FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Championships 2017

FIDE - Mon, 10/30/2017 - 10:39

FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Championships 2017

The 1st FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships for Boys and Girls U14, U16, U18 have started in Creta Maris, Hersonissos, Greece.

The Rapid Championship will have 9 rounds with time control 10'+5", to be completed on 28-29th October. 69 players from 20 federations take part in this event.

The Blitz Championship will be held on 30th October over 9 rounds of Swiss system with the time control 5'+2".

Prizes for Players of each of the 6 Playing Groups (Open and girls):
1) Title of World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
2) Title of Vice World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
3) Cup + Bronze medal

The results are available on the official website

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European Team Chess Championship – Round 2

Chessdom - Mon, 10/30/2017 - 10:33

The second round of the European Team Chess Championship was played today in Creta Maris resort in Greece. All the top players who sat out from the opening round have entered the arena.

Among the top tables in the Open section the most effective was Hungary defeating the neighboring Romania by 3,5-0,5.

Other decisive matches were finished by narrow margin 2,5-1,5. Defending champion Russia defeated Belarus thanks to reigning European individual champion Maxim Matlakov. Netherlands beat the higher rated Ukraine thanks to Anish Giri’s effort on the top board. Ivan Saric brought the match points to Croatia in the clash against Serbia.

Armenia, with Levon Aronian taking the top board, defeated the hosts Greece, while Czech Republic won against Georgia. Sabino Brunello was the architect of another success for Italy, this time against Turkey.

Top round 3 pairings are Hungary – Netherlands, Czech Republic – Russia, Croatia – Armenia and Italy – Germany.

Several crushing victories were recorded in the Women’s section. Israel beat Italy 3,5-0,5, Georgia defeated France by the same score, as well as Spain celebrating against the higher rated Romania.

Ukraine and Poland walked past by Armenia and Germany, respectively, scoring 3-1 each.

Russia got 2,5-1,5 against Czech Republic, as well as Hungary versus Azerbaijan and Turkey against Netherlands.

Top round 3 pairings are Poland – Israel, Georgia – Hungary, Turkey – Spain and Russia – Ukraine.

More information in the relevant sections of the official website.

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Το μυστήριο του Κιμ

Skakistiko - Sun, 10/29/2017 - 13:42

Η μόνη γνωστή φωτογραφία του Κιμ είναι αυτή, η ωραιότατη.

Στη σελίδα 18 του A Book of Chess, του Κόνελ Αλεξάντερ (Λονδίνο 1973), διαβάζουμε :

“Πριν 15 με 20 χρόνια δημοσίευσα μια μαρτυρία για έναν μικρό Κορεάτη, τον Έρνεστ Κιμ. Ένας ταξιδιώτης  έγραφε ότι φτάνοντας στη Χρυσή Οδό της Σαμαρκάνδης, διανυκτέρευσε μια φορά στην Τασκένδη. Ήθελε να παίξει λίγο σκάκι και οι ντόπιοι του πρότειναν να παίξει με τον “πρωταθλητή τους”, παρουσιάζοντάς του ένα λιλιπούτειο τετράχρονο αγόρι, τον Κιμ. Τώρα ο Κιμ πρέπει να είναι περίπου 20 χρονών, αλλά ποτέ δεν ξανάκουσα κάτι για αυτόν”.

Ο συγγραφέας προφανώς μπερδεύεται από τα ασιατικά χαρακτηριστικά του Κιμ αλλά και από το τυπικό κορεάτικο όνομα, και τον βαφτίζει Κορεάτη, ενώ πρόκειται για Ουζμπέκο.

Στα γραπτά του Κόνελ Αλεξάντερ υπάρχει και άλλη αναφορά στον Κιμ:

“Εμφανίστηκε ένα παιδί θαύμα που κάνει τον Μπόμπι Φίσερ να φαίνεται γέροντας. Ο Έρνεστ Κιμ σε ηλικία 5 ετών κέρδισε το πρωτάθλημα Τασκένδης. Ωστόσο δεν έχει φτάσει σκακιστικά σε επίπεδο μετρ” (Sunday Times, 15 Φεβρουαρίου 1959).

Μια ακόμη αναφορά στον Κιμ υπάρχει στο τεύχος Ιανουαρίου 1959 περιοδικού Chess, όπου σημειώνεται η είδηση πως ο πεντάχρονος Κιμ κέρδισε το πρωτάθλημα της γενέτειράς του, της Τασκένδης. “Και δεν είναι συνηθισμένη επιτυχία διότι στην Κεντρική Ασία παίζουν πολύ καλό σκάκι!”

Οι New York Times, τον Μάιο του 1958, γράφουν πως ο Μποτβίνικ εκτίμησε πως ο Κιμ έχει εξαιρετικό ταλέντο, και το μικρό άρθρο συμπληρώνεται με δήλωση του Φίσερ: “Αν ο Μποτβίνικ λέει πως ο Κιμ είναι καλός, πιστέψτε τον”.

