Condigne Dutch Open 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:58

The Condigne Dutch Open is a 9-round Swiss open tournament taking place from 24 July – 2 August 2018 in Dieren, Netherlands. The first prize is €3,000. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

Round schedule

Round 1 Tuesday July 24 13.00 – 19.00
Round 2 Wednesday July 25 13.00 – 19.00
Round 3 Thursday 26 July 13.00 – 19.00
Round 4 Friday 27 July 13.00 – 19.00
Round 5 Saturday July 28 13.00 – 19.00
Rest day Sunday July 29
Round 6 Monday July 30 13.00 – 19.00
Round 7 Tuesday July 31st 13.00 – 19.00
Round 8 Wednesday 1 August 13.00 – 19.00
Round 9 Thursday August 2 12.00 – 18.00

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RGCC Open 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:39

The RGCC Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 23-29 July 2018 at the Real Grupo de Cultura Covadonga in Gijón, Spain. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Liang and Yip are winners at the U.S. Junior Championships 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 07/23/2018 - 10:17

The best U.S. junior chess players return to Saint Louis, the “nation’s Chess Capital”, this summer as the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis hosts the U.S. Junior Closed Championship from 12-21 July 2018. The event is the most prestigious chess tournament in the country for junior players under the age of 21.

Awonder Liang and Carissa Yip entered the last day only needing a draws to clinch their respective championships.

GM Awonder Liang gained a comfortable advantage from the opening against Akshat Chandra, which he used to gain a pawn and trade into an ending. The players agreed to a draw on move 30, giving Liang his second U.S. Junior Championship title in a row with 6,5 points.
Second is IM Advait Patel with 6 points and third is GM John Burke.

FM Carissa Yip drew against Jennifer Yu as the first game to finish, sealing clear 1st. Although Yu attempted to create checkmate threats against Yip’s king, Yip defended calmly and traded queens into a slightly better ending. This gave the new U.S. Girls’ Junior Champion an impressive 7 points out of 9.
Second is WGM Jennifer Yu with 6 points and third is WIM Emily Ngueng also with 6 points.

Replay the games here and here

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Bogner wins Swiss Championship 2018

Chessdom - Sun, 07/22/2018 - 15:38

The Swiss Championship was a 10-player round-robin tournament which took place from 12-20 July 2018 in Lenzerheide.
In the same place were held few other tournaments.

The winner is GM Sebastian Bogner with 7,5 points out of 9 .
Second and third with 5 points are GM Nico Georgiadis and GM Florian Jenny.

Replay the games here

Final standings

1 GM Bogner Sebastian 7½
2 GM Georgiadis Nico 5
3 GM Jenni Florian 5
4 GM Pelletier Yannick 4½
5 GM Gallagher Joseph 4½
6 IM Gähwiler Gabriel 4½
7 IM Ekstroem Roland 4
8 GM Studer Noël 4
9 IM Kurmann Oliver 3½
10 FM Bänziger Fabian 2½

Main tournament I (76 participants / 9 rounds). Final ranking after 9 rounds (top 6): 1. Henrichs 7½ (49½). 2. Stojanovic 7½ (46½). 3. Fisherman 6½ (43½). 4. Eric Sommerhalder (# 25 in the starting list) 6½ (41). 5. Cebalo 6½ (40½). 6. Klauser 6.

It remained exciting until the end at the ladies, where WIM Gundula Heinatz (Trubschachen) with a win in the last round WFM Lena Georgescu (Moosseedorf), who played a draw, could overtake by half a point. The third place goes to non-titled Kirstin Achatz (D / Riehen). Nathalie Pellicoro (Bern) becomes the third best Swiss and takes the bronze medal.
Top 6 women’s ranking
1. WIM Gundula Heinatz (Trubschachen) 6. 2. WFM Lena Georgescu 5½. 3. Kirstin Achatz (D). 4. Nathalie Pellicoro (Berne) 4½. 5. WFM Laura Stoeri (Payerne) 4. 6. Olga Kurapova (Gonzen) 3.

Top 6 ranking of the juniors
1. FM Daniel Fischer (Zurich) 6½. 2. Theo Stijve (Payerne) 6 (45½). 3. FM Davide Arcuti (Lucerne) 6 (45). 4th Noah Fecker (St. Gallen) 5½ (45). 5. Lena Georgescu (Moosseedorf) 5½ (43). 6. Dario Bischofberger (Chur) 5½ (42).

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VIII World Team Chess Championship for Blind and Visually Impaired

Chessdom - Sun, 07/22/2018 - 14:50

Year 2018 is a special one for the people with visual impairments in Bulgaria. Our country has been selected by IBCA (The International Braille Chess Association) and for the first time in our history, Bulgaria will host the World Championship for Visually Impaired Chess Players.

The World Championship for Visually Impaired Chess Players will take place between 20th and 31st July 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We rely on the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the Municipality of Sofia, the business, the media and all volunteers to support our effort in organizing and providing the event at a very high level.

The event will be a part of the programme “Sofia – European Sport Capital”.
The World Championship for Visually Impaired Chess Players will be held under the patronage of the Bulgarian Minister of the Youth and the Sport, Krassen Kralev.

