Chicago Open 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 05/11/2018 - 14:11

Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel in Wheeling

The 27th Annual Chicago Open will be held over Memorial Day weekend from May 24-28, 2018, at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel, 601 North Milwaukee Ave, Wheeling, Illinois.

The event has 8 sections: Open, Under 2300, Under 2100, Under 1900, Under 1700, Under 1500, Under 1300 and Under 1000.

The Open Section is a 5-day tournament (May 24-28) with FIDE norms possible. The Other Sections have either a 4-day schedule, 3-day schedule or 2-day schedule to participate in while the Under 1000 Section has either a 3-day schedule or 2-day schedule to participate in.

The Open Section is a 9-round Swiss, while the other sections are 7-round Swiss.
The event has a $100,000 prize fund unconditionally guaranteed.
More then 400 players are expected in all the events.
Top seeded players are GM Anton Kovalyov, GM Vladimir Belous etc…

More live chess Women’s World Championship Match 2018 /53rd Capablanca Memorial

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Ivan Saric – interview with the European Champion

Chessdom - Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:55

GM Ivan Saric took gold medal on second board, adding 2 more points to his rating

Croatian and European Chess Champion GM Ivan Saric spoke to Chessdom.com editor GM Marian Petrov about his recent victories

Marian Petrov First of all, congratulations for conquering the Croatian title, that comes right after your European one!

Ivan Saric I’m happy that I’ve managed to win the Croatian championship. But honestly, I’m not happy with my play in almost half of the games there! Yet, from 2009 I was always in top 3 and I was either winning the championships or I was half point short, and this is a good achievement. The competition is very difficult, every year someone else also has a good tournament and it’s almost impossible to win the championship convincingly.

MP What was your most difficult game?

IS Probably round 9 with Jovanovic, when I completely missed the move to keep an initiative and ended up in a defending position with a clear pawn down. At some point it seemed hopeless, but my opponent wasn’t precise and I managed to save the game.

MP Now to the European Chess Championship. What were your ambitions before the European Championship and when did you feel you can win it?

IS My ambition was to qualify to the World cup (reach a score of +4), but I’m not the guy who makes draws when he has +4, so I knew that everything is possible. Each victory makes a huge difference, +5 sometimes is a medal. After 4-5 rounds I felt that this could be my tournament finally, but then I got the cold shower in next 3 games, and I wasn’t so ambitious anymore. Somewhere during the opening phase in game with Navara I realized I could win this tournament. Of course this is my biggest achievement of my career so far.

MP How much are the computer engines part of your preparation and do you follow Top Chess Engine Championship

IS I do not follow all games of TCEC, maybe if someone tells me there is some spectacular game to check, but Stockfish is the best one in my opinion, even if it doesn’t win the event every time.

MPHow do you prepare for the tournaments and how many hours per day you study chess?

IS It’s hard to say how many hours per day I work, because I’m not counting them :) I work until it’s interesting and until I have energy. Last couple of years I’ve basically worked alone. I had some training sessions and sparing with my friends but that’s all. When I have more time between the tournaments I usually do regular physical training or some running

MP How do you choose your tournaments?

IS I play 2-3 official events per year, couple of leagues, and this leaves place for not many opens. I choose those events with either excellent conditions or excellent prizes, and sometimes both. I’m not 2750 so I can’t get invitation for strong round robin tournaments.

In summer I usually play more and this year is no exception. I will play 2 open tournaments, 2 foreign leagues and Croatian league, which finishes one week before the Olympiad, so my preparation will be in practical form.

MP Did you expect Caruana to win the Candidates and can he defeat his opponent in the Carlsen – Caruana 2018 match?

ISAlmost anyone from those 8 players could have won the Candidates, and it’s no surprise that Fabiano won. After all, he is the player with best tournament result in history of chess (St. Louis 2014). So far in their encounters there were lot of decisive games, and I believe Caruana has better chances against Carlsen than his predecessors. Still, Magnus is a favorite.

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African Individual Chess Championships 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 05/11/2018 - 11:44

African Individual Chess Championships will be held in Lusaka, Zambia from 12 to 22 May.
Organizers are the African Chess Confederation and the Chess Federation of Zambia. The venue is Warm Harbor Hotel.

30 players are expected in the Open section and 22 in the Women section.
The top seeded players are the Egyptians GM Bassem Amin and GM Ahmed Adly.

African Rapid Chess Championships 2018 will be held on 22 May.
African Blitz Chess Championships 2018 will be held on 23 May also in Lusaka.

Starting list Open section

1 Amin Bassem
2 Adly Ahmed
3 Mohamed Haddouche
4 Adlane Arab
5 El Gindy Essam
6 Fawzy Adham
7 Hasham Addelrahmam
8 Kayonde Andrew
9 Kigigha Bomo
10 Chitumbo Mwali
11 Luanja Geoffrey
12 Chumfwa Kelvin
13 Bwalya Gillan
14 Mabusela Johannes
15 Domingos Catarino
16 Paiva Donaldo
17 Khalil Bengherabi
18 Othlhotse Providence
19 Khetho Phemelo
20 Alberto Pedro
21 Zhemba Jemusse
22 Mosenya Ndawana
23 Eichab Charles
24 Chikwavaire Tapiwa
25 Beukes Dante
26 Chiona Richard
27 Nshikokola Mutailenu
28 Kibrom Weldegebriel Beraki
29 Fidow Kassim Hassan
30 Mohamed Ukash Mohamud

Starting list Women section

1 Wafa Shahenda
2 Amina Medioud
3 Latreche Sabrina
4 Sherif Amina
5 Mwango Lorita
6 Latreche Khadidja
7 Hayat Toubal
8 Thale Tshepang
9 Onkemetse Francis
10 Laubscher Anzel
11 Botlhole Kgalalelo
12 Caxita Esperanca
13 Vilheta Vania Faush
14 Gorreri Angolikin
15 Kudzanayi Charinda
16 Dzaayem Vivian
17 Banda Maria
18 Makwena Christine
19 Simenda Daisy
20 Mwilola Philis
21 Nkhoma Desiderata
22 Mashane Mary

More live chess Women’s World Championship Match/53rd Capablanca Memorial /Open La Habana 2018

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Πέθανε ο Εβγκένι Βασιούκοβ

Skakistiko - Fri, 05/11/2018 - 02:56

φωτ. Ο Μίσα Ταλ και ο Εβγκένι Βασιούκοβ μιλούν για την παρτίδα που μόλις τέλειωσε, Ντούμπνα 1973.

Σε ηλικία 85 ετών έφυγε ο γκρανμέτρ Εβγκένι Βασιούκοβ. Ξεκίνησε να παίζει σκάκι σε ηλικία 15 ετών, μια ηλικία απαγορευτική με τα δεδομένα του σήμερα για μεγάλες διακρίσεις, αλλά είχε μεσολαβήσει ο πόλεμος. Αναδείχθηκε 6 φορές πρωταθλητής Μόσχας και κέρδισε ανάμεσα στους άλλους σε παρτίδες τους παγκόσμιους πρωταθλητές Σμίσλοβ, Πετροσιάν και Ταλ. Παρέμεινε ενεργός σκακιστής μέχρι τους τελευταίους μήνες της ζωής του και είναι γνωστό πως έπαιζε και πολύ μπλιτς στο ίντερνετ μέχρι πρόσφατα.

