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Police Report Filed in Batumi

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 16:51

On September 30, 2018, Georgios Makropoulos’ team filed a police report in Batumi regarding a case of alleged violence against his team.

The incident is described in the report below.

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An Indian and Colombian engagement at the Batumi Olympiad

Tue, 09/25/2018 - 16:31

Niklesh Jain of India proposes to Angela Franco of Colombia minutes before the start of 2nd round of the Batumi Olympiad 2018!

It was a surprise for Angela, while Niklesh had planned it all! An amazing moment not just for Niklesh and Angela but the chess community in general.

A Colombian got engaged to an Indian at the biggest possible event in chess where people from 189 countries are taking part! Gens Una Sumus!

Video by ChessBase India

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Chess Olympiad Brilliancy Prize

Sun, 09/23/2018 - 08:24

The NNLE and The Organizing Committee of the 2018 World Chess Olympiad are pleased to announce the special “Olympiad Brilliancy Prize” awards.

The prize for the most brilliant game will be awarded after each of the 11 rounds. All players are encouraged to submit their game for consideration for the daily prize to

Every day, after each round of the 43rd Chess Olympiad, the judging committee, led by Grandmaster Susan Polgar, will choose the games (one in the Open and one Women’s Olympiad) as the “Game of the Round”.

The winners of those games will be awarded a small prize by the NNLE and The Organizing Committee of the 2018 World Chess Olympiad.

Finally, after the last round of the Batumi Chess Olympiad, the players who won the most brilliant game overall will receive a special prize.

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Vladislav Artemiev Wins 40th Rashid Nezhmetdinov Memorial in Kazan

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 12:59

The 40th Rashid Nezhmetdinov Memorial, a stage of the Russian Cup, finished in Kazan. 108 chess players from 7 national chess federations, including 20 grandmasters, took part in the tournament.

Vladislav Artemiev from Kazan won the tournament having scored 7 points out of 9 and edged out Tigran Harutyunian (Armenia) who took the second place. Dmitry Kokarev (Penza) won the bronze medal with 6.5 points.

5 additional nominations were established; the prizewinners are:


1st place – GM Gennady Tunik (Saratov Oblast)
2nd place – IM Evgenij Kalegin (Republic of Bashkortostan)
3rd place – IM Alexander Filipenko (Udmurtia),


1st place – WFM Thalia Cervantes Landeiro (USA)
2nd place – WFM Lubov Markelova (Republic of Tatarstan)
3rd place – WGM Turkan Mamedjarova (Azerbaijan),


1st place – Tagir Salemgareev (Kurgan Oblast)
2nd place – FM Konstantin Zhitnikov (Mari El)
3rd place – FM Ruslan Murtazin (Republic of Tatarstan),

Chess players of Republic of Tatarstan:

1st place – GM Artyom Timofeev
2nd place – FM Ramil Sadykov
3rd place – GM Ramil Hasangatin,

Chess players with rating below 2450:

1st place – FM Dmitry Tsoi (Moscow Oblast)
2nd place – Sergey Pogorelskikh (Samara Oblast)
3rd place – IM Ramil Faizrakhmanov (Republic of Tatarstan).

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England supports the Presidential ticket of Georgios Makropoulos

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 12:05

At an ECF Board meeting held on 20th September the ECF Board decided by a clear majority to support the Presidential ticket of Georgios Makropoulos in the FIDE Presidential elections to be held alongside the Chess Olympiad at Batumi on 3rd October.

The Board felt it was paramount to support a strong ticket with English participation, and it was apparent that Nigel Short’s campaign had gained little traction.

Furthermore, in view of current UK – Russian relations, the Board felt unable to support the candidacy of Arkady Dvorkovich, or anyone connected with it. The board felt this particularly in the light of Mr Dvorkovich’s highly political interview on BBC Hard Talk on 10th September in which he ridiculed Britain’s concerns about Russian involvement in the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Moreover, given the threat of the FIDE Presidency continuing as an adjunct of Russian foreign policy, as it had been under Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the Board felt that abstention was not a responsible option. The Board was of the view that under Mr Makropoulos’ ticket, with Malcolm Pein as Deputy President, FIDE would have a better chance of becoming an independent sports organisation free of political influence.

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Vladimir Putin with Russian national chess teams

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 03:52

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with members of Russian national chess teams who are currently training in Sochi ahead of the Chess Olympiad.

The President wished the players success at the upcoming 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi. They also had a short conversation about promoting chess in Russia and training a new generation of chess players, including at the Sirius centre, where this activity is led by Vladimir Kramnik.

Taking part in the meeting were members of the men’s team Vladimir Kramnik, Sergei Karjakin, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Dmitry Jakovenko and Nikita Vityugov; while Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alexandra Goryachkina, Natalia Pogonina, Valentina Gunina and Olga Girya represented the women’s team. President of the Russian Chess Federation Andrei Filatov also attended the meeting.

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World Chess Championship 2018 live with a Neural Network

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 00:09

The World Chess Championship 2018 is the first in history that will have live analysis by a Neural Network. Carlsen – Caruana is going to be commented by Lc0 (aka Leela Chess Zero), the neural network project based on ideas of Alpha Zero by Google DeepMind.