Bulgaria was chosen to host the World team championship at International Association of Braille Chess’ (IBCA) congress on 25th of June 2017 where (as Ivan Yanev has shared) the meeting between minister Kralev and IBCA’s president Ludwig Beutelhoff in 2015 played a key role.

In Bulgaria’s sport history it is the first event of such level to be organized by our country for visually impaired people. A similar event (however at European level) was organized in 1983 European athletics championship for visually impaired held in Varna, Bulgaria. At that event Krassen Kralev had participated as pilot runner for Norwegian athlete that won the silver medal in 5000m. competition.

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Sitges Open 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 07/20/2018 - 12:10

The Sitges Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 22-29 July 2018 in Sitges, Spain. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

More live chessBiel ACCENTUS Grandmaster Tournament 2018/Andorra Open 2018/Czech Open 2018

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International Chess Day

FIDE - Fri, 07/20/2018 - 10:38

Congratulations to all chess lovers, professional and non-professional chess players on the International Chess Day!

This holiday was initiated by UNESCO in 1966 to commemorate the date of FIDE establishment on the 20th of July 1924 in Paris. Today FIDE includes 188 national chess federations, organizes numerous events all around the World, including World Championship Cycle and World Chess Olympiad. Millions of people of all ages love our sport and play chess regularly.

FIDE believes that all nations should be included in the international chess community. Our aim is to achieve significant growth in the number of people of all ages participating in chess events at all levels and to develop chess by increasing the level of tournament participation globally.

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Το σιμουλτανέ της Τσολακίδου στο ενετικό λιμάνι των Χανίων

Skakistiko - Fri, 07/20/2018 - 09:37

Το κορίτσι που κατάφερε να φέρει ξανά στο προσκήνιο το ελληνικό σκάκι πρωταγωνίστησε σε ένα εντυπωσιακό σκηνικό που στήθηκε προχθές στο Ενετικό Λιμάνι των Χανίων. Στο Γιαλί Τζαμισί, με φόντο τον παλιό Φάρο, έπαιξε σκάκι με 33 αντιπάλους από την Κρήτη επί σχεδόν πέντε ώρες.
Η 18χρονη Σταυρούλα Τσολακίδου από την Καβάλα, τρεις φορές παγκόσμια πρωταθλήτρια, θεωρείται η σπουδαιότερη σκακίστρια που έχει βγάλει η χώρα μας, ενώ είναι ενδεικτικό ότι έχει κατακτήσει όλους τους τίτλους της αγωνιζόμενη σε κατηγορίες μεγαλύτερες από την ηλικία της.
Το εντυπωσιακό σιμουλτανέ διοργανώθηκε από τη δραστήρια Σκακιστική Ακαδημία Χανίων – Σαμαριά και τον Δήμο Χανίων στο πλαίσιο του Διεθνούς Τουρνουά Σκακιού Παλαιόχωρας που ξεκίνησε χθες με τη συμμετοχή 230 σκακιστών από 40 χώρες.

Ομορφη εμπειρία
«Ηταν η πρώτη φορά που έπαιξα σιμουλτανέ στα Χανιά και το επίπεδο των παιδιών ήταν πολύ υψηλό. Ηταν μια όμορφη εμπειρία. Θέλω όποτε μπορώ να κάνω κάτι καλό για να προβάλω το σκάκι», λέει η Σταυρούλα Τσολακίδου στα «ΝΕΑ» και συμπληρώνει πως τα ατομικά της σχέδια περιλαμβάνουν το Παγκόσμιο Τουρνουά Σκάκι για ηλικίες κάτω των 20 τον Σεπτέμβριο και την προετοιμασία με την εθνική ομάδα σκάκι για την Ολυμπιάδα. Αξίζει να αναφερθεί ότι η Σταυρούλα έχει τον τίτλο της Woman Grand Master από το 2016, φέτος κατέκτησε επίσης τον τίτλο διεθνούς μετρ σε επίπεδο ανδρών ενώ τον Ιούνιο αποφοίτησε από το λύκειο με βαθμολογία 19,4.

«Στον αγώνα σημειώθηκε μία ισοπαλία ενώ ένας παίκτης, ο Παναγιώτης Τσαγκαράκης, σημείωσε και νίκη. Ομως τελικός νικητής ήταν το άθλημα γιατί το καταευχαριστήθηκαν όλοι», λέει στα «ΝΕΑ» ο Γιάννης Σπυριδάκης, πρόεδρος της Σκακιστικής Ακαδημίας Χανίων – Σαμαριά. «Η Σταυρούλα Τσολακίδου είναι ένα εξαιρετικό παιδί, ένας απίστευτος χαρακτήρας, προσιτή, προσγειωμένη, με ένα μόνιμο χαμόγελο που σε φέρνει πολύ κοντά της. Το επίπεδο του νομού μας είναι τόσο υψηλό που η ήττα την ευχαρίστησε. Αλλωστε όταν παίζεις με 33 παίκτες ταυτόχρονα, είναι δικαιολογημένη», συμπληρώνει.
Η Σταυρούλα Τσολακίδου τιμήθηκε με το Χρυσό Μετάλλιο της Πόλης των Χανίων και από χθες συμμετέχει στο Διεθνές Τουρνουά Παλαιόχωρας.
«Εκτός των άλλων, τέτοιες εκδηλώσεις στις τουριστικές περιοχές μπορούν να συμβάλουν σημαντικά και στον αθλητικό τουρισμό. Αυτό είναι κάτι που εμείς το προωθούμε ως σύλλογος τόσο με το Τουρνουά της Παλαιόχωρας που θα φέρει 800 άτομα για οκτώ ημέρες σε μια μικρή επαρχιακή πόλη των Χανίων όσο και με άλλες κινήσεις, όπως την φιλοξενία του πανελληνίου πρωταθλήματος», λέει ο Σπυριδάκης.