Υπήρξε ωραίος παίχτης της σοβιετικής εποχής, ευγενής και φιλική προσωπικότητα, με δυναμικό στυλ παιχνιδού, με προσφορά στη θεωρία ανοιγμάτων. Έχαιρε μεγάλης εκτίμησης παρότι ποτέ δεν συναγωνίστηκε στα ίσα τους πολύ μεγάλους σκακιστές της εποχής του, δεν ήταν τόσο πολύ ισχυρός σαν τα τέρατα του παιχνιδιού. Η μεγαλύτερή του επιτυχία σε τουρνουά η πρώτη θέση στο διεθνές της Μανίλας με 10.5/15, μπροστά από κορυφαίους της δεκαετίας του ’70: Λάρσεν, Γκλίγκοριτς, Άντερσον, Πόρτις, Τόρε.

Αναδείχθηκε παγκόσμιος πρωταθλητής βετεράνων το 1995. Πέρσι συμμετείχε με την ομάδα της Ρωσίας στο παγκόσμιο ομαδικό βετεράνων 65+ και αήττητος με +3 βοήθησε σημαντικά στην κατάκτηση του χρυσού μεταλλίου.

Το τελευταίο γνωστό τουρνουά που συμμετείχε ήταν τον Ιανουάριο στη Μόσχα σε αγώνες ράπιντ, όπου σημείωσε 4/9 αλλά οι αγώνες ήταν πολύ ισχυροί, μετείχε για παράδειγμα και ο Μορόζεβιτς.

Πολύ ωραίο εκτενές αφιερωματικό άρθρο για τον Βασιούκοβ με ιστορικές αναφορές, με φωτογραφίες, με παρτίδες, με στιγμιότυπα θα διαβάσετε στο chess24.com εδώ 

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Nidjat Mamedov wins Nakhchivan Open 2018

Chessdom - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 16:13

The Nakhchivan Open 2018, dedicated to the memory of former Azerbaijan President Heydar Aliyev, was held from May 1st to 11th at the Nakhchivan Chess Center in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. 58 players took part in the group A tournament.

The winner is GM Nidjat Mamedov with 6,5 points out of 9. Second is GM Sergei Tiviakov also with 6,5 and third is GM Eltaj Safarli with 6 points.

replay the games here

funal standings Nakhchivan Open 2018

1 Mamedov Nidjat 6,5
2 Tiviakov Sergei 6,5
3 Safarli Eltaj 6
4 Guseinov Gadir 6
5 Khenkin Igor 6
6 Korobov Anton 6
7 Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 6
8 Abdulov Orkhan 6
9 Pak Yevgeniy 5,5
10 Abbasov Farid 5,5
11 Korneev Oleg 5,5
12 Asadli Vugar 5,5
13 Sanal Vahap 5
14 Bernadskiy Vitaliy 5
15 Tutisani Noe 5
16 Beradze Irakli 5
17 Firouzja Alireza 5
18 Bashirli Nail 5
19 Aleksandrov Aleksej 5
20 Kotronias Vasilios 5
21 Ibrahimli Murad 5
22 Galego Luis 5
23 Tahbaz Arash 5
24 Hojjatova Aydan 5
25 Sevdimaliyev Urfan 5
26 Smirin Ilia 4,5
27 Pasiev Rakhim 4,5
28 Mammadov Sadig 4,5
29 Gadimbayli Abdulla 4,5
30 Malakhatko Vadim 4,5
31 Khalafova Narmin 4,5
32 Ozen Deniz 4,5
33 Mousavi Seyed Khalil 4,5
34 Guliev Sarhan 4,5
35 Muradli Mahammad 4
36 Babazada Khazar 4
37 Ahmadzada Ahmad 4
38 Bayramov Zaur 4
39 Evdokimov Alexander A. 4
40 Gasanov Zaur 4
41 Balajayeva Khanim 3,5
42 Mammadova Gulnar 3,5
43 Hejazipour Mitra 3,5
44 Beydullayeva Govhar 3,5
45 Hosseinzadeh Nima 3,5
46 Suleymanli Aydin 3,5
47 Guliev Logman 3,5
48 Poormosavi Seyed Kian 3,5
49 Hasanzade Toghrul 3,5
50 Aliyev Ravan 3
51 Mamedjarova Turkan 3
52 Atakishiyev Elmar 3
53 Mamedjarova Zeinab 3
54 Soyunlu Narmin 3
55 Gasimov Parviz 2,5
56 Allahverdiyeva Ayan 2,5
57 Ibrahimova Sabina 2,5
58 Amrayeva Aytan 0,5

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Fritz wins and qualifies for TCEC First Division

Chessdom - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 14:44

Fritz 16.1 is the winner of TCEC S12 Div 2. Fritz collected 18,0/28 and got the gold medal in a very contested race. Last year Fritz entered the Top Chess Engine Championshi for the first time in history. It dominated Division 3, qualified to Division 2, and this year it will proudly boast as a First Division engine.

The second engine that qualifies together with Fritz is Texel with 17,5/28 qualify for the TCEC First division. It starts today at 16:00 CET with the participation of Fizbo, Ginkgo, Booot, Jonny, Gull, Laser, Fritz, and Texel, you can follow it live on the official website

TCEC Div 2 standings

1. Fritz 18.0/28
2. Texel 17.5
3. Xiphos 15.5
4. ChessbrainVB 13.5
5. Nirvana 13.5
6. Hannibal 13.0
7. Arasan 11.0
8. Vajolet 10.0

TCEC Div 2 final standings (after crash recount)

1. Fritz 13.0

2. Texel 11.5

3. Xiphos 11.0

4. ChessBrainVB 9.5

5. Nirvana 9.0

6. Vajolet 5.5

TCEC official website / TCEC on Twitch / Facebook page

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FIDE Newsletter April 2018

FIDE - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 14:28

2018 FIDE World School Chess Championships were held from 21-29th April at Hotel Fafa in Durres, Albania.

Official website: worldchess.events/blog

A total number of 387 participants from 40 federations took part in the event throughout twelve age categories from U7 to U17, boys and girls.

This is the biggest international sport event ever held in Albania.

School Chess Teachers, Arbiters and Trainers Seminars were held from 27 to 29 April 2018.