The Lc0 Neural Network analysis of the World Chess Championship 2018 match, the most important chess event of the year, is now possible thanks to the work of a multitude of volunteers around the globe and the tests conducted during the regular season of the Top Chess Engine Championship

When will the Carlsen – Caruana match start?

Carlsen – Caruana 2018 match will be played will be played in London, at The College in Holborn, between 9 and 28 November 2018. Game 1 of Carlsen – Caruana will take place on November 9th at 15:00 CET

Where to watch the World Championship 2018 live with Leela?

The top chess event of the year calls for a top notch website to follow it. For the occasion the TCEC admins have created a special design with all options that one can desire – a customizable board with night and day modes, a variety of boards and pieces style to choose from, evaluation graphs of the current Carlsen – Caruana live position, a sneak peek into Leela’s Neural Network thinking process, and a customizable chat. The broadcast will be available at this address and you can take a look at the live broadcast elements at the beta website

A Twitch Chess video channel will also be available, as embed in the webpage or as standalone commentary here, where a Grandmaster will also provide his thoughts and analysis in a live video.

What will be the hardware used?

Leela Chess Zero (aka Lc0) will analyze live positions with multiple Tesla V100 GPUs on Google infrastructure, currently the fastest-performing hardware compatible with a chess neural network.

On this ultra-strong hardware platform Leela’s analysis is expected to be in the 3500 Elo range, comparable to the strongest chess program/hardware combination ever created. Leela Chess Zero will have an interesting contribution compared to the standard chess engines – being a Neural Network, it possesses natural intuition and ability to consider the positional flow of the game and will be specifically useful with its potent positional analysis.

How much does it cost to watch?

As every event organized by and TCEC, the World Chess Championship 2018 live broadcast with Leela analysis will be free to watch. The broadcast is powered by donations and the voluntary work of the TCEC staff. If you would like to help the Leela project to run on maximum GPU power, enhance further the user experience, or support the project, feel free to pass by the donation and support page of TCEC

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Chess Olympiad 2018 (women)

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 10:44

The Chess Olympiad 2018 is going to take place from 23rd of September until 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia. The 43rd Chess Olympiad is open to all National Federations affiliated to FIDE and will be divided in two sections – open and women.

Starting September 24th at 15:00 local time, this page will have live coverage of the women section of the Chess Olympiad 2018 Live games with analysis will be daily on with triple engine analysis by the Top Chess Engine Championship best software Stockfish, Komodo, and Houdini.

Chess Olympiad information / Chess Olympiad 2018 live (open) / Chess Olympiad 2018 live (women)

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Chess Olympiad 2018 LIVE!

Fri, 09/21/2018 - 10:38

The Chess Olympiad 2018 is going to take place from 23rd of September until 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia. The 43rd Chess Olympiad is open to all National Federations affiliated to FIDE and will be divided in two sections – open and women.

Live games with analysis will be daily on with triple engine analysis by the Top Chess Engine Championship best software Stockfish, Komodo, and Houdini.

Chess Olympiad information / Chess Olympiad 2018 live (open) / Chess Olympiad 2018 live (women)

The Chess Olympiad will be played according to the FIDE Chess Olympiad Rules, in 11 rounds, with time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves and 30 minutes until the end of the game, with 30 seconds additional time per move, starting from move 1. Pairing rules of the Chess Olympiad can be found here.

The event will be played in the Olympiad venue, Sport Palace, situated on the center of Batumi. The venue has been built in 2018 and the first event to be held there will be the Batumi chess Olympiad. The Sport Palace is a very spacious modern complex.

The last Chess Olympiad 2016 took place 1-22 September in Baku, Azerbaijan. You can replay the games here

Chess Olympiad 2018 live

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European Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2018

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 11:34

European Rapid&Blitz Chess Championship 2018 will take place from 5th-9th December 2018, in hotel Aleksandar Palace, in Skopje, FYR of Macedonia.

The event will start with European Blitz Chess Championship 2018, which will take place on 6th and 7th of December, and will be played according to the Swiss system, in 11 paired rounds, with the time control 3 minutes game + 2 seconds per move starting from the first move.

European Rapid Chess Championship 2018 will be played on 8th and 9th of December, according to the Swiss system, in 11 rounds with the time control 15 minutes game + 10 seconds per move starting from the first move.

Both events are open to all the players who represent Chess federations listed as ECU members, regardless of their title or rating.

Registrations for the events will start on 25th of September and will last until 26th of November 2018, which is the registration deadline. All the registrations shall be done through the Official website of the Championship, by filling the Online registration form.

Players rated over 2600 and women players rated over 2400 from October rating list, respectively in Blitz and Rapid, are released from paying the entry fee.

The total prize fund of the event 30.000 EUR + 4.000 EUR of special prizes. The special prizes will be awarded to the best ranked player rated under 2600, the best ranked player rated under 2300, the best ranked players rated under 2000, the best ranked players rated under 1700, the best female players, the best senior players, the best Junior players and the best Macedonian players.

All the players are invited to stay in one of the Official Hotels of the Championship: 5 * hotel Aleksandar palace (the official venue of the Championship), 4* Royal Hotel, 3* hotel Vergina, 3* Monaco hotel, 3* hotel Skopje and 3* hotel Portal, all located in city of Skopje.