Μεγάλη επιτυχία

Το Τουρνουά της Παλαιόχωρας διοργανώνεται φέτος για 11η χρονιά με τεράστια επιτυχία. Είναι ένα από τα δύο σπουδαιότερα τουρνουά σκάκι στην Ελλάδα και πληροί τις προϋποθέσεις που θέτει η Διεθνής Σκακιστική Ομοσπονδία για να χαρακτηριστεί διεθνές. «Για να θεωρείται ένα τουρνουά διεθνές πρέπει να έχει τουλάχιστον 8 παίκτες γκραν μετρ – στην Παλαιόχωρα έχουμε 20 – πρέπει να έχει συμμετοχές από οκτώ χώρες και πάνω και εμείς έχουμε 40 χώρες. Εχουμε 230 συμμετοχές, θα διαρκέσει οκτώ ημέρες και οι αντίπαλοι είναι πολύ υψηλού επιπέδου», σημειώνει ο Σπυριδάκης.
Τα Χανιά θα βρεθούν στο επίκεντρο της παγκόσμιας σκακιστικής κοινότητας για λίγες ημέρες και όπως φαίνεται αυτό δεν συμβαίνει τυχαία. «Η Σκακιστική Ακαδημία Χανίων – Σαμαριά κερδίζει κάθε χρόνο στα νεανικά και σχολικά πρωταθλήματα το περίπου 30-50% των μεταλλίων. Τα υπόλοιπα μετάλλια μοιράζονται στους υπόλοιπους 290 συλλόγους της Ελλάδας. Επίσης, είχαμε τη δυνατότητα και συμμετέχουμε με δύο ομάδες από το φυτώριό μας στην εθνική ομάδα ενώ είμαστε τρεις συνεχόμενες φορές πρωταθλητές Ελλάδας στα ομαδικά νεανικά πρωταθλήματα. Εχουμε την τύχη να έχουμε έναν από τους κορυφαίους προπονητές σκακιού, τον Κώστα Τσαρουχά, ο οποίος είναι ο άνθρωπος που μεταμόρφωσε το σκάκι στα Χανιά και εκείνος που βρισκόταν πίσω από τις επιτυχίες μεγάλων σκακιστών πριν 20 χρόνια, όπως του Κύδωνα και της Κουβάτσου η οποία είχε βγει επίσης παγκόσμια πρωταθλήτρια», εξηγεί.

«Το σκάκι είναι ένα ευγενές άθλημα που απαιτεί σκέψη, οξύνει τον νου και εισφέρει στην σφυρηλάτηση του χαρακτήρα αλλά παράλληλα είναι και ένα άθλημα που δίνει μεγάλες διακρίσεις. Η Σταυρούλα είναι ένα καλό παράδειγμα, μας έχει κάνει γνωστούς παγκοσμίως μέσα από ένα άθλημα στο οποίο η Ελλάδα δεν έχει μεγάλη παράδοση. Χρειάζεται ταλέντο. Χρειάζεται πολλή αγάπη, είναι απαιτητικό άθλημα, αφού ένας εξάχρονος αθλητής μπορεί να κάτσει τρεις και τέσσερις ώρες να σκεφτεί τι πρέπει να κάνει για να κερδίσει τον αντίπαλό του. Φέτος είχαμε 11 μαθητές μας που έδωσαν Πανελλαδικές Εξετάσεις. Και οι 11 εισήχθησαν σε Πανεπιστήμια ενώ οι δύο μπήκαν σε Ιατρική Σχολή. Αυτό θεωρώ ότι δεν είναι τυχαίο».

Αναδημοσίευση από την εφημερίδα ΤΑ ΝΕΑ.