1 Tulendinov Dinmukhammed KAZ
2 Karimli Yusif AZE
3 Tsoy Maxim KAZ

1 Vetokhin Savva RUS
2 Tenuunbold Battulga MGL
3 Suleymanli Ismayil AZE

1 Ochirbat Lkhagvajamts MGL
2 Xie Kaifan CHN
3 Chen Kailin CHN

1 Petkov Momchil FID
2 Dolgun Can TUR
3 Advait Bagri SGP

1 Isanzhulov Arystan KAZ
2 Thilakarathne G M H SRI
3 Abdilkhair Abilmansur KAZ

1 Ibrahimli Murad AZE 2305
2 Akdogan Alperen TUR
3 FM Sipetin Vladislav RUS

G U7
1 Lakshana Subramanian IND
2 Zhumagali Raian KAZ
3 Sodgerelt Naranbold MGL

G U9
1 Rouda Essa Alserkal UAE
2 Yesugen Khuchbayar MGL
3 Lkhagvajed Gantulga MGL

G U11
1 Nurmanova Alua KAZ
2 Baloglu Dila TUR
3 Akat Elifnaz TUR

G U13
1 Munkhzul Davaakhuu MGL
2 Cai Boheng CHN
3 Ince Safiye Oyku TUR

G U15
1 Nurgali Nazerke KAZ
2 Jarocka Liwia POL
3 Lehaci Miruna-Daria ROU

G U17
1 Radeva Viktoria FID
2 Heydarova Aytaj AZE
3 Kostecka Marika

FIDE World Amateur Chess Championship
was held in Cagliari – Sardinia Italy in April 21 – 30, 2018.

Official website: www.scaccomattissimo.eu/amateur2018

The games took place in the conference centre of the 4-star Califfo Hotel of Quartu St. Elena Cagliari.

FIDE rated Swiss system in 9 rounds. There were separate championships for categories Under-2300, Under-2000, Under-1700 Open and Women.

The Championships are open tournaments for players registered by their federation.


Under 2300 category
1. Singh Arvinder Preet IND
2. Garavito Miguel Angel COL
3 Gunbayar Myagmarsuren MGL


Under 2000
1.Hajiyev Kanan AZE
2. Baisynov Islam KGZ
3.Tavagwisa Lawrence ZIM

Under 1700
1. Sutbas Batuhan TUR
2. Arevalo Perez Luis Alexander PER
3. Zholdoshmamatov Adilet KGZ

Women Under 1700
1. Popova Vilena RUS
2. Khaliun Batnasan MGL
3. Nakabo Peninah UGA

European Women Chess Championship 2018
took place from 7th-20th April, in Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia.

Official website: www.ewcc2018.eu

Valentina Gunina (RUS, 2507) became the winner of the European Women Individual Chess Championship 2018.

Valentina Gunina reached an impressive result of 9 points out of 11 games and finished a full point ahead of the runner-ups. She achieved the title of the European Women Chess Champion for the third time in her career (2012, 2014, 2018).

Seven players tied for the second place, each with 8 points. According to the tie-break criteria, silver medal went to Dzagnidze Nana (GEO, 2507), the Winner of the Championship in 2017, while former Women`s World Champion Ushenina Anna (UKR, 2422) took the bronze medal.

143 players from 30 different European federations participated in the event, including 13 Grandmasters, 29 International masters, 35 Women Grandmasters, 22 Women International masters and in total 128 titled players.

The total prize fund of the championship was 70.000 EUR.

European Senior Team Championship
took place from 13th-23rd April 2018, in Walbrzych, Poland.

Official website: walbrzych2018.eu

Teams of Italy and Russia triumphed at the European Senior Team Chess Championship 2018, in categories 50+ and 65+, respectively. In section 50+, top seeded Italy dominated at the event and won the event with perfect result and 9 consecutive victories. Even though draw in the last round was enough for reserving the first place, Italy stayed invincible until the end of the Championship. Members of the winning team are: GM Godena Michele (ITA, 2507), GM Garcia Palermo Carlos (ITA, 2404), GM Mariotti Sergio (ITA, 2228), IM Belia Fabrizio (ITA, 2443) and IM Bruno Fabio (ITA, 2439). In the same category, silver went to Russian Women team, who suffered only one lost, in the very intense match played against Winners, while Belgium VCF was third.

The Champion of 65+ category wasn't questioned in the last round, since Russian team secured the gold with a round to go. Russians finished the event unbeatable with all the triumphs and perfect 18 match points.

Members of the winning team are: GM Balashov Yuri S (RUS, 2421), IM Zhelnin Vladimir V (RUS, 2351), GM Pushkov Nikolai (RUS, 2304) and IM Lisenko Alexander (RUS,2368). Germany ended second with 15 match points, while bronze came to the first team of Sweden with 12 match points.

Top 3 winning teams of each category were awarded with trophies and medals, while the best individual players were awarded with additional prizes.

European Small Nations Chess Championship 2018

Official webiste: esna.faroechess.com

Grandmaster Ziska Helgi Dam (FAI, 2549) became the winner of the 3rd European Small Nations Individual Chess Championship, which took place from 13th-23rd April, in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands.

Ziska Helgi Dam scored 8.5 points and convincingly won the Championship before the last round with perfect 8/8.


GM Efimov Igor won the silver medal with 7 points. The third place went to IM Berend Fred (LUX, 2357) with 6.5 points. It was a round-robin event with participation of 10 players.

The total prize fund of the event was 4.500 EUR, with 2.000 EUR reserved for the winner of the Championship.

The Winner of the European Small Nations Blitz Chess Championship 2018 became Paris Klerides (CYP, 2183).

Asian Youth Chess Championships 2018
took place in Chiangmai Thailand.

Official website: asianyouthchess2018.com

The Thailand Chess Association in cooperation with the Bangapi Chess Club and under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation and FIDE has organized 2018 Asian Youth Chess Championship and Asian Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships, which was held 31st March (arrival) to 10th April (departure) in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Asian Youth Chess Championships 2018       Individual Standard Medal Tally                   – G8 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold   Huynh Phuc Minh Phuong 0 VIE WCM Silver   Ebrahimi Rashti Asal 1140 IRI WCM Bronze   Dang Le Xuan Hien 1270 VIE WCM             – G10 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold   Nguyen Ha Khanh Linh 0 VIE WCM Silver   Anupam M Sreekumar 1343 IND WCM Bronze   Rajanya Datta 1373 IND WCM             – G12 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold WCM Sahithi Varshini M 1573 IND WFM Silver WCM Nguyen Le Cam Hien 1483 VIE   Bronze WCM Omonova Umida 1740 UZB               – G14 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold WFM Kamalidenova Meruert 1982 KAZ   Silver   Bristy Mukherjee 1720 IND WCM Bronze   Jain Nityata 1894 IND WCM             – G16 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold WFM Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong 2128 VIE WIM Norm Silver   Makhija Aashna 2083 IND WFM Bronze WFM Serikbay Assel 2121 KAZ               – G18 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold   Hamedi Nia Vesal 1976 IRI WIM Silver WCM Yang Yijing 1987 CHN WFM Bronze WFM Karenza Dita 1831 INA               – U8 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold   Chen Zhiyuan 0 CHN CM Silver CM Manon Reja Neer 1666 BAN   Bronze   Adireddy Arjun 1506 IND CM             – U10 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold   Kadam Om Manish 1788 IND CM Silver   Dang Anh Minh 1753 VIE CM Bronze   Jin Yueheng 1603 CHN CM             – U12 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold CM Gukesh D 2401 IND FM Silver   Daneshvar Bardiya 2325 IRI CM Bronze CM Nguyen Quoc Hy 2061 VIE               – U14 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold FM Raja Rithvik R 2280 IND   Silver CM Wang Zideng 1891 CHN   Bronze CM Kushagra Mohan 2276 IND               – U16 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold FM Piyumantha M Sasith Nipun 2138 SRI IM Norm Silver   Vatsal Singhania 2106 IND FM Bronze   Sankalp Gupta 2374 IND FM             – U18 Standard                     Medal Title Name Rtg FED Title/Norm Gold FM Miciano John Marvin 2260 PHI IM Silver   Quizon Daniel 2228 PHI FM Bronze FM  Xu Zhihang 2344 CHN  


2018 Zone 4.3 Individual Championships
took place in Maputo, Mozambique from April 7, 2018 (arrival) to April 15, 2018 (departure).

