised three weeks of the best computer chess to be found anywhere. It featured three non-Shannon (1950) MCTS engines: TCEC14 runner-up ‘LC0’ LEELA CHESS ZERO, returning KOMODOMCTS and serial promotee ALLIESTEIN. The majority of games, those between the tac¬tical minimaxers and the strategic Monegasques, were bound to be a clash of two styles and partic¬ularly interesting. After three rounds, STOCKFISH, LC0 and HOUDINI shared the three wins: the stable¬mates KOMODO and KOMODOMCTS were also unbeaten. In g24/6.4, ALLIESTEIN posted the first win for Black, an apparent draw at m74 but a promising R-BPPP endgame at m80 closed out only after another 90 moves of suspenseful exploration. Round Robin 1 featured just five precious wins and left four engines on +1 with only ETHEREAL ( 1) and FIRE ( 2) in deficit. The three ‘all-MCTS’ games were each drawn in over 112 moves.

After RR2 which sported seven wins, STOCKFISH (+4) and LC0 (+3) opened up on KOMODOMCTS and HOUDINI (+1). KOMODO, a three-time TCEC Champion redefined ‘solid’ on 14 draws from 14, only good enough for 6th: ETHEREAL ( 3) and FIRE (-5) were the principal donors and looked like joint tenants of the basement. ‘MCTS v Shannon’ with 9 of the 12 decisive games stood at +6=21-3. LC0 beat ALLIESTEIN, g39/10.3. All the red ink was below the x-table diagonal.

In round robin 3, STOCKFISH scored wins over the previously unbeaten KOMODO and HOUDINI, and over ETHEREAL and FIRE – a complete take-out of the last four. All others were 1 except ETHEREAL which lost touch with -3. ALLIESTEIN dropped a win against KOMODOMCTS in g19.2 with 36. Re1? instead of 36. Kh4! Both engines were against the clock in the drawn FIRE-ALLIESTEIN g80/20.4 until 189. … Kf5?? was preferred to the essential Kh6. This was the longest TCEC15 win to date and the first win by the underdog.

The fourth round robin resulted in a clear 2-4-2 formation: STOCKFISH and LEELA well out front, FIRE and ETHEREAL detached, and the remaining four on -1. We saw the shortest sequence of played moves in TCEC15: after the provided opening of g107/27.3, ETHEREAL demolished KOMODOMCTS in an ama¬zing 24 moves. The latter never seemed to be on terms with the situation. The MCTS-Shannon match moved on to +9=45-6 with three wins each in RR3-4.

With the Superfinal and demotions essentially if not formally decided, interest in the last third of Division P perhaps focused on the midfield contest. KOMODO rose while KOMODOMCTS fell, crashing against ALLIESTEIN and losing quickly again, this time to STOCKFISH. LEELA beat STOCKFISH to win their head-to-head: what did this say about the Superfinal to come?!

This is an appropriate moment to recommend Assaf Wool’s (2019) coverage of the TCEC games. For this Premier Division, Wool touched on all decisive games and some draws. He particularly focused on game 6 (HOUDINI–ALLIESTEIN, 1-0), g37 (STOCKFISH–KOMODOMCTS, 1-0), another clash of styles, g57 (KOMODO–STOCKFISH, 0-1), g86 (LEELA-KOMODOMCTS, 1-0), g127 (KOMODO-ALLIESTEIN, 1 0) and g161 (LEELA–STOCKFISH, 1-0).

And so the stage is set for a repeat of the TCEC14 Superfinal. LEELA comes through unbeaten with a pos¬itive score against all except HOUDINI. This is a remarkable achievement in a heavyweight division: the average game length of some 80 moves and median of 70 moves indicates that games were on the whole closely contested.

Table 8. The TCEC15 Premier Division cross-table: three DRR phases, 42 rounds, 168 games.

Table 9. The TCEC15 Premier Division figures: head-to-head and round-by-round scores.