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Panamerican Youth Championships 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 07/20/2018 - 09:03

The Panamerican Youth Championships are 9-round Swiss tournaments taking place from 22-28 July 2018 in Santiago de Chile. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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FIDE-TRG Trainer Awards 2017

Chessdom - Thu, 07/19/2018 - 22:23

The FIDE Trainers’ Commission (TRG) is pleased to announce the tenth FIDE-TRG Trainer Awards Results for 2017. The final results were decided (voted) by the following Experts’ Panel, consisting of seven members, with reputation and knowledge in the field of training:


Experts’ Panel:
1. Nigel Freeman (Bermuda) – FIDE Executive Director (Chairman)
2. Israel Gelfer (Israel) – FIDE Vice-President
3. Kurt Jungwirth (Austria) – FIDE Honorary Vice-President
4. Adrian Mikhalchishin (Slovenia) – GM/FST * TRG Chairman
5. Jovan Petronic (Serbia) – IM/FST * TRG Councillor
6. Arshak Petrosian (Armenia) – GM/FST * TRG Councillor
7. Smbat Lputian (Armenia) – GM/FST * TRG Member

Medals / Winner 2017

Botvinnik Mikhail (Men Trainer): Xu Jun (China)
Furman Symeon (Women Trainer): Matlak Marek (Poland)
Euwe Max (Juniors Trainer): Grivas Efstratios (Greece)
Boleslavsky Isaac (Author): Sokolov Ivan (Netherlands)
Petrosian Tigran (Special Achievement): Al Taher Hisham (UA Emirates)
Razuvaev Yuri (Education Trainers): Vera Reinaldo (Cuba)

Hall of Fame:
Minev Nikolay (US America)
Yurkov Vladimir (Russia)
Pavlov Mircea (Romania)

The winner of each of the six Medal categories will receive a diploma (as well as the winners of the Hall of Fame and all the nominees of the final stage) and the trophy “The Tree of Chess”, made by the famous Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Odrehivskyj.

The 2017 Medals & Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will take place during the 2018 FIDE Congress.

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Open letters of Mr. Dvorkovich and Mr. Makropoulos

FIDE - Thu, 07/19/2018 - 19:38

Open letters of Mr. Dvorkovich and Mr. Makropoulos

FIDE has been informed of an announcement by presidential candidate Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich on 14 July concerning a supposed complaint of his to the FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee.

We have to clarify that FIDE never received any such letter neither from Mr. Dvorkovich nor from any representative of his.

Today FIDE was also informed of Mr. Georgios Makropoulos' reply to the public letter of Mr. Dvorkovich.

FIDE is publishing today both letters. Procedures by the FIDE Electoral Integrity Committee will start as soon as a complaint is delivered to FIDE officially and signed by the person filing it.

Letter of Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich

Reply of Mr. Georgios Makropoulos

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Biel Chess Festival 2018

Chessdom - Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:34

The traditional Biel Chess Festival will be held from July 23 – August 1, 2018.

It will be 9 rounds Swiss system. Time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

Around 140 players are expected. The top players are GM Pavel Eljanov, GM Dmitry Gordievsky, GM Eduardo Iturrizaga, GM Saleh Salem etc…

Prizes CHF 1’200, 1’000, 800, 600, 500, 2×400, 3×300, 5×200, 5×100. Best women players, best seniors (1958-), best juniors (1998+): each CHF 200, 100, best children (2002+): CHF 150, 50. Best players with Elo <1800 and <1700: CHF 400, 300, 200, 2x100. Total prize fund: CHF 10'600.
New: Prizes in kind gifted by Auberson&Fils, La Neuveville, to the three top ranked teams.
Final standings will be established according to number of points scored, truncated Buchholz and truncated Sum of Buchholz. The worst score in each case will be disregarded. Prizes will be shared upon the final ranking (“Hort System” won’t be used).

Additional events-
ATO: Team Competition
For participants of the ATO: This year team prizes will be awarded. If you are already registered for the General Tournament and would like to form a team, you can do so by e-mail (info@bielchessfestival.ch). Please indicate the three team members and the desired team name. Participation in this team competition has no affect on the registration fee.

ACCENTUS Youth Simul
If you're 16 years old or younger and would like to participate in the ACCENTUS Youth Simul (July 21, 2018, 1.30 p.m.) please contact us by e-mail at info@bielchessfestival.ch. Participation is free, each participant receives a gift.

Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Andorra Open 2018

Chessdom - Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:15

The Andorra Open, a traditional tournament in the heart of the Pyrenees, is celebrating its 36th edition from 21-29 July 2018. The 9-round Swiss tournament boosts a prize fund of 10,000 euros, with 2,100 for the winner. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves then 30 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1.

The venue is the Panorama Hotel located in Escaldes-Engordany.
Parallel activities will take place along with the main tournament, blitz tournaments, visit to Caldea or Inuu, football matches and discounts in restaurants for all those who are interested. 136 players are expected to take part.

Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Mokshanov Wins Lev Polugaevsky Memorial

Chessdom - Thu, 07/19/2018 - 13:03

The Lev Polugaevsky Memorial was a 9-round Swiss tournament which took place in Samara, Russia from July 10-18, 2018.
The event is part of the Russia Cup series.

The winner is IM Alexey Mokshanov who scored 7.5 points out of 9. GM Evgeny Shaposhnikov (2nd place), IM Andrey Drygalov (3rd place), IM Vitaly Shinkevich (4th place), FM Yaroslav Remizov (5th place), and GM Maxim Lugovskoy (6th place) are half a point behind.