The organizers will also provide transfer from Skopje Airport to the official hotels on 5th December and from the official hotels to Airports on 9th December. Two ways, price is 15 EUR. On a special request, it is possible to organize a transfer from Sofia airport. (Estimated price for taxi is round 100EUR).

Technical Organizer of the Championship is Chess Club Gambit Asseco See and Chess Federation of FYR of Macedonia, supported by European Chess Union.

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World’s Elite Chess Players Battle in Champions Showdown at the Saint Louis Chess Club

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 20:21

Over four days of exciting Chess 960, also known as Fischer Random, fans enjoyed watching ten of the strongest chess players in the world dazzle with their creativity and skill during 6 rapid and 14 blitz games. During the event, each player faced the same opponent in head-to-head matches, including former world champions Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov. In the end, Veselin Topalov, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Levon Aronian, and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave won their matches against Garry Kasparov, Peter Svidler, Anish Giri, Leinier Dominguez, and Sam Shankland, respectively.

At the start of the tournament, the Universal Rating System announced plans to begin including Chess 960 events in their rating calculations, making this a rated tournament. “I believe we opened a new chapter in the development of chess. It is a great experiment when top players contribute their creativity and skills in something new, which may become a mainstream game in the future,” explains Garry Kasparov.

At the start of each day, Chess Club Executive Director Tony Rich randomly selected the day’s arrangement of pieces. Players then had one hour to prepare before the start of play. Interestingly enough, many players chose to prepare for that hour with other match participants. Members of the U.S. Chess Olympiad team practiced each day together, giving a special glimpse to the comradery that will be shared at the Olympiad in Batumi later this month. Once games began, players had to test their creativity with this unusual format.

“The Saint Louis Chess Club likes to host matches each year that experiment with the boundaries of chess,” explained Tony Rich. “I think Chess 960 was the perfect way to show that elite players exhibit their mastery with any variant of the game, as well as giving fans a fun show to watch.”

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Stockfish dominates TCEC Premier Division

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 16:01

After two out of six double round robins, the international open source project Stockfish is dominating the Premier Division of the Top Chess Engine Championship. Stockfish has collected 21,0/28, with 14 wins and 14 draws. This leaves Stockfish 3,5 points ahead of competition and adds extra 71 ELO points for a performance close to 3600 ELO.

Official website of TCEC / Test beta GUI for TCEC / Full participants list / Leela Chess Zero wins TCEC Div 4 / Ethereal wins TCEC Div 3 / Ethereal wins TCEC Div 2 / Ethereal wins TCEC Div 1

The winner of TCEC S10 Houdini, playing with the same version as one year ago, is the closest competitor of Stockfish. So far they had four direct encounters and all of them finished draw. Houdini also drew all its matches with Fire and Ethereal, but has a solid 3,0/4 score against S7 and S8 winner Komodo, thus putting Houdini ahead in the race for the Superfinal qualification race.

Komodo had a rough start and at a certain point even its third position seemed endangered by Fire and Ethereal, which both came at striking distance. Direct wins vs Fire in game 98 and Ethereal in game 107 put it back on track and Komodo is for now at a safe third place, with chances to go for second.

The rising star of the season Ethereal, which stormed through Division 3, Division 2, and Division 1, is on a roller coaster in the Premier Division. It went from challenging the third position in the event to fighting for staying out of the relegation zone in just a few rounds. Currently it is sharing 5th-6th position with Andscacs, just a point ahead of Chiron and 1,5 points ahead of Ginkgo.

Standings after 28 games


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M.Chigorin Memorial 2018

Tue, 09/18/2018 - 14:52

International chess festival “M.Chigorin Memorial”, part of the Russian Cup Stage, will be held from October 26 – November 5.

The venue is “Park” hotel (metro station “Krestovsky ostrov”, Severnaya doroga 12, St. Petersburg, Russia).
Prize fund is 1650000 RUR.
Time control: 90 minutes and 30 seconds increment per move from move 1.

Last year 360 players took part in the open and the winner was GM Kirill Alekseenko.

The schedule:

round 1

27.10 at 17:00

round 2

28.10 at 17:00

round 3

29.10 в 17:00

round 4

30.10 at 17:00

round 5

31.10 at 17:00

round 6

01.11 at 17:00

round 7

02.11 at 17:00

round 8

03.11 at 17:00

round 9

04.11 at 12:00

Closing ceremony

04.11 at 19:00

Starting list top 15

1 Kamsky, Gata GM 2666
2 Dreev, Aleksey GM 2649
3 Khismatullin, Denis GM 2634
4 Paravyan, David GM 2629
5 Khalifman, Alexander GM 2617
6 Popov, Ivan GM 2611
7 Kokarev, Dmitry GM 2595
8 Idani, Pouya GM 2589
9 Timofeev, Artyom GM 2588
10 Stupak, Kirill GM 2583
11 Firouzja, Alireza GM 2582
12 Volkov, Sergey GM 2580
13 Vorobiov, Evgeny E. GM 2561
14 Sengupta, Deep GM 2557
15 Tazbir, Marcin GM 2525

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Dimitrov wins 17th Memorial Kesarovski-Stanchev

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 21:40

17th Memorial Kesarovski-Stanchev “ was held from 06.09. – 15.09 in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.
The venue was Park hotel Continental. The tournament was divided in 3 sections.