The TCEC15 Superfinal match: 100 games, tempo 120″+10′/m

Again, after an intermission for the knockout TCEC Cup 3 (Haworth and Hernandez, 2019a), both STOCKFISH and LEELA CHESS ZERO came to the Superfinal in new versions. LEELA had won the last two TCEC Cup events, and a ‘bonus, no opening book’ match against STOCKFISH at the same Rapid tempo. Probably because of the very close TCEC14 result, a win by the smallest possible margin of one game, and the fact that LEELA was expected to have improved more than STOCKFISH, the six-times TCEC champion was no longer the favourite in the initial straw-poll.

Some evidence that LEELA was stronger in the endgame came to hand before the Superfinal started. The pause after TCEC Cup 3 included a replaying of the TCEC14 superfinal game 65 from the 7-man KNPPKBP position after 73. Kxf3. In the actual Superfinal, LEELA did not latch on to the key winning ideas quickly enough even with the help of the 6-man EGTs: the 50-move rule intervened. In ‘bonus mode’, the endgame was revisited with a later version of LEELA and this time, LEELA secured the win with less than half its previous inaccuracies. Fig. 2 shows the tracks of the two contests, depth in plies plotted against plies played. Optimal play is also shown for comparison.

Fig. 2. TCEC14 game 65 from KNPPKBP position 73b: (a) as played in the Sufi, (b) as replayed, and (c) optimal play.

This Superfinal was even for the first 15 games with one win to each side. STOCKFISH ominously opened its account with a win as Black. The expected close contest was in prospect but games 16-26 saw four wins by LEELA without reply. With hindsight, this was where most of the damage was done. Games 35-45 saw a flurry of decisive games with STOCKFISH pulling one back overall to improve the mood in its fanbase. However, LEELA struck with back-to-back wins in games 61-62: perhaps we will hear why the Trompowsky Attack, also associated with Bill Ruth and Karel Opočenský, seems not to suit STOCKFISH.

Thoughts of a comeback were rather dulled by eighteen draws but then STOCKFISH won again and in spectacular fashion with game 81. After 27. … Rae8, STOCKFISH saw a clear win with 26. h6 which LEELA had equally clearly missed. Sure enough, LEELA had to lose queen for knight in order to create the merest distraction. This was not the first time the new-style ANN engines had failed to find a sharp, tactical needle during a Monte-Carlo Tree-Search. The match was clearly not over. If LEELA could score four in short order, so could STOCKFISH. In fact, this did not happen. LEELA hit back immediately in game 82 and added insult to injury with two more wins in games 88 and 94.

‘The king is dead: long live the Queen’. Table 10 and Fig. 3 provide the core data. The final score of 53½ 46½ was more decisive than expected and it is easy to think that STOCKFISH did not play well.

This of course is not the case: LEELA just played better, some 27 ELO ahead in Implied Performance terms. Table 11 shows that games were a superhuman 89 moves long on average, not the 99 moves of their TCEC14 contest but the incremental time was less and the games were 20 shorter. Energy drinks please, not for the players but for the audience. Clearly, TCEC Superfinals are increasingly attracting top players to TCEC and we will hear more of these games. ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019b-u), known to his parents and now to others as CM Tryfon Gavriel, continues to provide richly informative video-commentaries. ‘Kingscrusher’’s (2019a) interview with Game Changer’s Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan (2019) is also relevant to LEELA’s play. Wool (2019) and ‘GM TheChessPuzzler’ (2019) are also making extended and valuable contributions. Long may these continue.

Demis Hassabis’ (2019) tweet “Great to see learning systems come out on top. Huge congrats to the @LeelaChessZero team and community!” was typically enthusiastic and encouraging.

Table 10. The TCEC 15 Superfinal match of 100 games: the decisive games, Black wins underlined.

Fig. 3. The TCEC15 Superfinal: the incidence of decisive results and LEELA CHESS ZERO’s lead.


Table 11. Generic statistics for each phase of TCEC15: results, terminations and average game-length.



After fifteen seasons of TCEC, it is worth reflecting that league tables tend to emphasise the ranking of chess engines rather than their relative differences, and certainly rather than their absolute prowess. Also, given the nearly non-stop nature of TCEC events, it is easy to forget that hours of top-level chess are passing before us in all the divisions – and inevitably, without getting the attention and analysis that they deserve, despite the hints on the TCEC and Chessbomb (2019) sites and Sadler’s (2019) perspective. Any of the TCEC15 engines would give a Grandmaster a serious game and most would perhaps have to be handicapped by a Blitz or even Armageddon tempo. Even so, there is evidence here that if there is some ‘ceiling’ asymptote to quality of play, it is still some way off. The admirable Emil Vlasák (2019) has, for example, clearly demonstrated that LEELA would not be at all competitive in a Computer-solv¬ing Champion¬ship as it struggles to find study-like wins.