Replay the games here

Final standings

1 Мокшанов Алексей 7,5
2 Шапошников Евгений 7
3 Дрыгалов Андрей 7
4 Шинкевич Виталий 7
5 Ремизов Ярослав 7
6 Луговской Максим 7
7 Бурмакин Владимир 6,5
8 Матинян Никита 6,5
9 Гайфуллин Артур 6,5
10 Фрольянов Дмитрий 6,5
11 Сидоров Анатолий 6
12 Скачков Валерий 6
13 Федоров Алексей 6
14 Постников Даниил 6
15 Габриелян Артур 6
16 Величко Арсений 6
17 Копылов Александр 6
18 Дубинин Александр 5,5
19 Карпенко Артем 5,5
20 Погорельских Сергей 5,5
21 Илюшин Алексей 5,5
22 Фахрутдинов Тимур 5,5
23 Сальман Павел 5,5
24 Кузьмин Егор 5,5
25 Мухин Александр 5,5
26 Кавыев Руслан 5,5
27 Уфимцев Егор 5,5
28 Палин Денис 5,5
29 Маркелова Любовь 5,5
30 Аухатов Роман 5,5
31 Кулаев Максим 5
32 Демянюк Александр 5
33 Цыбиков Тумэн 5
34 Гительсон Аркадий 5
35 Муромцев Артур 5
36 Бойко Игорь 5
37 Тугарин Антон 5
38 Карпешов Олег 5
39 Суворов Александр 5
40 Тюрин Илья 5
41 Лажевская Жанна 5
42 Гуткович Полина 5
43 Корчагина Алена 5
44 Ерохова Виолетта 5
45 Сергеев Дмитрий 5
46 Фахретдинов Ринат 5
47 Косырев Никита 5
48 Котляр Кирилл 4,5
49 Тяпкин Петр 4,5
50 Карпешов Дмитрий 4,5
51 Волович Василий 4,5
52 Горовенко Дарья 4,5
53 Вдовин Максим 4,5
54 Тюрин Артём 4,5
55 Дмитриев Игорь 4,5
56 Погорельских Софья 4,5
57 Манелюк Даниил 4,5
58 Юдин Сергей 4,5
59 Чекмарева Лия 4,5
60 Филиппова Дарья 4,5
61 Разумовский Михаил 4,5
62 Будникова Варвара 4,5
63 Савельев Иван 4,5
64 Ковалева Екатерина 4,5
65 Трифонов Ярослав 4,5
66 Братчиков Владислав 4
67 Натачеев Петр 4
68 Саломатин Антон 4
69 Савин Александр 4
70 Грунина Маргарита 4
71 Петровский Никита 4
72 Мочалин Фаддей 4
73 Корольков Александр 4
74 Ефимов Леонид 4
75 Скоморохина Екатеринаа 4
76 Бунин Серафим 3,5
77 Моргачев Сергей 3,5
78 Леухин Артем 3,5
79 Бобров Виталий 3,5
80 Соколов Антон 3,5
81 Фролова Дарья 3,5
82 Чертовских Егор 3,5
83 Севостьянов Виктор 3,5
84 Зеленская Анастасия 3,5
85 Абдилдаева Лаура 3,5
86 Толстых Арина 3,5
87 Игнатьев Алексей 3,5
Засыпалова Вера 3,5
89 Мхитарян Карен 3,5
90 Елистратов Семен 3
91 Подгорнова Анна 3
92 Шендрик Жанна 3
93 Строганова Карина 3
94 Саклетин Василий 3
95 Хачатурян Эмиль 3
96 Муканов Ислам 3
97 Яшин Владимир 2,5
98 Макаров Александр 2,5
99 Максин Владимир 2,5
100 Макаров Никита 2,5
101 Кузнецов Владимир 2,5
102 Ривкинд Борис 2,5
103 Макарова Дарья 2
104 Румянцев Николай 2
105 Кимаковский Александр 2
106 Абдрахманов Дастан 2
107 Толстых Дмитрий 1,5
108 Кимаковский Дмитрий 1,5

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Federations cannot be excluded from elections due to debts

FIDE - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 16:37

Federations cannot be excluded from elections due to debts

FIDE has received a letter from the President of Russian Chess Federation and FIDE Vice President, Andrey Filatov, who steps into the false assumption that each federation debt "must be covered before July 23 - or the respective federation won't be allowed to participate in FIDE Olympiad and FIDE President elections in Batumi".

FIDE Treasurer, Prof. Dr. Adrian Siegel explains in his answer that no federation can be excluded from the General Assembly and the election due to debts towards FIDE. Moreover he states addressed to RCF that "such an intention is against our Statutes and Regulations and I would personally fight against such a request".