24 players took part in the open championship (in total 8 federations)

21 players took part in women tournament (in total 6 federations).


Results in the open section:
1 FM Domingos Catarino 2253 ANG
2 FM Khetho Phemelo 2162 BOT
3 FM Klaasen Calvin John 2272 RSA

Results in the women section:
1 Van Niekerk Megan 1674 RSA
2 WIM February Jesse Nikki 1899 RSA
3 WIM Francis Onkemetse 1794 BOT

The 2018 1st Quarter Presidential Board took place in the Marriott Hotel in Minsk, Belarus from 7th to 8th of April 2018.

The PB received a proposal from Belarus to hold the 2022 World Chess Olympiad in Minsk.

The PB members visited the possible venue for the Olympiad “Minsk Arena”.

After the inspection the members of the Presidential Board had an official meeting with Sergey Mikhailovich Kovalchuk, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Victorovich Shorets, the Chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee, Anastasia Sorokina, the Head of the Belarus Chess Federation and other officials in the Minsk City Hall.

FIDE Press Release: 2018 1st quarter Presidential Board

List of Decisions of 2018 1st quarter FIDE PB

Events in May:

Women's World Championship Match 2018 between Tan Zhongyi and Ju Wenjun is under way in China. The first half took place from 2nd to 9th of May in Shanghai and the latter half starts from 11th to 20th May in Chongqing. After 5 round Ju Wenjun is leading with 3, 5:1, 5 score.

Central American & Caribbean Youth Chess Championships 2018 Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 27-Apr-2018 4-May-2018 South American Junior U20 Championship 2018 Asunción, Paraguay 12-May-2018 20-May-2018 Asian Universities Chess Championship 2018 Tagaytay, Philippines 26-May-2018 2-Jun-2018 African Individual Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 11-May-2018 24-May-2018 African Rapid Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 22-May-2018 22-May-2018a African Blitz Chess Championships 2018 Lusaka, Zambia 23-May-2018 23-May-2018


43rd World Chess Olympiad in Batumi 2018


The Georgian Chess Federation and the Chess Olympiad Organizing Committee have the great honor to invite all FIDE member countries to the 43rd Batumi Chess Olympiad and the 89th FIDE congress to be held from 23rd of September till 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

Official website: batumi2018.fide.com

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Glen Stark – a year old story

Chessdom - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 13:02

The Glen Stark affair continues to puzzle the shocked chess world and has become a Pandora’s box which has just gotten a major upgrade. It results that Glen Stark is the virtual hand of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for over an year and that his appearance on the chess scene started off on the wrong foot. His first appearance was wack in March-April 2017, “Glen Stark” phoned FIDE Vice President Ms. Beatriz Marinello in a threat-like manner, just a few days before he was announced by Kirsan.


The story so far

May 5: Virtual candidate on Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s ticket?
May 6: The chess world reacts to the Glen Stark case
May 6: Ilyumzhinov gets RCF support / Filatov says support may be revoked if ticket changes
May 8: The largest Norwegian newspaper on the FIDE elections and the Glen Stark affair

Glen Stark inappropriate phone call to FIDE Vice President Marinello

The hat tip for the information about the threats towards Beatriz Marinello goes to the esteemed chess journalist from The Telegraph – Leon Watson. In a reply via Twitter, Leon Watson points the striking appearance of Glen Stark in the FIDE minutes, about an year before Kirsan Ilyumzhinov announced his ticket.

At the meeting in question, Ms. Marinello raised an important concern towards Kirsan Ilyumzhonov. “The previous week she [Ms. Marinello] was contacted by someone named Glen Stark, he called several times and sent her email. He was saying he is the person in charge of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s fund [...] She asked him to introduce himself and he said his name is Glen Stark, that he is a citizen of the United States, that he sent her an email, and that he is human.” When Ms. Marinello asked for a little more information, Glen Stark’s tone apparently changed and he started rising his voice and becoming aggressive over the phone.

Mr. Leon Watson was keen to note the shocking appearance of Glen Stark over an year before joining the ticket of Kirsan Ilyumzhonov.

Beatriz Marinello on Facebook

Beatriz Marinello spoke on the case in her Facebook profile. Chessdom.com also got in touch with her and an interview will appear soon in this article.

“Back in April 2017, I received an email from Glen Stark indicating that Kirsan Illyumzhinov gave him my email and he wanted my opinion about something. I thought this a bit peculiar to say the least. So, I sent Glen Stark the following email: “Could you please introduce yourself? I have no idea who you are.”

His response was:

“Exactly, & this is why I called.

Glen Stark, US Citizen, Kirsan’s old friend, no connections with Chess, residing in Princeton, NJ US – male / human.
Phone: +1-609-271-8666
http://www.kirsan.fund/ “

Then, I answered his phone call and when I insisted in knowing who he was, he got defensive and was very rude to me on the phone. Considering his heavy English accent and way of talking, I think he is Russian or East European. Now I see this article, my instincts were correct there was something strange about this person,” said Beatriz Marinello on Facebook.

Serious problem for Kirsan Ilyumzhinov

Just a few days after the phone call to Ms. Marinello, Glen Stark appeared again, this time as author on the official website of Kirsan Ilyumzhonov. There he said, “In 2016, we registered a charitable foundation “Kirsan Fund” in the United States, and in early April this year, the headquarters of the charity foundation “Kirsan Fund” was opened in Washington, DC, USA. The work of the foundation will cover North and South America.
The new organization will promote such chess projects as “Chess in Schools”, “Chess in villages”, “Chess in families” and “Chess for people with disabilities”" signing the article Glen Stark Kirsan Fund President & CEO

A fake person Glen Stark with a fake CV – is this what Kirsan wants to teach to “Chess in Schools”?

The story gets deeper, as Glen Stark – a person with apparently a fake name and CV – has been introduced by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as member of his ticket and candidate for the very important position of General Secretary of FIDE. This was presented even to the Russian Chess Federation where he got a preliminary support from last Sunday, and which might become a whole different story at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs meeting, as Andrei Filatov points.

If it were any other person than Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, we would have no second thoughts on using the -gate suffix in order to show the severity of the Glen Stark scandal. However, the controversial FIDE President has faced several unpleasant incidents in his long political career (mostly outside chess) and during this pre-election period proves that we can expect almost anything from him and his campaign team.

The US Sanctions are an unfortunate turn of events that prevents Ilyumzhinov from doing any business or financial operations connected directly or indirectly with residents of USA. However, having a person with fake name and CV as head of Kirsan’s main organization is a serious problem that could lead to the ultimate downfall Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, thus quite impossible not to regard this story as #KirsanGate.