Τα ίχνη του Κιμ κάπου εκεί χάνονται, για να γίνει και πάλι αναφορά στον Κιμ στο φύλλο της 8ης Ιανουαρίου του 1960 των NY Times, σε άρθρο για το πως οι Σοβιετικοί προωθούν τα παιδιά θαύματα στο σκάκι:

Κάποιες βάσεις παρτίδων περιλαμβάνουν μια ισοπαλία μεταξύ του Κότοβ και του Κιμ, η οποία υποτίθεται πως παίχτηκε το 1953, γεγονός που δεν θα ισχύει, μιας και το 1953 είναι μάλλον το έτος γέννησης του Κιμ. Στο σάιτ της FIDE, υπάρχει καταχώριση για Έρνεστ Κιμ στον πίνακα με τους παίκτες κάθε ομοσπονδίας, και τον δίνει γεννημένο το 1945.

Τα στοιχεία προέρχονται από ανάρτηση του Edward Winter, στο Chess History

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FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Championships 2017

Chessdom - Sat, 10/28/2017 - 18:31

The 1st FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships for Boys and Girls U14, U16, U18 have started in Creta Maris, Hersonissos, Greece.

The Rapid Championship will have 9 rounds with time control 10′+5″, to be completed on 28-29th October. 69 players from 20 federations take part in this event.

The Blitz Championship will be held on 30th October over 9 rounds of Swiss system with the time control 5′+2″.

Prizes for Players of each of the 6 Playing Groups (Open and girls):
1) Title of World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
2) Title of Vice World Champion for respective event + Cup + Medal
3) Cup + Bronze medal

The results are available on the official website

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Opening Ceremony of European Team Chess Championship

Chessdom - Sat, 10/28/2017 - 13:29

The 2017 European Team Chess Championship was declared open in a ceremony that took place on 27th October in Creta Maris resort in Hersonissos, Crete, Greece.

After hearing the anthems of Greece and European Chess Union, the first speaker was Mr.Ioannis Mastorakis, mayor of Hersonissos, who welcomed the players and guests and wished them pleasant stay in Crete.

Next followed the video presentations of Crete and the organizational team, and the performance of the local traditional dancing group.

Further speeches were given by Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Secretary General of ECU, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of ECU, and Mr. Evripidis Koukiadakis, Vice Governor of Crete.

Chief arbiter Takis Nikolopoulos performed the drawing of lost. Russian teams, top seeded in both Open and Women’s sections, will start their round 1 matches with white pieces on top boards.

Zurab Azmaiparashvili

Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou

After the opening ceremony, the same hall hosted the technical meeting with teams’ captains. The meeting was run by the Chief Arbiter Takis Nikolopoulos, ECU General Secretary Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, Tournament Director Nikos Kalesis and Pairings Officer Sotiris Logothetis.

The most important aspects of the proper tournament handling were discussed:
- submition of team changes
- default time set to 15 minutes
- no draw offers before 30th move
- strict observance of the ECU dress code

Technical meeting

The next round pairings are to be published at most one hour after the end of the last game.

40 teams will compete in Open section and 32 teams in Women’s section. Top seeds in both sections are the teams from Russia who will try to defend their titles as European Team Champions from 2015.

Total number of players is 198 in Open section, among whom are 138 Grandmasters and 35 IMs, which is making the event one of the strongest ever! 158 players will play in Women’s section, among whom are 138 International title holders- 13 GMs, 33 WGMs, 31 IMs and 24 WIMs.

The live broadcast of the games, together with live commentary by GM Jan Gustafsson and WIM Fiona Steil Antoni, can be followed through the official website of the event or through the ECU website, section LIVE.

The total prize fund of event is 20.000 EUR.

More information in the relevant sections of the official website and the Facebook page of the event.

Photos by Stefana Milutinovic

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Διαγενεακοί σκακιστικοί αγώνες στο Χαλάνδρι

Skakistiko - Fri, 10/27/2017 - 12:21

Ο Σκακιστικός Όμιλος Χαλανδρίου (ΣΟΧ) διοργανώνει για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα διαγενεακούς αγώνες σκακιού, σε συνεργασία με το Δήμο Χαλανδρίου και με την υποστήριξη του Κοινωφελούς Ιδρύματος TIMA.

Με γνώμονα την διάδοση του σκακιού στο Δήμο Χαλανδρίου, και σε συνέχεια μίας προσπάθειας κοινωνικού χαρακτήρα που ξεκίνησε από τον περασμένο Απρίλιο, υπήρξε επαφή με τα ΚΑΠΗ της περιοχής Χαλανδρίου προκειμένου να οργανωθούν διαγενεακοί αγώνες επίδειξης ανάμεσα σε ηλικιωμένους από τα ΚΑΠΗ και σε νεαρούς σκακιστές του ΣΟΧ.