Congratulations to TCEC’s new champion, LEELA CHESS ZERO, and to all who have assisted in her conception and evolution. STOCKFISH, champion for TCEC seasons 6, 9 and 11-14, continues to domi¬nate the rest of the field and we can expect to see hostilities renewed. Perhaps LEELA’s vulnerability to tactical shots will be exposed further. ‘Kudos’ to all other participants and to the core TCEC team who make all this happen.

Will further engines of the ‘new genre’ join the fray, and will hybrid engines appear, incorporating the best of the ‘minimax’ and MCTS perspectives? Will TCEC be able to combine the strengths of their two servers in one platform in order to facilitate this? Will computer-based tools emerge to help us understand the subtleties of the games we are witnessing? We shall see.

All TCEC15 games, many with additional annotation and play-outs, are available in pgn form together with data beyond that of Tables 11-12 (Haworth and Hernandez, 2019b).

Table 12. The shortest and longest 1-0, drawn and 0-1 games in each phase of TCEC15.
Game indication: ‘c7/4.1’ for example means division 4c, pgn game 7, round 4, game 1.

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  • Chessbomb (2019). https://www.chessbomb.com/arena/-/2019-tcec-s15. TCEC15 coverage.
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  • ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019p). https://tinyurl.com/tcec-kc018. Sufi g61: LC0’s three-passed-pawn win.
  • ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019q). https://tinyurl.com/tcec-kc019. Sufi g62: ‘double’ win, more passers.
  • ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019r). https://tinyurl.com/tcec-kc020. Sufi g81: LC0 loses Queen to tactics.
  • ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019s). https://tinyurl.com/tcec-kc021. Sufi g82: LC0 sees advantage, ~m19
  • ‘Kingscrusher’ (2019t). https://tinyurl.com/tcec-kc022. Sufi g86: LC0 wins, outside passer.
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  • Wool, A. (2019) http://mytcecexperience.blogspot.co.uk/. AW’s ‘TCEC Experience’ blog.
Full article

To read the full article in pdf, click HERE

published June 22, 2019

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Public review of the bidding procedure for chess clocks extended through a week-end

FIDE - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 09:46

Due to the requests received and in order to maintain a level playing field for everyone, FIDE is pleased to extend the deadline to send comments on the bidding procedure for chess clocks until 09:00 UTC on Monday, June 24, 2019.
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FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss 2019: Player's Contract

FIDE - Thu, 06/20/2019 - 16:00

FIDE publishes the Player’s Contract for Participation in the FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss 2019. The tournament will be held in the Isle of Man from 10 to 21 October, and is expected to be the strongest Swiss-system tournament in the history of chess. The prize fund will be US$432,500, with a first prize of $70,000.

Download Player’s Contract for Participation in the FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss 2019

Download Annex I

List of players qualified for the FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss


Name Avg July 18 - June 19 Total Games Carlsen, Magnus 2844.8333 76 Caruana, Fabiano 2825.0000 66 Ding, Liren 2807.2500 71 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 2801.7500 68 Giri, Anish 2785.4167 71 Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime 2778.6667 92 Anand, Viswanathan 2772.5000 69 Grischuk, Alexander 2770.2500 46 Kramnik, Vladimir 2768.7500 37 Nepomniachtchi, Ian 2767.0000 64 So, Wesley 2767.0000 62 Aronian, Levon 2766.3333 64 Yu, Yangyi 2758.0833 90 Nakamura, Hikaru 2756.4167 67 Karjakin, Sergey 2756.1667 53 Radjabov, Teimour 2755.0833 34 Svidler, Peter 2742.7500 41 Topalov, Veselin 2741.1667 13 Navara, David 2736.7500 108 Duda, Jan-Krzysztof 2734.6667 59 Wei, Yi 2734.0000 68 Harikrishna, Pentala 2731.3333 87 Jakovenko, Dmitry 2729.5000 78 Wojtaszek, Radoslaw 2728.8333 72 Rapport, Richard 2728.7500 68 Shankland, Sam 2724.3333 72 Vitiugov, Nikita 2724.0000 85 Bu, Xiangzhi 2722.8333 51 Wang, Hao 2721.8333 105 Artemiev, Vladislav 2721.1667 81 Andreikin, Dmitry 2719.1667 64 Le, Quang Liem 2713.4167 102 Naiditsch, Arkadij 2713.0833 134 Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi 2708.8333 89 Fedoseev, Vladimir 2707.5833 94 Li, Chao b 2703.6667 48 Tomashevsky, Evgeny 2703.5000 36 Adams, Michael 2703.3333 70 Ivanchuk, Vassily 2703.3333 59 Amin, Bassem 2700.3333 89 Vallejo Pons, Francisco 2699.2500 58 Dubov, Daniil 2699.0833 44 Cheparinov, Ivan 2696.4167 100 Matlakov, Maxim 2693.4167 63 Kryvoruchko, Yuriy 2692.6667 63 Howell, David W L 2691.9167 83 Sadler, Matthew D 2691.5000 7 Saric, Ivan 2690.8333 124 Inarkiev, Ernesto 2690.1667 90 Mamedov, Rauf 2689.7500 62 Almasi, Zoltan 2689.6667 39 Ragger, Markus 2687.8333 98 Sargissian, Gabriel 2686.5000 28 Korobov, Anton 2685.7500 100 Jones, Gawain C B 2685.4167 103 Bacrot, Etienne 2684.0833 94 Wang, Yue 2683.5000 28 Nabaty, Tamir 2683.4167 54 Adhiban, B. 2682.8333 77 Eljanov, Pavel 2682.7500 84 Gelfand, Boris 2681.4167 61 Cori, Jorge 2679.4167 34 Rodshtein, Maxim 2678.5833 94 Ni, Hua 2677.5833 35 Kovalev, Vladislav 2677.1667 98 Grandelius, Nils 2676.0833 97 Leko, Peter 2676.0833 47 Demchenko, Anton 2673.7500 73 Ponomariov, Ruslan 2673.2500 48 Sasikiran, Krishnan 2673.1667 64 McShane, Luke J 2671.2500 50 Berkes, Ferenc 2670.8333 68 Nisipeanu, Liviu-Dieter 2670.5833 95 Kamsky, Gata 2668.7500 43 Robson, Ray 2668.5000 51 Maghsoodloo, Parham 2667.1667 132 Xiong, Jeffery 2667.0000 125 Laznicka, Viktor 2666.6667 71 Najer, Evgeniy 2666.6667 31 Malakhov, Vladimir 2665.1667 80 Sjugirov, Sanan 2663.1667 67 Salem, A.R. Saleh 2662.5000 37 Melkumyan, Hrant 2661.9167 82 Guseinov, Gadir 2661.2500 59 Bruzon Batista, Lazaro 2660.0833 62 Hou, Yifan 2660.0833 7 Safarli, Eltaj 2659.7500 121 Areshchenko, Alexander 2659.3333 13 Kasimdzhanov, Rustam 2659.1667 29 Dreev, Aleksey 2658.7500 63 Swiercz, Dariusz 2658.5000 88 Kuzubov, Yuriy 2655.1667 129 Rausis, Igors 2654.5833 78 Motylev, Alexander 2653.2500 34 Mareco, Sandro 2652.3333 118 Hammer, Jon Ludvig 2651.8333 47 Anton Guijarro, David 2651.1667 83 Akopian, Vladimir 2650.8333 9 Kovalenko, Igor 2650.5833 89 Sethuraman, S.P. 2650.0000 105 Reserves     Lenic, Luka 2650.0000 21 Ipatov, Alexander 2649.5000 15 Riazantsev, Alexander 2649.3333 20 Shirov, Alexei 2648.3333 92 Onischuk, Alexander 2647.5000 7 Fressinet, Laurent 2646.4167 68 Sevian, Samuel 2646.1667 104 Moiseenko, Alexander 2645.6667 50 Short, Nigel D 2645.1667 41 Edouard, Romain 2644.0833 113 L'Ami, Erwin 2642.3333 69 Parligras, Mircea-Emilian 2642.0000 75 Granda Zuniga, Julio E 2641.3333 53 Zvjaginsev, Vadim 2641.1667 64 Bauer, Christian 2640.8333 116 Gustafsson, Jan 2640.6667 18 Kravtsiv, Martyn 2640.5000 83 Papaioannou, Ioannis 2639.0833 20 Bok, Benjamin 2638.6667 49 Alekseenko, Kirill 2638.0000 90