Glen Stark, a man of thousand names

Glen Stark on Kirsan’s ticket is a generic name, as generic as the stock image and template CV that he uses in it. Following on the revelations by Chessdom.com, many people tried to call directly the phone of Stark and got an automatic reply. It was Peter Doggers from chess.com who managed to get through with the help of the FIDE Ethics Commission member Willy Iclicky – the first person to officially have Stark’s phone number. In the phone call Stark once again confirmed he is real (just like he noted to Marinello that he is “human”) and revealed that his name is “Gary”. This has been followed by a comment about his CV, claiming that “Everything is legit”.

But no, everything is not legit and more and more information has comes to Chessdom editors on a daily basis. Expect a major update with bombastic information in the next hours on Chessdom.

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Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 5

FIDE - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 09:48

Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 5

Ju Wenjun lead with 3.5-1.5 after 5 games

The 5th game of the FIDE Women`s World Championship Match took place at the InterContinental Hotel Shanghai on 9th May. The challenger Ju Wenjun defeated the current champion Tan Zhongyi and the score in the match became 3.5:1.5. After the first half of the Match 4 out of five games were desicive and only one game finished in a draw. Tommorow the tournament hall will be moved to Chongqing, a home town of Tan Zhongyi.

Tan Zhongyi chose to play 1.e4, a very rare move in her chess career. It seems Ju Wenjun was well prepared against the Bishop Opening and didn`t have any trouble in the opening.

Tan Zhongyi decided to sacrifice a pawn to get a pair of bishops instead. It turned out White had not enough compensation as Black managed to block the center with the knights and created dangerous attack on the King`s side. After 35 move Tan Zhongyi had to resign.

At the post-game press conference Ju Wenjun said she was surprised to lead in the Match by 2 points. She felt that Tan Zhongyi was not in good shape, but thought there is still long way to go.

The 6th game will be held on 3 pm 12th May, in Chongqing. According to the match regulations, players switched colors after 4 games and it means Tan Zhongyi will have white pieces on the 6th round too.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

Photo Gallery

Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 4

The fourth game of the FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match was held at the InterContinental Hotel Shanghai on the 7th May. After 2 losses the Women`s World Champion Tan Zhongyi defeated her opponent Ju Wenjun. The score in the Match is 2.5:1,5 and the challenger still leads after 4 rounds.

Playing with White pieces Tan Zhongyi started with Trompowsky Attack. She was trying to avoid theoretical lines and choose to fight in the middlegame. White was obviously looking for attacking chances on the King`s side but it seemed Black had enough forces for defence. After 21.g4 the position became sharp and according to Tan Zhongyi, she did not believe she had any advantage until Ju Wenjun made a few inaccurate moves. It seems Black got into trouble after exchanging a very strong knight (23...Nxd2) and after another mistake 26...g5 White had just to find precise moves to finish her attack.

The 8th of May will be the second rest day in this match. According to the match regulations, players will switch colours after 4 games and it means Tan Zhongyi will have white pieces on the 5th round.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

Photo Gallery

Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 3 Ju Wenjun wins again

After the first free day the third round of the Women`s World Championship Match was held at the InterContinental Hotel Shanghai on 6th of May. The current Women`s World Champion Tan Zhongyi had to resign on 27th move. After 3 games the challenger leads with 2.5:0.5.

Today’s game started with the Catalan Opening. After Ju Wenjun moved her Queen to the King`s side hoping to creat some attacking chances, Tan Zhongyi made a serious mistake 14...g5?? And after 15.Qh5, Black lost a pawn and her position became hopeless.

Later at the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi explained that she simply missed her opponenet`s move 15.Qh5 and later 24.Ne4. Ju Wenjun said was surprised of Tan’s g5 and she felt she was going to win today after 16.Bxg5.

The 4th game will tbe held on 3:00pm on 7th May.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

Photo Gallery

Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 2

The second game of the 2018 FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match took place in the InterContinental Hotel in Shanghai on 4th of May. The challenger Ju Wenjun defeated the Women`s World Champion Tan Zhongyi with Black pieces after 55 moves.

In today’s game, Tan Zhongyi played c4 on the first more, instead of her more common 1.d4, trying to surprise her opponent. Nevertheless, Ju Wenjun was prepared well and played unexpected moves in the opening. According to Tan Zhongyi, she had no idea how to play after the 2nd move and chose relatively passive 3.d3.

As a result, Tan Zhongyi didn`t get any advantage from opening with White, while Black got very comfortable play.

The mistake on the 22 move gave Ju Wenjun the opportunity to increase her advantage. Ju Wenjun won a pawn and transferred the game into the winning rook ending. Under the time pressure the challenger made a few mistakes giving chances to Tan Zhongyi to save the game but she failed to find the precise ways to keep the balance.

After 2 games the score in the match is 1,5-0,5 in favor of Ju Wenjun. After the rest day the match will continue on Sunday, the 6th of May.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

Photo Gallery

Women's World Championship Match 2018: Round 1

3:00pm 3rd May Beijing Time, 2018 FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match begins inside InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. After 5 hours long contest, the challenger Ju Wenjun and the current champion Tan Zhongyi end up with a draw in this first game.

In the opening, Tan Zhongyi chose the queen’s gambit accepted with black,that was not what Ju Wenjun was expected for. Ju Wenjun spent a lot of time on opening, whereas Tan Zhongyi did it quick and meant to maintain the complex position.

There is big time difference on the clock, however there in no obvious advantage on the board. Been a while, Tan Zhongyi was the more active side. And then the fight was concentrated in the middle of the board. After a sharp move 14...Ne5,Tan Zhongyi decided to brought the game into a fierce battle. Later in the post game conference, they had different opinion about this move, Tan Zhongyi believed that was necessary while Ju Wenjun thought that another simple move such as 14...Be5 will bring black into a better position. In their game, after some fight under time control, Ju Wenjun brought it to a Knight Pawn – Bishop Pawn ending. Continuous Pressure from Ju Wenjun during the next nearly 30 rounds, Tan Zhongyi dealt with them all. Drew is announced and ended this 63 moves first game.

Later in the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi says she was psychological prepared. Be honest, was more prefer to have the white in the first game. But accepted the challenge and did it well since already had the black. Ju Wenjun says it is not rare having a 5 hours matching. Quality is what she cares about.
Ju Wenjun and Tan Zhongyi are the same age. Being teammates fighting for honor, they are more like good friends. In the past 3 years, Ju Wenjun’s score doesn’t look as good as Tan Zhongyi’s. Ju Wenjun was asked wheather this gonna be a pressure? She says: Past results never be my concern, every match is a new beginning. Tan Zhongyi and me we know each other very well, that will make this match a brand new experience and I am excited for it.

When they were asked about the difference between classical robin tournament and this match, Tan Zhongyi said this is a challenge for her, while Ju Wenjun felt this kind of form helps players stay focused. And both of them were satisfied with today’s game and result.