In group A 62 players took part.
The winner is IM Radoslav Dimitrov with 7 points out of 9.
Six players have finished with 6,5 points. Second is FM Lucas Ranaldi and third is IM Martin Petrov.

Final standings

1 Dimitrov Radoslav 7
2 Ranaldi Lucas 6,5
3 Petrov Martin 6,5
4 Haug Johannes 6,5
5 Kaasen Tor Fredrik 6,5
6 Jasny Stanislav 6,5
7 Tryggestad Andreas Garberg 6,5
8 Galinsky Timofey 6
9 Yordanov Lachezar 6
10 Rabatin Jakub 6
11 Tilicheev Viacheslav 5,5
12 Daskalov Dimitar 5,5
13 Dimitrov Dejan 5,5
14 Bonev Todor 5,5
15 Ivanov Bogidar 5,5
16 Risting Eivind Olav 5,5
17 Ivelinov Hristo 5,5
18 Pantzar Milton 5
19 Storme Isak 5
20 Mishev Liubomir 5
21 Tashev Aleksandar 5
22 Bochev Krasimir 5
23 Nordquelle Daniel 4,5
24 Miroshnichenko Pavel 4,5
25 Lindbol Aleksander 4,5
26 Georgiev Krum 4,5
27 Friedland Moshe 4,5
28 Todorov Ognjan 4,5
29 Gramb Marius 4,5
30 Dyulgerov Dimitar 4,5
31 Tashkov Rumen 4,5
32 Dolzhikova Olga 4,5
33 Angelov Zvetomir 4,5
34 Glavchev Stanislav 4,5
35 Yakimenko Alexander A. 4,5
36 Bukhteeva Viktoria 4,5
37 Velikov Petar 4
38 Huse Sigurd Kjelsbol 4
39 Van Der Valk Niklas 4
40 Popov Petar 4
41 Zherebtsova Alexandra 4
42 Kantorik Marian 4
43 Nielsen Andre 4
44 Paldus Petr 4
45 Sarmir Milos 3,5
46 Bruaset Eivind 3,5
47 Todorov Kaloyan 3,5
48 Loukopoulos Panagiotis-Athanasi 3,5
49 Wallace Paul 3,5
50 Shoshin Kirill 3,5
51 Cakl Zdenek 3,5
52 Scholzen Wolfgang 3
53 Angelov Angel 3
54 Blum Gernot 3
55 Toncheva Nadya 3
56 Melaa Sondre 3
57 Horsak Jan 3
58 Csiki Endre 2,5
59 Dimitrov Petko 2,5
60 Gochev Mladen 2
61 Hewson Brian W R 2
62 Miedema David 0

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San Miguel Open

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 21:24

The San Miguel Open is a 7-round Swiss tournament taking place from 17-23 September 2018 in Trevias, Spain. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Isle of Man International 2018

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 10:45

It’s that time again – the Isle of Man Chess International starts on 20 October 2018 at the Villa Marina, Douglas, and runs for nine days up to 28 October. Once again the line-up is going to be incredible…

… with a couple of exceptions. Last year you will recall one of the key face-offs was between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana in the penultimate round. This year these two young gentlemen will be meeting elsewhere in the British Isles to decide the little matter of the world chess championship title. That match starts on 9 November, just 12 days after hostilities end in Douglas and precluded their prior appearance on our small but perfectly formed island in the Irish Sea. Caruana had provisionally entered the 2018 Isle of Man event but he must ultimately have realised it would have been too much to take on with less than a fortnight to his date with destiny in London.

But even without Magnus and Fabi the line-up in Douglas will be awesome. Caruana was replaced by another big name, Anish Giri, swiftly followed by the entry of Alexander Grischuk. So let’s take a look at the top ten in rating order: Ding Liren (China), Levon Aronian (Armenia), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France), Anish Giri (Netherlands), Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Wesley So (USA), Viswanathan Anand (India), Alexander Grischuk (Russia), Hikaru Nakamura (USA), Sergey Karjakin (Russia). How does that strike you? Not bad, is it? And it doesn’t stop there as there are a further 11 players rated 2700+ up behind them and many other big names including former world title challengers Boris Gelfand, Peter Leko and Nigel Short, and UK number one and 2018 British champion Mickey Adams.

Of course, as all chess tournament connoisseurs will realise, a long list of big-name players doesn’t necessarily translate into decisive results on the board and spectator appeal, but this is an open tournament so the big names will have to do battle with lower rated opponents who can deliver a surprise or two. Who can forget last year when long-retired GM Jim Tarjan surprised himself as well as the rest of us by downing Vladimir Kramnik? That was just one of many David versus Goliath successes to savour, and you can be sure there will be plenty more such upsets this year.