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Alexandra Goryachkina wins the Women Candidates Chess 2019

Chessdom - Wed, 06/19/2019 - 01:37

The Russian chess player Aleksandra Goryachkina won the Women Candidates Chess 2019 with two rounds to spare. The youngest participant of the tournament finished with 9.5 points out of 14 and secured the right to play the Women’s World Championship Match against the Women`s World Champion Ju Wenjun (China). The prize fund of the coming championship match is 500,000 Euro, which is 150% higher than in the previous match.

Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) is second with 8 points. Katerina Lagno (Russia) and Tan Zhongyi (China) shared 3-4 places with 7 points.

Final standings:

1. Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) – 9.5, 2. Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) – 8, 3-4. Kateryna Lagno (Russia), Тan Zhongyi (China) – 7, 5-6. Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia), Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine) – 6.5, 7. Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) – 6, 8. Valentina Gunina (Russia) – 5.5.

The closing ceremony took place in the Nogai Hotel, the tournament venue, on June 18.

In the beginning of the ceremony, a special prize for the most beautiful game of the tournament, provided by the Russian Chess Federation and AB InBev Efes company, was awarded. The jury consisted of chairman Maxim Notkin, editor-in-chief of the 64-Chess Review, the tournament commentators GMs Sergey Shipov and Evgeny Miroshnichenko, and the Head of the Appeals Committee Jeroen van den Berg. A shortlist of four games was formed.

The beauty prize was awarded to Mariya Muzychuk for the game Muzychuk-Goryachkina, played in the last round, by Natalia Rostova, the Deputy Director of the local branch of the AB InBev Efes, and Maxim Notkin.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, RCF Executive Director Mark Glukhovsky, and Minister of sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov delivered speeches. The Chief Arbiter of the tournament, IA Hal Bond (Canada) announced the competition results. After his announcement, the players received their prizes from the honored guests.

Total prize fund of the FIDE Women`s Candidates is €200,000.

The organizers are FIDE, Russian Chess Federation, Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan, and city administration of Kazan.

The tournament is sponsored by PJSC PhosAgro and Russian Railways.

Official website: https://fwct2019.com/en/

Final table: https://fwct2019.com/crosstable

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FIDE Women's Candidates Tournament is concluded in Kazan

FIDE - Tue, 06/18/2019 - 15:40

The Russian chess player Aleksandra Goryachkina won the event with two rounds to spare. The youngest participant of the tournament finished with 9.5 points out of 14 and secured the right to play the Women's World Championship Match against the Women`s World Champion Ju Wenjun (China). The prize fund of the coming championship match is 500,000 Euro, which is 150% higher than in the previous match.

Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) is second with 8 points. Katerina Lagno (Russia) and Tan Zhongyi (China) shared 3-4 places with 7 points.

Final standings:

1. Aleksandra Goryachkina (Russia) - 9.5, 2. Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) – 8, 3-4. Kateryna Lagno (Russia), Тan Zhongyi (China) – 7, 5-6. Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia), Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine) - 6.5, 7. Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) – 6, 8. Valentina Gunina (Russia) - 5.5.

The closing ceremony took place in the Nogai Hotel, the tournament venue, on June 18.

In the beginning of the ceremony, a special prize for the most beautiful game of the tournament, provided by the Russian Chess Federation and AB InBev Efes company, was awarded. The jury consisted of chairman Maxim Notkin, editor-in-chief of the 64-Chess Review, the tournament commentators GMs Sergey Shipov and Evgeny Miroshnichenko, and the Head of the Appeals Committee Jeroen van den Berg. A shortlist of four games was formed.