3:00pm 4th May, will knock the 2nd match bell. Tan Zhongyi will play white.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

Photo Gallery


Women's World Championship Match 2018: Opening Ceremony

Women's World Championship Match 2018 between the Women`s World Champion Tan Zhongyi and the winner of FIDE Grand Prix Series Ju Wenjun will be organized from 2nd to 9th of May in Shanghai and the latter half from 11th to 20th May in Chongqing.

Challenger Ju Wenjun selected the Black queen with a white base at the opening ceremony in Shanghai and will play white in the first game against Tan Zhongyi. Players will switch colours after 4 games.

The time control for the game is: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. The winner of the ten-game match is the first player to reach 5.5 points or more. If the scores are level after the regular ten games, after a new drawing of colours, four tie-break games will be played, with 25 minutes for each player and an increment of ten seconds after each move.

If the scores are level after the four rapid games, then, after a new drawing of colours, a match of two games will be played with a time control of five minutes plus three seconds' increment after each move. In case of a level score, another two-game match will be played to determine a winner. If there is still no winner after five such matches (i.e. after ten games), one sudden-death game will be played. This involves a drawing of lots, the winner being able to choose the colour. The player with the white pieces receives five minutes, the player with the black pieces four minutes, with an increment of three seconds per move from move 61 on. In case of a draw, the player with the black pieces is declared the winner. The games will start at 3 p.m. local time.

The prize fund for this match is 200,000 Euros and will be split between the players as follows: 60% for the winner and 40% to the loser if the match ends within the 10 regular games. In case the winner is decided by tie-break games, she will receive 55% and loser 45%.

Official website: china2018.fide.com

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INTERNET based FIDE Seminar for International Organizers

Chessdom - Thu, 05/10/2018 - 08:53

The INTERNET based FIDE Seminar for International Organizers is set to take place from 18-21st June, 2018.

1. Participation: Up to 30 participants (by priority) from all Continents. Deadline for registrations is Thursday 14th June 2018

2. Schedule:

• Monday, 18th June 17:00 to 20:00 Seminar (Part 1) Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 02:00 hour
• Tuesday, 19th June 17:00 to 20:00 Seminar (Part 2) Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 02:00 hour
• Wednesday, 20th June 17:00 to 20:00 Seminar (Part 3) Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 02:00 hour

In case a participant cannot follow a live lecture the sessions will be available (with access code) and after the end of each part in video recorded mode.

• Thursday, 21th June Any time available – up to 2h Examination test

3. Seminar Topics:

• Regulations Events Commission (General Regulations, Events Regulations, Bid Procedure)
• Events’ Management
• FIDE Identity & Sponsorship guidelines
• Ratings and Titles – Tournament Conditions

4. Costs/Fees: Seminar Entry fee: 60 €.
FIDE will charge directly the National Chess Federations. In case of a direct payment by the participant please contact accounts@fide.com for more information.

5. Lecturers:

The lecturer will be IO Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou : teotsorb@gmail.com
The Technical Organizer will be IO Mikhail Prevenios: mprevenios@gmail.com

6. Language: The seminar will be held in English language

7. Online Registration: http://forms.fide.com/io/

8. International Organizers Titles Regulations

Successful Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application.
They can apply for the title before the FIDE Presidential Board scheduled in July.
IO Titles Regulations here: http://www.fide.com/fide/handbook.html?id=48&view=category

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FIDE Treasurer's Letter

FIDE - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 23:06

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Ju Wenjun leads with 3.5-1.5 after 5 games at the Women’s World Championship Match 2018

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 22:46

The 2018 FIDE Women’s World Chess Championship Match had the 5th game played on 9th May at the InterContinental Hotel Jing’an Suburb Shanghai. The challenger Ju Wenjun defeated the reigning champion Tan Zhongyi and the current score is 3.5:1.5 in favour of Ju.

This 5th game is the last game of the first half in the championship match. According to the match rule, the two sides will change the color of pieces. That means, Tan Zhongyi will still play white. For Tan Zhongyi, this is a best opportunity to catch up score after her win in the 4th. For Ju Wenjun, she cannot afford to lose the another extra point.

At today’s beginning, Tan Zhongyi played e4 in the first move, which she seldom uses. Ju Wenjun react with 1…e5 and they went to Bishop’s opening quickly. Face up to Tan Zhongyi’s new choice, she played precisely and steadily. Tan Zhongyi played one or two slow moves, which affected her initiative. Ju Wenjun grabbed the opportunity and got a better position.

After then, under a big pressures, Tan Zhongyi sacrificed a pawn to gain a pair of bishops. But soon it turned this was a big mistake for giving Ju Wenjun chance to move pieces close to King side gradually. Various threats made Tan Zhongyi unable to fight back. When getting close to the 1st time control, the white king fell into a hopeless situation. After 35 move Tan Zhongyi resigned.

In the post game conference, Tan Zhongyi said that she decided to play 1.e4 without a special preparation, She just wanted to skip over the opening and go straight to the fighting like yesterday. Ju Wenjun said the 1.e4 more or less surprised her but fortunately she knew the opening so it went good for her.

When reviewing the game, Tan Zhongyi said that 11.Re1 is not a good move, as black bishop was stuck after Ju Wenjun’s 11…h6. Ju Wenjun felt a bit of advantage after 13…e4. Apart from that, both of them believe that White 19.Ne5 was a big mistake. Tan Zhongyi gave up one pawn to gain two bishops, but practically there was not enough compensation.

When they were asked about the feeling of the first half championship match, Ju Wenjun said she is surprised for being 2 points ahead. She felt that Tan Zhongyi is not in good status, but still there is long way to go. Tan Zhongyi admitted that, and said that female chess players can feel like this, wrong rhythm can mess up the whole competition.

Tomorrow they will be moving to Chongqing, Tan wishes she will play better in the second half of the match, with a new mood, in a new status, and in her hometown.

Up to now, after the first half of the 2018 FIDE women’s world chess championship match, the challenger Ju Wenjun has 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. According to the schedule, the 6th game will be held on 3:00pm 12th May, in Chongqing.

Report and photos by: Gu Xiaobing

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Icelandic Open 2018

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 19:09

The Icelandic Open 2018 – Hermann Gunnarsson Memorial is scheduled to take place from 1-9th June at the Valsheimilið in Reykjavík.

The 10-round Swiss event is open to all players and available for FIDE title norms.

The total prize fund is 7500 EUR of which 5000 is reserved for main prizes, 1000 for Icelandic champions, 1000 for women and 500 for elo sections. The overall winner will be awarded with 2000 EUR.

Tournament director is IO Gunnar Bjornsson and chief arbiter is IA Omar Salama.