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Chinese Individual Championships Group B 2018

Chessdom - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:30

Chinese Individual Championships Group B is 11 rounds swiss and will be held from July 18-23 in Jiangmen. Three players will qualify for next year 2019 championship.
This tournament is part of the busy summer in China just after 2018 Chinese League Division B in which: Wei Yi, Bacrot, Naiditsch, M Muzychuk represent Jiangsu and Chongqing Kowloon and qualify for Division A next year.
Next big event is going to be The 9th Hainan Danzhou GrandMaster Chess Tournament.
After this in august Ding Liren will meet Veselin Topalov

240 players are taking part in the open group:

Players list

1 Dai Changren
2 Peng Xiongjian
3 Xiang Zeyu
4 Chen Qi B
5 Zou Chen
6 Zhang Ziji
7 Zhu Yi
8 Lin Yi
9 Chen Fan
10 Li Bo
11 Zhao Yuanhe
12 Pang Tao
13 Wang Shixu B
14 Nie Xinyang
15 Huang Renjie
16 Xu Hanbing
17 Peng Hongchi
18 Zhao Chenxi
19 Li Zhenyu
20 Zhu Yilun
21 Shen Shiyan
22 Wu Xibin
23 Wang Yanbin
24 Ma Lin
25 Li Wenxiang
26 Li Haoyu B.
27 Li Zhichao
28 Zhang Shengyun
29 Xi Qi
30 Hu Zehua
31 Liu Zhaoqi
32 Cai Lin
33 Lin Peisen
34 Wang Xinyuan
35 Lin Jinyu
36 Sun Chao
37 Zhang Yifan(A)
38 Sun Yidi
39 Du Chunhui
40 Zhu Hengyi
41 Gao Mingze
42 Li Yuanxing
43 Liu Zexu
44 Hu Zhiheng
45 Xiao Ziwen
46 Xu Junwei
47 Cai Yuhao
48 Xian Junhao
49 He Yichen
50 Chen Kailin
51 Han Junyang
52 Zhou Yibo
53 Jiang Qinyu
54 Li Guohao
55 Liu Kaiyi
56 Li Zekai
57 Zhou Hao
58 Yang Bokai
59 Jiang Zhihan
60 Gu Jiazhen
61 Lu Juncheng
62 Ruan Zhicheng
63 Zhong Kangmin
64 Wang Zijian
65 Hou Yifan B
66 Cui Tao
67 Liu Chuan
68 Liu Yishi
69 Chen Yuan
70 Hong Yilin
71 Luanchen Yuantai
72 Lin Haotian
73 Wang Zihao
74 Wang Zifan
75 Xie Kaifan
76 Wu Wenda
77 Liang Chenchen
78 Zhou Runyi
79 Jing Wenhang
80 Mi Tenglong
81 Jin Yueheng
82 Liu Jiasen
83 Chen Mingze
84 Yang Yifei
85 Ma Binhe
86 Chen Kaiwen
87 Bai Changlin
88 Huang Haopeng
89 Wang Yifan
90 Chen Ruopeng
91 Lu Kaiyan
92 Huang Maorui
93 Chen Zhanyan
94 Chen Hongsen
95 Li Shanglin
96 Yang Yifan
97 Chen Zhi
98 Jiang Qiyu
99 Zou Junqing
100 Zhang Xianlu
101 Gao Yuheng
102 Yan Jin
103 Xiong Youcheng
104 Zuo Linxuan
105 Cai Yang
106 Wan Minghan
107 Wu Ziyang
108 Chen Kaihao
109 Sun Pengxiang
110 Kadeliding Alimujiang
111 Wang Bowen(Chn)
112 Zhang Siqi
113 Li Yihao
114 Zhou Yikuan
115 Gu Xianghan
116 Wang Yang
117 Zhang Qiyu
118 Chen Yuan
119 Shao Ziyang
120 Zhang Keyu
121 Ren Xiang
122 Wang Yuxuan
123 Huang Yuhang
124 Tong Zhiyao
125 Song Linxuan
126 Wang Puxuan
127 Liang Jingcheng
128 Zhou Ziyu
129 Ai Zhuoxuan
130 Bai Zhenshi
131 Cai Minghan
132 Cao Chenrui
133 Cao Qingfeng
134 Chen Feng
135 Chen Tianyang
136 Chen Weixi
137 Chen Yourui
138 Chen Yu
139 Chen Yuchen
140 Chen Yutong
141 Chen lvheng
142 Cui Yige
143 Deng Junjie
144 Dong Hengzhi
145 Dong Hongfu
146 Du Xinqi
147 Fang Jiadong
148 Feng Jiayi
149 Geng Tiankai
150 Guo Huangkun
151 Guo Youlin
152 Han Juncheng
153 He Boqiang
154 Hu Delu
155 Huang Jiayao
156 Huang Yihong
157 Huang Zhuyao
158 Jiang Mingrong
159 Jiang Zheng
160 Kuerban Kureyishen
161 Lang Yifan
162 Lei Yunbao
163 Li Chenglin
164 Li Chengzhang
165 Li Shulong
166 Li Yixuan
167 Li Ziang
168 Liao Yanbo
169 Liao jinxin
170 Lin Jiayu
171 Lin Juncheng
172 Liu Bolei
173 Liu Haoyu
174 Liu Xiye
175 Liu Yitian
176 Long Junze
177 Lu Di
178 Lu Taiyu
179 Lu Tingyu
180 Luo zifei
181 Ma he
182 Pan Qirui
183 Peng Junzhe
184 Qin Chonghui
185 Qin Xinzhe
186 Rao Liteng
187 Ren Jiashuo
188 Ruan Bairan
189 Shan Yinghan
190 Shao Ziyang B
191 Shen Fuwen
192 Su Youning
193 Sun Jiajun B
194 Sun Tingzhou
195 Sun Zhou
196 Tang Keran
197 Tang Runnan
198 Tian Yuxiang
199 Wang Bangcheng
200 Wang Bingnan
201 Wang Jintao
202 Wang Xiaozhi
203 Wang Zhaoxu
204 Wang Zicheng
205 Wei Haoyan
206 Wei Xiaoyang
207 Wen Kaidi
208 Wu Hongsen
209 Xiao Jiarun
210 Xiao Jiewen
211 Xie Linye
212 Xiong Kangneng
213 Xu Changhao
214 Xu Nuo
215 Xu Yingming
216 Xue Yujun
217 Yan Linhao
218 Yan Xile
219 Yang Guang
220 Yang Hengbin
221 Yang Jincheng
222 Yang Ming
223 Yang Zixiao
224 Yu Guoxi
225 Yu Jingrui
226 Yu Yanming
227 Zeng Changlin
228 Zeng Zhili
229 Zhang Haoxiang
230 Zhang Lehan B
231 Zhang Xiaowe
232 Zhang Yinzhe
233 Zhao Junyi
234 Zhao Runzhe
235 Zhao Zixuan
236 Zhou Haotian
237 Zhou Xin
238 Zhou Xinbo
239 Zhou Yishu
240 Zhou Zhilong