Given the importance of maximising your score in Swiss events in order to go after the big money – £50,000 is the first prize in 2018 – top players also realise that they have to attack each other with rather more venom than they are accustomed to in closed elite events. No doubt people will recall last year’s innovative random first-round draw when Caruana and Kramnik found themselves facing each other in the first round, and a full-blooded game resulted in favour of the American. Unfortunately, the killjoys at FIDE subsequently decided this innovation was too much like fun and have since changed their regulations so that future tournaments using random pairings can no longer offer norm opportunities, so we will have to wait a few rounds before witnessing super-GM-on-super-GM action this year, I’m afraid. We’ll have to be patient but sooner or later we should get to see some mighty clashes.


One other major feature of this tournament which closed elite tournament can’t deliver is the sight of the stars of the future in action. If the pairings pan out well, we can hope to see them getting their first shot at elite players. Two Indian players, Nihal Sarin and Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa, were amongst the talented youngsters who caught the eye at last year’s tournament and they are back in 2018 with their shiny new GM titles. Sarin is 52nd in the pecking order, while Pragg is 57th, but you can be fairly sure that they will posing a major challenge to those ranked above them at this year’s tournament.

There are plenty of other young players to look out for this year. Here’s a sample of them. Amongst those already sporting a 2700+ rating is Vladislav Artemiev of Russia, whom we have to remind ourselves has only just turned 20. Jeffery Xiong and Samuel Sevian, both in the vanguard of the USA’s growth in chess strength, are already rated in the mid-2650s and will still be only 17 when they play in the Isle of Man. Aryan Tari, the 2017 world junior champion and the most notable product of the Carlsen boom in Norway, is 19. He ranks 39th on the Isle of Man starting grid. Semyon Lomasov, 16, of Russia is another world champion, having taken the under 14 title in 2016. He doesn’t have his GM title yet but it can only be a matter of time as he is rated well in excess of 2500 and with a first place in February’s very strong Moscow Open under his belt.

German IM Vincent Keymer won’t be 14 until November but two years ago he attracted the notice of Garry Kasparov who referred to him as “exceptional”. This spring he confirmed the legendary world champion’s judgement when he won the Grenke Open ahead of 49 GMs with a score that was 1½ in excess of the GM norm and a performance rated at 2798. Spanish IM Lance Henderson de la Fuente, whose parents are from the USA and Spain, is 15 and he made his mark at the 2018 Gibraltar International, achieving a GM norm with a remarkable 7/10 score, with wins against four GMs.


The women’s prize fund is also generous, with the first prize set at £7,000, guaranteeing a strong line-up. However, as with the open world championship, this year there is a calendar clash with the women’s world championship knock-out competition starting in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia, on 2 November, less than a week after the Isle of Man tournament ends. Even so the line-up of female names is impressive: Former world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk leads the list, followed by Elisabeth Paehtz (Germany) and Nino Batsiashvili (Georgia), who gave Hou Yifan a good for her money in 2017. Pia Cramling may be a little further back these days in terms of rating but she remains a formidable contender and as strong as ever, recording an excellent unbeaten 6½/10 to take the prestigious top women’s prize in Gibraltar earlier this year. Alina Kashlinskaya of Russia is another top woman player to look out for. Her husband Radoslaw Wojtaszek will be playing alongside her, guaranteeing some top-class pre-game preparation. Jovanka Houska and Tania Sachdev, of England and India respectively, are part of the commentary and broadcasting team in Gibraltar, but they will be playing in this year’s Isle of Man International.

Hopefully that will have whetted your appetite for what is going to be another great tournament to watch online. I should add that it is too late to enter yourself as entries have long since closed at 174 names. Another 70 or so players take part in the Major and Minor events held alongside.

John Saunders reports

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Maghsoodloo and Maltsevskaya are the winners at the World Junior and World Girls Championships 2018

Sat, 09/15/2018 - 22:18

The World Junior Championship and World Girls Chess Championship under 20 were an 11-round Swiss open which took place in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey from 5-15 September 2018.

After 10 rounds, the Iranian chess phenom GM Parham Maghsoodloo was nearly perfect! He only lost half point to GM Firouzja. With 1 round to go, he already won the 2018 World Junior Chess Championship by 2 points with 9,5 points.

Despite beating GM Maghsoodloo in the final round, GM Esipenko only finished 4th in tiebreaks as the Silver went to GM Puranik of India, and Bronze to IM Lobanov of Russia, all with 8,5 points out of 11.

Replay the games here

​More dramatic was the final round of the World Girls Championship.
The leader WGM Tokhirjonova only managed to draw against WIM Dordzhieva with white. This opened the door for Maltsevskaya to catch her and win gold with better tiebreaks with a win over WFM Potapova. This gives Russia the 2018 World Girls Chess Championship title!