Official website

Preliminary list:

1. GM Stefansson Hannes ISL 2541
2. IM Gunnarsson Jon Viktor ISL 2472
3. GM Thorfinnsson Bragi ISL 2445
4. IM Mereddy Chakravarthy reddy IND 2443
5. GM Thorhallsson Throstur ISL 2416
6. IM Thorfinnsson Bjorn ISL 2408
7. IM Kazakovskiy Valeriy BLR 2406
8. Das Soham IND 2355
9. IM Jensson Einar Hjalti ISL 2343
10. FM Bjornsson Sigurbjorn ISL 2286
11. Ómarsson Daði ISL 2256
12. FM Sigfusson Sigurdur ISL 2252
13. Kristinsson Baldur ISL 2219
14. WGM Ptácníková Lenka ISL 2213
15. Bergsson Stefán ISL 2175
16. Jonsson Gauti Pall ISL 2074
17. Ragnarsson Johann H ISL 2000
18. Mai Aron Þór ISL 1999
19. Björnsson Eiríkur ISL 1959
20. Baldvinsson Loftur ISL 1948
21. Baldursson Haraldur ISL 1947
22. Mai Alexander Oliver ISL 1941
23. Eliasson Kristjan Orn ISL 1829
24. Opasiak Dustin POL 1773
25. Hólm Friðgeir ISL 1747
26. Ulfljotsson Jon ISL 1710
27. Apol Luitjen Akselsson FAI 1697
28. Thorarensen Aðalsteinn ISL 1691
29. Vignisson Ingvar ISL 1685
30. Heiðarsson Arnar Milutin ISL 1595
31. Norlander Svante SWE 1548
32. Halldorsson Haukur ISL 1547
33. Sigurvaldason Hjálmar Hrafn ISL 1526
34. Njarðarson Daníel Ernir ISL 1524
35. Guðmundsson Þórður ISL 1516
36. Petersen Jakob Alexander ISL 1496
37. Jonasson Hordur ISL 1494
38. Sørensen Vidar Busch NOR 1457
39. Njarðarson Arnar Ingi ISL 1392
40. Alenezi Hamad KUW 1343
41. Thorisson Benedikt ISL 1337
42. Kristbergsson Bjorgvin ISL 1063

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Yerevan International Open 2018

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 18:40

The 3rd Yerevan Open International Chess Tournament is scheduled to take place from 1-11th November at the Chess Academy of Armenia in Yerevan.

The tournament is open to all Fide rated players and the format is 9 round Swiss system.

The total prize fund is 20.000 USD. Main prizes are USD 4500 / 3000 / 2000 / 1200 / 900 / 600 / 400 / 200.
There are also special prizes for women, U2400, U2200 and U2000.

Last year winner was GM Karen H.Grigoryan.

Prices per room:
$30 per person, per day, double room, full board.
$40 per person, per day, single room, full board. This offer is limited.
Apartments for rent are also available at reasonable rates.

Accommodation conditions for players with FIDE rating 2550+ (September or October, 2018 Fide rating list). The number of players eligible for accommodation conditions is limited to 5 for each rating group.
Over 2651: Single room full board, travel expenses $300
2601-2650: Single room full board, travel expenses $200
2550-2600: Single room full board, travel expenses $100

Contact information:
Tournament director – N.Kalantaryan
Tel: +374 93 000 963
E-mail: yerevanchessfederation@yahoo.com

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FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Damascus – Results

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 18:28

A FIDE Arbiters Seminar was organized from 1-5 April 2018 in Damascus, Syria, by Syrian Chess Federation and the Syrian Olympic Commission, in cooperation with Asian Chess Association and under the auspices of FIDE.

The venue of the Seminar was the Elmohafza Club, in Damascus.

The lecturer was IA Hassan Khaled (EGY), FIDE Lecturer. The lectures were in Arabic language.

Sixty three (63) people from 2 Federations, Syria and Palestine, participated at the seminar and fifty nine (59) of them participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and will be awarded the Norm or title of the FIDE Arbiter after the approval of the next FIDE Presidential Board :

Family Name Name Sex FED FIDE ID
Akeel Mahmoud SYR 7600062
Almostafa Bashar SYR 7600232
Azam Zeno SYR 7600976
Elbaba Ezat SYR 7600534
Ali Harfoush SYR 7606656
Alsaed Hamad SYR 7600577
eliass tobal SYR 7606222
Yacob Dawod SYR 7606427
Thabet Wasouf SYR 7606869
Altobi ali SYR 7607350
Hasan Ali SYR 7606745
Al-Mahmoud Rola F SYR 7601263
El Yazji Mada F SYR 7602065
AbouEsmael Mazen. SYR 7608993
Ali Aboud SYR 7606281
Atef Alsebai SYR 7606664
Jaafar Issa . SYR 7608551
Kaadan Ayman. SYR 7609108
Kassab Sameeh SYR 7601131
Khodor Refaat. SYR 7609060
Mahfoud hamdan SYR 7607644
Mahfoud Rami. SYR 7609094
Mahmoud Hasan SYR 7602332
Rostom Osamah. SYR 7609191
Tayseer Ahmad SYR 7605579
Walid Albarnouti SYR 7606346

IA Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

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FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Sochi – Results

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 17:51

From 21 to 25 April 2018 a FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was organized in Sochi, Russia, by the Russian Chess Federation and under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer was IA Alexander Tkachev (RUS), FIDE Lecturer and Assistant lecturer was IA Vladimir Staratorzhskiy (RUS).

The language of the Seminar was Russian.

Eighty seven (87) National arbiters from four (4) federations (Russia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine) participated in the Seminar and thirty nine (39) of them took part in the examination test that was held after the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a FA Norm, after the approval of the next FIDE presidential Board:

Avdeev Alexander 4167295 RUS
Belov Evgeny 24105988 RUS
Belozerov Andrei 4120213 RUS
Bondarenko Evgenij 34149934 RUS
Burlakova Nataliya 34357114 RUS
Chemodanova Larisa 34249222 RUS
Deikina Alina 34357122 RUS
Fomin Sergey 4170741 RUS
Kapitsyn Mark 4116240 RUS
Karavaev Vladimir 4117751 RUS
Khovalyg Chechek 34357130 RUS
Khovalyg Eduard 4163664 RUS
Khromov Dmitry V. 24221295 RUS
Komogortsev Sergey 34173789 RUS
Kostrov Andrei 4108434 RUS
Legenko Sergey 4151895 RUS
Lependin Anatolij 4124014 RUS
losev Andrey 34175110 RUS
Malyshev Roman 24105325 RUS
Mokshanova Natalya 34100757 RUS
Mongush Ada 34357149 RUS
Monisov Andrey 4117972 RUS
Ovod Evgenija 4131827 RUS
Onischuk Anastasia 14104008 UKR
Pakhomov Egor 24129542 RUS
Popikov Vyacheslav 4172507 RUS
Praslov Andrey 4147863 RUS
Rausis, Igors 11600098 CZE
Samsonov Svyatoslav 24169390 RUS
Saukh Olga 34357157 RUS
Shavyrkin Ivan 24212326 RUS
Shemeakin Alexander 14101840 UKR
Sirotin Pavel 4116119 RUS
Surov Sergey 4187814 RUS
Sukhanova Aleksandra 44137818 RUS
Trubacheva Lidia 34136751 RUS
Tsvetkova Ludmila 4194730 RUS
Turebayeva Alfiya 13700286 KAZ
Udovichenko Nikolay 4139240 RUS

IA Takis Nikolopoulos
FIDE Arbiters’ Commission

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2nd Charity Chess Championship

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 13:51

Our second annual tournament will be held on Sunday, May 20, 2018. All net proceeds will be donated to Mount Sinai Hospital’s Ovarian Cancer Translational Research Laboratory, a genomic research program dedicated to uncovering the genetic basis for the early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer.
Charity Chess Championship 2nd Annual Tournament
Sunday, May 20, 2018, 8:30am-5:00pm
Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School
4 West 93rd Street (between CPW & Columbus Avenues)
New York, NY 10025

The first 50 people to register for the Quad or Simul will receive a free shared ride for up to 2 people within Manhattan to the tournament on Sunday, May 20th compliments of VIA​.