In the women group 98 players are taking part.

Players list

1 Ning Kaiyu
2 Zhang Lanlin
3 Li Xueyi
4 Song Yuxin
5 Yuan Ye
6 Tian Tian
7 Li Yunshan
8 Du Yuxin
9 Yang Yijing
10 Zhao Shengxin
11 Yan Tianqi
12 Zhou Zirun
13 Hu Yi
14 Li Xinyu
15 Hong Xing
16 Bai Xue
17 Xu Yuze
18 Jiang Zhaoyi
19 Hu Yu A.
20 Huang Mofei
21 Zhang Xiao
22 Wan Qian
23 Wen Yili
24 Dong Nanxi
25 Wang Xiaoyan
26 Guo Weibao
27 Chen Yiru
28 Cai Youyang
29 Liu Youyin
30 Jiang Tiantian
31 Zhou Shujun
32 Wang Xuwen
33 Gao Hanxue
34 Gong Yibin
35 Dong Jingyan
36 Zou Xinyi
37 Wei Yaqing
38 Peng Xinbei
39 Qian Chuheng
40 Sun Chen
41 Zheng Xiner
42 Dai Jiaying
43 Mu Chenchen
44 Chen Hongbei
45 Lu Miaoyi
46 Li Mingjing
47 Ha Yihan
48 Ding Shirui
49 Long Siyu
50 Qian Ruiying
51 Xiong Yinian
52 Zhai Pinran
53 Li Lewei
54 Feng Jiahe
55 Cai Jinru
56 Shu Xinyue
57 Chen Yumeng
58 Ou Ruxi
59 Zhou Enming
60 Long Aoxue
61 Liu Jingxian
62 Zhou Shumeng
63 Liu Yuxuan
64 Qi Lixi
65 Gu Zihan
66 Zhuo Zhihan
67 Chen Lingyue
68 Chen Xin
69 Chen Yuetong
70 Chen Yunqi
71 Chu Yating
72 Cui Wen
73 Deng Yingjia
74 Fu Ruoyu
75 Guan Xiran
76 Guo Zijia
77 He Xuanyue
78 Li Dongxia
79 Li Shutong
80 Li Siyao
81 Li Yixi
82 Li Zimeng
83 Liao Yingzhu
84 Liao Yizhe
85 Luo Xinyun
86 Meng Wei
87 Pu Li
88 Wang Yifei
89 Wu Shuang
90 Xu Zixuan
91 Yang Chenye
92 Yin Tingwen
93 Yuan Rui
94 Zhang Chujing
95 Zhang Yijun
96 Zhao Caidi
97 Zhao Yuetong
98 Zhou Zimo

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Ding Liren will play against Topalov in Wenzhou

Chessdom - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:14

Since the accidental fall in Norway on May 31, the Chinese number one and the World Cup runner-up Ding Liren temporarily stopped the international chess with the rating of 2800 points. The doctor recommended a recovery time between 3 to 6 months, for which he had to give up a series of competitions such as the Ningbo TV Fast Game, the Czech Navarre Match and the National National League.

Recently, Ding Liren, who is recovering his body in Wenzhou’s home, revealed his current situation through an online interview.

“Be patient, hold on for a while.” Ding Liren’s sentence is like saying to himself, but behind the words is full of resentment. “I didn’t realize it when I was in the next game, but after a period of rest, I am more eager to participate in the competition.”

For players like Ding Liren who love to play chess and are in the critical upswing of their careers, it is a bit tormented to be unable to participate in the competition for several months. In order not to let him fall into the root of the disease, Ding Liren’s family and the coach of the Zhejiang team hope that he can rest for a while. After all, the bones hurt for a hundred days, and the bone injury needs a long recovery period. However, he himself is already “free”.

Ding Liren revealed that he is going to return for the match against Topalov in his hometown of Wenzhou from August 10th to 14th, and he also has confirmed that he will represent the national team to participate in the chess Olympics held in Batumi, Georgia in September.