The beauty prize was awarded to Mariya Muzychuk for the game Muzychuk-Goryachkina, played in the last round, by Natalia Rostova, the Deputy Director of the local branch of the AB InBev Efes, and Maxim Notkin.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, RCF Executive Director Mark Glukhovsky, and Minister of sport of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov delivered speeches. The Chief Arbiter of the tournament, IA Hal Bond (Canada) announced the competition results. After his announcement, the players received their prizes from the honored guests.

Total prize fund of the FIDE Women`s Candidates is €200,000.

The organizers are FIDE, Russian Chess Federation, Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan, and city administration of Kazan.

The tournament is sponsored by PJSC PhosAgro and Russian Railways.

Official website: https://fwct2019.com/en/

Final table: https://fwct2019.com/crosstable

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Goryachkina loses the final game of the Candidates but still wins by 1.5 point margin

FIDE - Mon, 06/17/2019 - 20:22

Aleksandra Goryachkina lost in the last round of the FIDE Women`s Candidates against Mariya Muzychuk. However, it didn`t influence her tournament situation as she had won the tournament with two rounds to spare. This means that in the next title match, Women`s World Champion Ju Wenjun will face Goryachkina. Anna Muzychuk made a relatively quick draw with Alexandra Kosteniuk and secured the second place in the tournament.
Kateryna Lagno held to a draw against Nana Dzagnidze and tied for the third place with Tan Zhongyi, who defeated Valentina Gunina. 
The final standings: Aleksandra Goryachkina finished in first place with 9,5 points, Anna Muzychuk is in second place with 8 points. Kateryna Lagno and Tan Zhongyi shared third place with 7 points. Nana Dzagnidze and Mariya Muzychuk shared fifth place with 6,5 points, Alexandra Kosteniuk ended the tournament in seventh place with 6 points. Valentina Gunina is in eighth place with 5,5 points.  The day started quietly with a draw between Anna Muzychuk and Alexandra Kosteniuk. Playing White Anna Muzychuk chose the Four Knights Defence, which usually leads to quiet positional play. Alexandra Kosteniuk had two extra knights on her ears in today's game. "That did not help me," smiled Alexandra in a post-game interview. After numerous exchanges the game was quickly transferred into the ending with an extra pawn for White but Black had enough compensation to keep the balance.

"In this tournament, only the first place really matters, but on the other hand when you start with -2, you can just dream of becoming 2nd in the end," said the runner-up Anna Muzychuk after the end of the tournament.

Interview with Alexandra Kosteniuk


Interview with Anna Muzychuk


The Indian setup with double fianchetto for White appeared in the game Dzagnidze-Lagno. According to Nana, she could have created more troubles for Black, as in the game Kateryna managed to equalize and was never in real danger. After 43 moves the players signed the peace.

Aleksandra Goryachkina chose her main weapon Caro-Kann against Mariya Muzychuk. The Ukrainian player was well prepared in the opening and managed to increase her initiative taking advantage of her opponent who could not finish the development of the King`s side. Aleksandra had to defend her position but with a couple of tactical blows Mariya got a decisive advantage and converted it later into a full point.

Interview with the winner Aleksandra Goryachkina (in Russian)


The Italian Game appeared in the encounter between Tan Zhongyi and Valentina Gunina. After the opening battle neither player manage to get an advantage in the middle game and it was transferred into the equal ending. Valentina started to play imprecisely and gave a chance to her opponent to create dangerous threats against the black king. In the end Tan Zhongyi could have finished the game in couple of moves but chose to go into the winning rook ending.