Replay the games here

Final standings World Junior Championship

1 Maghsoodloo Parham 9,5
2 Puranik Abhimanyu 8,5
3 Lobanov Sergei 8,5
4 Esipenko Andrey 8,5
5 Tabatabaei M.Amin 8
6 Bai Jinshi 8
7 Christiansen Johan-Sebastian 7,5
8 Hakobyan Aram 7,5
9 Harsha Bharathakoti 7,5
10 Firouzja Alireza 7,5
11 Donchenko Alexander 7,5
12 Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan 7,5
13 Van Foreest Jorden 7,5
14 Karthikeyan Murali 7,5
15 Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. 7,5
16 Martirosyan Haik M. 7,5
17 Yakubboev Nodirbek 7,5
18 Lomasov Semyon 7,5
19 Sindarov Javokhir 7
20 Karthik Venkataraman 7
21 Vavulin Maksim 7
22 Kollars Dmitrij 7
23 Pichot Alan 7
24 Lee Jun Hyeok 7
25 Schekachikhin Maksim 7
26 Xu Xiangyu 7
27 Sanal Vahap 7
28 Liang Awonder 6,5
29 Santos Ruiz Miguel 6,5
30 Bellahcene Bilel 6,5
31 Batsuren Dambasuren 6,5
32 Petrosyan Manuel 6,5
33 Muradli Mahammad 6,5
34 Thybo Jesper Sondergaard 6,5
35 Zou Chen 6,5
36 Gavrilescu David 6,5
37 Can Isik 6,5
38 Lodici Lorenzo 6,5
39 Nikitenko Mihail 6,5
40 Sadikhov Ulvi 6,5
41 Barseghyan Harutyun 6,5
42 Haldorsen Benjamin 6,5
43 Lagunow Raphael 6,5
44 Lorparizangeneh Shahin 6,5
45 Raja Harshit 6,5
46 Gorshtein Ido 6,5
47 Martinez Alcantara Jose Eduardo 6,5
48 Gokerkan Cem Kaan 6,5
49 Haria Ravi 6,5
50 Zarubitski Viachaslau 6,5
Zhao Chenxi 6,5
52 Sawlin Leonid 6,5
53 Janik Igor 6
54 Percivaldi Martin 6
55 Escalante Ramirez Brian Sebasti 6
56 Garayev Kanan 6
57 Schitco Ivan 6
58 Amartuvshin Ganzorig 6
59 Mohammad Nubairshah Shaikh 6
60 Pang Tao 6
61 Tuncer Tuna 6
62 Nogerbek Kazybek 6
63 Priasmoro Novendra 6
64 Macovei Andrei 6
65 Baenziger Fabian 6
66 Suleymenov Alisher 6
67 Sibashvili Giorgi 6
68 Shailesh Dravid 6
69 Secheres Adrian-Simion 6
70 Petkov Momchil 6
71 Rodrigue-Lemieux Shawn 6
72 Arcuti Davide 6
73 Jarmula Lukasz 5,5
74 Makhnev Denis 5,5
75 Ozen Bahadir 5,5
76 Sargsyan Shant 5,5
77 Agibileg Uurtsaikh 5,5
78 Agmanov Zhandos 5,5
79 Kalogeris Ioannis 5,5
80 Repka Christopher 5,5
81 Philippe Guillaume 5,5
82 Murzin Volodar 5,5
83 Garidmagnai Byambasuren 5,5
84 Ozen Deniz 5,5
85 Murphy Conor E 5,5
86 Tutisani Noe 5,5
87 Nyambileg Erdene-Ochir 5,5
88 Wadsworth Matthew J 5,5
89 Liyanage Ranindu Dilshan 5,5
90 Dobrovoljc Vid 5,5
91 Morozov Nichita 5,5
92 Urazayev Arystanbek 5,5
93 Milosevic Milos 5,5
94 Wong Yinn Long 5,5
95 Tasdogen Dincer 5,5
96 Aydincelebi Kagan 5,5
97 Noboa Kevin 5,5
98 Tang Andrew 5
99 Kevlishvili Robby 5
100 Kamer Kayra 5
101 Galperin Platon 5
Nastase Robert-Paul 5
103 Pigeat Alexandre 5
104 Hollan Martin 5
105 Ozer Omer Faruk 5
106 Tarlabasi Emirhan 5
107 Nikolovski Nikola 5
108 Krishna Teja N 5
109 Gunduz Umut Erdem 5
110 Agdelen Huseyin Can 5
111 Bashirli Nail 5
112 Ozenir Ekin Baris 5
113 Cadilhac Igor Tokuichi Kikuchi 5
114 Kilic Efe Mert 5
115 Kara Yanki 5
Sezdbekov Ruslan 5
117 Dedebas Emre Emin 5
118 Sevgi Volkan 4,5
119 Miciano John Marvin 4,5
120 Can Melih Kaan 4,5
121 Samani Yamac 4,5
122 Thilakarathne G M H 4,5
123 Cirovic Miroljub 4,5
124 Jogstad Martin 4,5
125 Eren Ataberk 4,5
126 Ozsakallioglu Okan 4,5
127 Akin Kadir 4,5
128 Ismayilov Muhammad 4,5
129 Vanczak Tamas 4,5
130 Silva David 4,5
131 Tifferet Shaked 4,5
132 Yilmaz Goktan 4,5
133 Erdogan Anil Berk 4,5
134 Cansun Can Alp 4,5
135 Gulbeyaz Emir 4,5
136 Tuna Alp 4,5
137 Asadli Vugar 4
138 Gulden Egemen 4
139 Ongut Tamas Gunes 4
140 Huber Martin Christian 4
141 Zlatin Alexander 4
142 Piyumantha M Sasith Nipun 4
143 Karaoglan Doruk 4
144 De Block Yordi 4
145 Ozturk Efe Hakan 4
146 Caglar Ahmet Ata 4
147 Daghan Devran 4
148 Akdogan Alperen 4
149 Yaran Siar 4
150 Maltezeanu Stefan 4