Ding Liren maintained a record of 78 consecutive undefeated games in the game before the injury. The last time in the slow game, the game went back to August last year. With such an impressive record, Ding Liren’s grade points rose to 2797 points, approaching the 2,800 mark.

But when talking about how he thinks about the grade points, Ding Liren said: “The impact of 2800 points on me is not so big. Maybe I have been too shy to talk about my ambitions, or I don’t particularly care about this rating.

The 25-year-old Ding Liren did not like to set goals for himself, but he made up his mind to continue to take the road of chess. Many of the friends in the previous circle chose to retire and found another way, but he still firmly pursued his dream. “Always participate in high-level competitions, so that the level can be stabilized at a high level, and the results may come naturally.”

Chatting from football to the National League

As a sportsman, the World Cup is a game that Ding Li will not miss. He laughed and said that he was a fake fan: “The original support was for Italy, and later briefly supported Argentina, now it is purely ‘eat melons’.”

Speaking of the league, Ding Liren talked: “The Chess League is a football league. The football league is well developed because there are many football fans. Every weekend the fans watch the ball and support their favorite team. This is for them. It’s like a habit. The meaning of the existence of a chess league may be the same. Although there are still so many fans concerned, I think its existence is to give chess fans a look and thoughts.”

The third leg of the National Chess League has just ended in Jiaxing. Ding Liren, although unable to personally go into battle, is still eager to pay attention to the progress of the game. Under the leadership of Ding Liren, the Zhejiang team is very aggressive in the league this year. Although it is temporarily impossible to go to the scene, Ding Liren will still encourage the players in the WeChat group of the Zhejiang team, and also assist the coach to lead the formation.

Let us hope that Ding Liren will recover soon and come out again to bring more breakthroughs and excitement to Chinese chess!

report from http://www.qipai.org.cn/news-68356.html

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The 9th Hainan Danzhou GrandMaster Chess Tournament

Chessdom - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 11:49

Тhe 9th Hainan Danzhou GrandMaster Chess Tournament in Hainan, China will take place from July 26 to August 4 in Danzhou, a western city in China’s Hainan province. It will be held at the China Chess Association Hainan Zhangzhou Training Base.

A total of eight chess players will compete in the tournament, including China’s GMs Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi and Bu Xiangzhi, Russia’s Vladimir Fedoseev, Vietnam’s Le Quang Liem, America’s Samuel Shankland, Poland’s Jan-Krzysztof Duda and India’s Vidit Santosh Gujrathi.

Last year between July 8th and July 19th, 2017, the “Hai Ma Fumeilai Cup” was held in Hainan·Zhangzhou Guangcun Cigar Style Town Center Square. There were 5 GM from China, including Wei Wei, Ding Liren, Wang Wei, Yu Wei and Lu Shanglei, as well as five GM from abroad including Li Guanglian, Naiditch, Ivanchuk, Ponomariov and Malakhhov. Wei Wei from China won the championship.

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Nikita Vitiugov wins blitz match against Hou Yifan.

Chessdom - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 11:23

Russia-China Junior Match of Friendship was held at the Siberia Sanatorium (Altai Krai, Belokurikha) from July 14th till July 18th.

The competition included:

• A match between junior teams of Russia and China. Each team consists of 8 chess players (including at least 2 girls) born in 2004 or later.
Time control was 15 minutes per game plus 10 seconds per move.

On July 16th, the final four rounds of a traditional Match of Friendship between the youth teams of Russia and China (Scheveningen system, time control – 5 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 10 seconds per each move) were played in the famous Altai resort Belokurikha. The Russian schoolchildren won 5:3, 6:2, 6.5:1.5, and 5.5:2.5. The total score is 45.5-18.5 in favour of the Russian team.

Stefan Pogosyan showed the best result of all – 7.5 points out of 8. Volodar Murzin and Grigori Ponomarev scored 7 points each.
Team Russia won with 45,5-18,5.

• A grandmasters’ match between former Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan (China) and Russian Vice-Champion Nikita Vitiugov.
On the first day four 15+10 rapid games were played, followed by 10 blitz games on the second day.
Vitiugov won both rapid with 2,5-1,5 and blitz games 3+2 with 6,5 -3-5. The total score was 9-5.

On July 17 Nikita Vitiugov, Hou Yifan and Mikhail Kobalia will play simultaneous exhibitions.

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Xtracon Open 2018

Chessdom - Wed, 07/18/2018 - 10:12

The Xtracon Open is a huge 10-round tournament taking place in Elsinore, Denmark from 21-29 July 2018. It was previously known as the Politiken Cup before acquiring its new Danish IT company sponsor. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves then 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1.
Playing venue:
Konventum Helsingør, Gl. Hellebækvej 70, 3000 Helsingør (Elsinore), Denmark

Opening ceremony: Saturday 21th July at 1 pm.
Round 1: Saturday 21th July at 2 pm.
Round 2-3: Sunday 22th July at 10 am and 5 pm.
Round 4-9: Monday 23th July to Saturday 28th July at 1 pm.
Round 10: Sunday 29th July at 10 am.
Prize ceremony at 4.30 pm.

Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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