Official website: https://fwct2019.com/en/

Final table: https://fwct2019.com/crosstable

Report by Anastasiya Karlovich


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The fight for the second place continues in the Women's Candidates

FIDE - Sun, 06/16/2019 - 21:52

Aleksandra Goryachkina, who became the winner of the Women`s Candidates with two rounds to spare, made a quick draw against Nana Dzagnidze in the thirteenth round. The fight for the second place continues and Anna Muzychuk increased her lead to one point by defeating Valentina Gunina. Her nearest pursuer Kateryna Lagno held to a draw against Tan Zhongyi. Alexandra Kosteniuk, who lost the two previous games, managed to pull herself together and outplayed Mariya Muzychuk.   After 13 rounds Aleksandra Goryachkina leads with 9,5 points, Anna Muzychuk is in the second place with 7,5 points. Kateryna Lagno is in the third place one point behind of Anna. Nana Dzagnidze and Tan Zhongyi share the fourth place with 6 points. Mariya Muzychuk, Valentina Gunina and Alexandra Kosteniuk have 5,5 points.  Aleksandra Goryachkina and Nana Dzagnidze finished their game in less than an hour. According to the winner of tournament, she was not ready for the Benoni Defence today and could not get any advantage with White. "It was not my best game, maybe I should not have celebrated yesterday,"- commented Aleksandra after her draw with Nana Dzagnidze. "People wrote to me, two rounds to go, don't get relaxed. But it's not easy to find motivation when the goal is reached,” added the finalist of the Women`s World Championship Match.
Kateryna Lagno spent a lot of time in the opening trying to get some playable position in the symmetrical structure, which appeared after the Berlin Defence. According to Katerina, she was a bit optimistic to play 23.b4 and after 23…Qh4 thought her position was already dangerous. Tan Zhongyi could have put more pressure on her opponent closer to the first time control but with 50 minutes on her clock and with a better position, she didn’t play precisely, and the advantage slipped away.
It seems the outcome of the game Gunina-Muzychuk was decided after the fight in the opening. A sharp line with 4.Ng5 of the Two Knights Defence was played in the encounter and, as Anna explained in the post-game interview, she was expecting this variation. It`s not clear what exactly Gunina was opting for as after the Queen`s exchange, Black got two pieces vs rook and pawn. Valentina missed an opportunity to open files for her rooks after possible 15.h5 and could not manage to get extra space for her pieces later in the game. Despite the fact, the game lasted more than 5 hours, the outcome was never in doubt.
The Alapin Variantion of the Sicilian Defence appeared in the game between Alexandra Kosteniuk and Mariya Muzychuk. One of the critical moments happened just before the first time control when both players had to make their decisions playing in the time trouble.

White decided to “forget” about the rook, hoping to create a dangerous attack on the Black`s King. After 34.Qd7 Qd1 35.Kh2 Mariya didn’t find the maneuver 36…Qh5 and Qe8.

Two moves later Mariya blundered a tactical blow 38.Nc5!, which finished the game.

Monday, June 17th, at 15:00 local time, the last round will be played with the following pairings:

Anna Muzychuk - Alexandra Kosteniuk

Mariya Muzychuk - Aleksandra Goryachkina

Nana Dzagnidze - Kateryna Lagno

Tan Zhongyi - Valentina Gunina

Anna Muzychuk needs to make a draw against Alexandra Kosteniuk to win the silver medal in the Candidates tournament. The prize fund in the tournament is 200,000 Euro. 1st place: 50,000, 2nd place: 40,000, 3rd place: 30,000, 4th place: 25,000, 5th place: 20,000, 6th place: 15,000, 7th place: 12,000, 8th place: 8,000. According to the Regulations, all prize money is divided equally between the players with the same score in the tournament.

Report by Anastasiya Karlovich

Official website: https://fwct2019.com/en/


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FIDE announces the recipients of the support programme for veterans

FIDE - Sun, 06/16/2019 - 17:28

Further to the decision of the Presidential Board in March, a commission was appointed to administrate the funds assigned to the support programme for veterans.

After reviewing the applications this commission, presided by FIDE Director General Emil Sutovsky, has decided to provide financial support for 2019 to the following eight distinguished veterans:

WGM Elena Fatalibekova (Russia)
GM Henrique Mecking (Brazil)
GM Oleg Romanishin (Ukraine)
GM Vladimir Okhotnik (France)
IM Jose Luis Vilela (Cuba)
IM Aly Ahmed Yasseen (Egypt)
IM Raimundo Garcia (Argentina)
IM Sergey Salov (Germany)

The support programme, for a total of 20,000 Euro, will be reviewed on an annual basis.

(Related: "FIDE launches a project to support chess veterans")
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