Our first tournament was held on Sunday, May 21, 2017 and raised over $20,000 for Band of Parents, a non-profit organization with the goal of funding new therapies at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for Neuroblastoma, the most common cancer in children under 2 years of age.

​Charity Chess Championship, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation inspired by 11-year old Daniel Mero as a way to combine his passion for chess with his desire to help others. The organization was formed for the charitable purpose of raising money by holding an annual chess tournament and donating all of the net profits to a charitable organization.

There will be three primary events plus a Silent Auction:


Open to adults and children. Non-Cash prizes awarded to Quads winners. Winner of highest-rated Quad wins free entry to GM Blitz tournament. Players will be paired in quads of 4, starting with 4 highest registered players based on their USCF May Ratings Supplement and continuing down. The 1st round will start at 9AM sharp! Please arrive by 8:30am, so we can begin Round 1 promptly at 9:00am.


Approximate end time 2:30pm. Byes are not permitted. All players must be registered on site before 8:30am .


Open to adults and children. Two of the top players in the US will be taking on all comers in an exhibition of their chess prowess! Do you have what it takes to upset them? Non-cash prizes awarded for wins or draws. All players must be registered on site before 10:45AM. Starts at 11:00AM sharp. Approximate end time is 1:00pm.


7 Round, Swiss 3/2 USCF BLITZ RATED

GM Marc Arnold
GM Maurice Ashley
GM Oliver Barbosa
GM Joel Benjamin
GM Anatoly Bykhovsky
GM Pascal Charbonneau
GM Max Dlugy
GM John Fedorowicz
WGM Sabina Foisor
GM Robert Hess
GM Irina Krush
GM Elshan Moradiabadi
GM Magesh Panchanathan
GM Mark Paragua
GM Arun Prasad
GM Michael Rohde
GM Alexander Stripunsky

With Special Guest IM Jay Bonin

Would you like to play in the Grandmaster Blitz tournament? We will be auctioning off several wildcard spots in our Silent Auction and a spot in our Raffle! In addition, the winner of the highest-rated Quad will receive automatic entry into the GM Blitz tournament. Those are the only ways to enter to play with the GMs in the GM Blitz tournament. The GM blitz tournament will start at 2:30pm and the format is 7-Round, Swiss-System. 3 minutes/with 2 minute increment. USCF Blitz-Rated.

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An exceptional line-up in Biel ACCENTUS Grandmaster Tournament

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 12:09

All six players of the ACCENTUS Grandmaster Tournament are now known. World Champion Magnus Carlsen will also face world number 3 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan) in Biel.

A new multi-round Fischer Random Chess Tournament will be held at the Biel Chess Festival, as well as three ACCENTUS simultaneous tournaments for 75 juniors.

The organizers of the 51st Biel International Chess Festival are delighted. After the announcement of the participation of the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen last March, the 6 participants of the ACCENTUS Grandmaster Tournament are now all known.

And the Norwegian favourite won’t have it easy! Along with the five-time winner Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France, No. 6 in the world), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, No. 3 in the world ranking) will be a serious competitor for the tournament victory.

Defending Russian champion Peter Svidler (14th in the world) will also have his say, knowing that he has often caused problems to Magnus Carlsen in the past. The Czech David Navara (24th in the world) and the 22-year-old Swiss Nico Georgiadis (Schindellegi) will complete the field.

The level of the tournament is thus comparable to the 2012 edition, although tournament director Yannick Pelletier adds: “The 51st edition will be much more prestigious due to the presence of the reigning World Champion and two other representatives of the world’s top ten”.

ACCENTUS, main partner of the Grandmaster Tournament, also supports an event for the benefit of young chess players. 75 juniors under the age of 16 will be invited to three simultaneous tournaments on the opening day of July 21. This spectacular event will attract the attention of spectators and the media on the central square in Biel.

The Organising Committee of the Festival also welcomes the new Fischer Random Chess Tournament, which will take place every morning from July 23 to 29. This variant of chess, in which the starting position of the pieces is drawn by lot, requires less theoretical knowledge and allows players of all levels to compete against each other.

The Physicians’ Tournament is being held for the fourth time this year and will take place on Sunday, 29 July.

All information about the tournaments and the participants can be found in three languages on the website of the Festival – www.bielchessfestival.ch

Definitive list of participants (Elo number according to FIDE list May 2018)
Magnus Carlsen (Norway, 27 years old), reigning World Champion and No. 1 in the world, 2843 Elo points
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan, 33 yo), No. 3, 2808
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (France, 27 yo), No. 6, 2789
Peter Svidler (Russia, 41 yo), No. 14, 2760
David Navara (Czech Republic, 33 yo), No 24, 2727
Nico Georgiadis (Switzerland, 22 yo), 2527

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Grandelius and Vidit share win at TePe Sigeman Chess Tournament

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 10:33

TePe Sigeman Chess Tournament was a 6-player round-robin tournament taking place from 4-8 May 2018 in Malmo.

Before the last round GM Nils Grandelius was leading by half point. He drew his final game, which gave the chance to GM Gujrathi Santosh Vidit to catch him, after winning his game.

replay the games here

Final standings

​1 Grandelius, Nils 3.5
Vidit, Santosh Gujrathi 3.5
3 Tari, Aryan 3
4 Gledura, Benjamin 2
Morozevich, Alexander 2
6 Johansson, Linus 1

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Summer Chess Classic – Group B

Chessdom - Wed, 05/09/2018 - 10:17

The 2018 Summer Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin tournament taking place from 15-23 May in the St. Louis Chess Club, USA. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment starting from move one. No draw offers are allowed before move 30.

The 2018 Summer Chess Classic is the second of four tournaments each year featuring international chess professionals. The Summer Chess Classic is comprised of two 10-player Round Robin tournaments. Over the course of 10 days, these competitors will battle for more than $30,000 in prize money and gain valuable experience in top-level events.

The Quarterly Strong Tournaments here at the Saint Louis Chess Club were created so strong international masters and newly minted grandmasters could participate in strong round robin tournaments in which to test their mettle against players of similar levels and to learn from these experiences. These tournaments are very rare. Generally, organizers are more interested in hosting elite events with big names such as Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So or Magnus Carlsen. Opportunities in the U.S. are rare grandmasters at the 2600 level.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

list of players

GM Dragun, Kamil 2595
GM Stukopin, Andrey 2579
GM Ramirez, Alejandro 2572
GM Belous, Vladimir 2568
GM Friedel, Joshua 2562
GM Matsenko, Sergei 2560
GM Aghasaryan, Robert 2532
GM Ali Marandi, Cemil Can 2530
WGM Abrahamyan, Tatev 2366
IM Saduakassova, Dinara 2481

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