Final standings World Girl’s Chess Championship

1 Maltsevskaya Aleksandra 8,5
2 Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim 8,5
3 Khomeriki Nino 8
4 Nurgali Nazerke 8
5 Dordzhieva Dinara 8
6 Tsolakidou Stavroula 8
7 Zhu Jiner 8
8 Assaubayeva Bibisara 7,5
9 Antova Gabriela 7,5
10 Bai Xue 7,5
11 Caglar Sila 7,5
12 Paramzina Anastasya 7
13 Varshini V 7
14 Gorti Akshita 7
15 Ghukasyan Siranush 7
16 Potapova Margarita 7
17 Nomin-Erdene Davaademberel 7
18 Sliwicka Alicja 6,5
19 Kanakova Natalie 6,5
20 Unuk Laura 6,5
21 Diakonova Ekaterina 6,5
22 Isha Sharma 6,5
23 Chitlange Sakshi 6,5
24 Beydullayeva Govhar 6,5
25 Serikbay Assel 6,5
26 Sieber Fiona 6,5
27 Lingur Zalina 6,5
28 Hilario Aleyla 6
29 Hojjatova Aydan 6
30 Gomez Barrera Javiera Belen 6
31 Schneider Jana 6
32 Altantuya Boldbaatar 6
33 Mahalakshmi M 6
34 Ozbay Ece 6
35 Wafa Shahenda 6
36 Kubicka Anna 6
37 Urh Zala 6
Li Xinyu 6
39 Li Yunshan 6
40 Kocyigit Buse Naz 6
41 Celik Eylul 6
42 Auvray Honorine 6
43 Chu Ruotong 5,5
44 Song Yuxin 5,5
45 Haussernot Cecile 5,5
46 Ivana Maria Furtado 5,5
47 Georgescu Lena 5,5
48 Yang Yijing 5,5
49 Zairbek Kyzy Begimay 5,5
50 De Silva Tenara 5,5
51 Pychova Nela 5,5
52 Sankova Stella 5,5
53 Malatsilava Volha 5,5
54 Cramling Bellon Anna 5,5
55 Doroy Allaney Jia G 5,5
56 Anacoglu Cisel 5,5
57 Salah Nadezhda 5
58 Meenal Gupta 5
59 Alinasab Mobina 5
60 Hu Yu A. 5
61 Dwilewicz Katarzyna 5
62 Kamalidenova Meruert 5
63 Nass Sara 5
64 Stanciu Ioana-Georgiana 5
65 Caballero Quijano Mitzy Mishell 5
66 Duran Esma Doga 5
67 Koo Wei Xin Rosamund 5
68 Celik Eda 5
69 Sade Defne 5
70 Nemcova Karin 5
71 Ince Safiye Oyku 4,5
72 Nassr Lina 4,5
73 Hereklioglu Sude 4,5
74 Aubert Laurane 4,5
75 Du Yuxin 4,5
76 Santeramo Alessia 4,5
Catal Uktenur 4,5
78 Yorgun Yaren Naz 4,5
79 Vujcic Milena 4,5
80 Ayan Bengu Sena 4,5
81 Aydin Gulenay 4,5
82 Aksoy Ayca 4
83 Nastase Andreea-Cristina 4
84 Can Isil 4
85 Kyrkjebo Hanna B. 4
86 Incecik Seyma Zeynep 4
87 Heydarova Aytaj 4
88 Huttl Sofie 4
89 Tian Shi Yuan 3,5
90 Kyrkjebo Marte B. 3,5
91 Koljevic Nikolina 3,5
92 Caxita Esperanca 3,5
93 Esti Kubra Selenay 3,5
94 Gur Tuba 3,5
95 Bail Ellen Larissa 3,5
96 Rousseau Christilla 3,5
97 Gusic Jelena 1,5
98 Anandpara Jayendra Saloni 1

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Chigaev wins RG Nezhemetdinov Cup in rapid chess

Thu, 09/13/2018 - 15:23

The RG Nezhemetdinov Cup in rapid chess (the Rapid Grand Prix of Russia stage)was held at 12.09 in Kazan.
121 players took part in the tournament.

The victory in the tournament was won by the GM Maxim Chigaev (Kemerovo region) with 8,5 points out of 11.
Second was GM Timur Gareev (USA) also with 8,5 points, third was won by the IM Ivan Bocharov (Novosibirsk region)with 8 points.

Among the veterans IM Eugene Kalegin (Republic of Bashkortostan) won. Leia Garifullin (Sverdlovsk region) became the best in the women’s standings.
Among the juniors the winner is MF Dmitry Tsoy (Moscow region). In the nomination “The best chess player of the Republic of Tatarstan” the winner is IM Fayzrakhmanov Ramil. The prize among chess players with ELO up to 2300 inclusive received MF Makoveev Ilya (Krasnodar Territory).

Final standings

1 Chigaev Maksim 8,5
2 Gareyev Timur 8,5
3 Bocharov Ivan 8
4 Morozevich Alexander 8
5 Kokarev Dmitry 8
6 Sarana Alexey 8
7 Timofeev Artyom 8
8 Rakhmanov Aleksandr 7,5
9 Yudin Sergei 7,5
10 Sychev Klementy 7,5
11 Lintchevski Daniil 7,5
12 Gabrielian Artur 7,5
13 Alekseev Evgeny 7,5
14 Bocharov Dmitry 7
15 Volkov Sergey 7
16 Pridorozhni Aleksei 7
17 Maiorov Nikita 7
18 Demidov Mikhail 7
19 Iljiushenok Ilia 7
20 Usmanov Vasily 7
21 Yankelevich Lev 7
22 Belyakov Bogdan 7
23 Faizrakhmanov Ramil 7
24 Baghdasaryan Vahe 7
25 Frolyanov Dmitry 6,5
26 Levin Evgeny A. 6,5
27 Rozum Ivan 6,5
28 Gleizerov Evgeny 6,5
29 Goganov Aleksey 6,5
30 Khanin Semen 6,5
31 Hasangatin Ramil 6,5
32 Gubajdullin Alexei 6,5
33 Drygalov Andrey 6,5
34 Kalegin Evgenij 6,5
35 Rashkovsky Nukhim N 6,5
36 Tunik Gennady 6,5
37 Cherniaev Alexander 6,5
38 Makhmutov Rail 6,5
39 Garifullina Leya 6,5
40 Mamedjarova Turkan 6,5
41 Harutyunian Tigran K. 6,5
42 Sharafiev Azat 6,5
43 Samusenko Maksim 6
44 Kabanov Nikolai 6
45 Korneev Oleg 6
46 Potapov Pavel 6
47 Mokshanov Alexey 6
48 Savitskiy Sergey 6
49 Makoveev Ilya 6
50 Tsoi Dmitry 6
51 Murzin Lenar 6
52 Ashiev Eduard 6
53 Bulatova Kamaliya 6
54 Pavlov Denis 6
55 Khassanov Marat 6
56 Murtazin Ruslan 5,5
57 Toropov Pavel 5,5
58 Danielyan Vahe 5,5
59 Galiev Azat 5,5
60 Pushkin Eduard 5,5
61 Gilyazitdinov Nikita 5,5
62 Sadykov Renat 5,5
63 Filipenko Alexander V 5,5
64 Sarbaev Maksim 5,5
65 Ospennikov Dmitry V 5,5
66 Yakimova Mariya 5,5
67 Gavrilin Roman 5,5
68 Asatryan Gor 5,5
69 Gazizov Ravil 5,5
70 Mochalin Faddey 5,5
71 Arshinov Vasily 5
72 Cervantes Landeiro Thalia 5
73 Glukhov Alexander 5
74 Sadykov Ramil 5
75 Pingin Artem 5
76 Kurinov Mikhail 5
77 Martynyuk Elizaveta 5
78 Lebedev Yury 5
79 Kuzmin Roman 5
80 Maltsev Vladimir 5
81 Semenov Ruslan 5
82 Ivanov Anatoliy 5
83 Norkin Yaks 5
84 Shkuro Alexandr 5
85 Shavgulidze Sergey 5
86 Skatchkov Valery 4,5
87 Faizutdinova Diana 4,5
88 Shafigullina Zarina 4,5
89 Khabibullin Ruslan 4,5
90 Bagautdinov Ilgiz 4,5
91 Zlachevskiy Leonid 4,5
92 Skvortsov Sergey 4,5
93 Semenova Anastasia 4,5
94 Akhmetzianov Ruslan 4,5
95 Nagaeva Aliia 4,5
96 Trushkov Andrey 4
97 Alekseev Anatoly 4
98 Yadigarov Aivaz 4
99 Safin Robert 4
100 Gataullin Ilgizar 4
101 Khanukaev Mark 4
102 Mochalov Daniil 4
103 Nigmatullina Dina 4
104 Agabekian Razia 4
105 Stakina Melissa 4
106 Salimova Dinara 4
107 Lazarev Artem 3,5
108 Gryaznov Igor 3,5
109 Vorontsov Roman 3,5
110 Shaimardanov Kamil 3,5
111 Grekhov Luka 3
112 Kamalov Saidash 3
113 Ogorodnikov Matvey 3
114 Nigmatullina Enge 3
115 Khalilov Marsel 3
116 Gaynutdinov Tagir 2,5
117 Nikolaev Andrei 2
118 Zakirov Ruslan 1
119 Ismailov Amir 1
120 Imamov Farid 0
121 Shaposhnikov Evgeny 0

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Satka Autumn 2018

Wed, 09/12/2018 - 17:46

The Satka Autumn Russian Cup Women is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 11-19 September 2018 in Satka, Russia.

Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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5th Anogia GM Norm “Fischer Memorial”

Tue, 09/11/2018 - 15:12

The 5th Anogia “Fischer Memorial” GM-norm tournament is held from 11-19 September 2018 in Anogia, Crete, Greece. The tournament is part of the Heraklion IT Grand Prix, which is in its 8th year, and is part of a series of closed norm tournaments. It is a 10-player invitational round-robin event. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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