Μετά από προπονήσεις στα ΚΑΠΗ της περιοχής Χαλανδρίου από προπονητές του ΣΟΧ, και τις παράλληλες δράσεις όπως, η διανομή φυλλαδίων στα ΚΑΠΗ για τα οφέλη που προσφέρει η ενασχόληση με το σκάκι (για παράδειγμα βοηθά στην πρόληψη κατά του Αλτσχάιμερ), ο ΣΟΧ διοργανώνει διαγενεακούς αγώνες σκακιού στο Χαλάνδρι.

Το Σάββατο 4 Νοεμβρίου 2017, «νεαροί» σκακιστές από τα ΚΑΠΗ Χαλανδρίου θα αντιμετωπίσουν νεαρότερους αθλητές από τον Σκακιστικό Όμιλο Χαλανδρίου. Οι αγώνες θα γίνουν στο Πνευματικό κέντρο του Ι. Ν. Αγ. Νικολάου στην κεντρική πλατεία του Χαλανδρίου, στις 11.00 το πρωί. Πληροφορίες περισσότερες αν χρειαστούν στην ιστοσελίδα του ΣΟΧ και στο τηλ. 210-6846693

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Amendments to the Laws of Chess 2017

FIDE - Wed, 10/25/2017 - 14:23

During the 88th FIDE Congress in Goynuk, Antalya, Turkey the amendments to the Laws of Chess 2017 have been approved by FIDE Executive Board (decision EB-2017/26 - to approve the proposed changes to the Laws of Chess).

It means, that the same regulations regarding an illegal move for standard, rapid and blitz games are valid from 1 January 2018.

For the details of amendments, see below:



For the full version of the FIDE Laws of Chess 2018, valid from 1 January 2018, see below:


Laws_of_Chess_2018_-_full_approved_-_correction highlighted_version.pdf
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Ευρωπαϊκό Πρωτάθλημα Εθνικών Ομάδων 2017 – Χερσόνησος Κρήτης (ανάρτηση 1)

Skakistiko - Tue, 10/24/2017 - 10:59

Τo Σάββατο 28 Οκτωβρίου αρχίζει στη Χερσόνησο Ηρακλείου Κρήτης το Ευρωπαϊκό Πρωτάθλημα Εθνικών Ομάδων 2017 – στις 27 Οκτωβρίου είναι η τελετή έναρξης. Το πρωτάθλημα θα ολοκληρωθεί το βράδυ της 6ης Νοεμβρίου.

Πρόκειται για την ισχυρότερη και πιο προβεβλημένη διοργάνωση εθνικών ομάδων του 2017 και θα ολοκληρωθεί σε 9 γύρους, στις 6 Νοεμβρίου.

Στο όπεν (δηλαδή ανδρών) θα συμμετέχουν 39 ομάδες. Με ισχυρότερες ομάδες με βάση τους μέσους όρους έλο: Ρωσία,  Αζερμπαϊτζάν, Ουκρανία.

Η Ελλάδα, μιας και η διοργάνωση γίνεται στην Κρήτη συμμετέχει με δυο ομάδες: Ελλάδα 1 (Παπαϊωάννου, Χαλκιάς, Δ. Μαστροβασίλης, Μπανίκας, Αντ. Παυλίδης) και Ελλάδα 2 (Νικολαϊδης, Θεοδώρου, Κελίρης, Θ. Μαστροβασίλης, Σ. Μαλικέντζος). 

Στις γυναίκες θα αγωνιστούν 32 ομάδες με ισχυρότερες τις Ρωσία, Γεωργία, Ουκρανία. Οι δυο ομάδες της χώρας μας είναι: Ελλάδα 1 (Τσολακίδου, Μπότσαρη, Μαρκαντωνάκη, Αβραμίδου, Παυλίδου) και Ελλάδα 2 (Ι. Μάκκα, Ε. Μάκκα, Σερεφίδου, Σκαράκη, Βοζινάκη). 

Μερικές από τις πιο σημαντικές συμμετοχές στις εθνικές ομάδες κορυφαίων σκακιστών: Αρονιάν, Μαμεντιάροβ, Γκρίστσουκ, Γκίρι, Ρατζάμποβ, Γκέλφαντ, Νεπομνιάτσι, Ματλάκοβ, Άνταμς, Ναβάρα, Ελιάνοβ, Τζομπάβα, Νάιντιτς, Χάουελ, Σορτ (άνδρες) Α. Μούζιτσουκ, Κόστενιουκ, Λάγκνο, Τζαγκνίτζε, Γκίρια, Γκούνινα, Σεμπάγκ (γυναίκες).

Το επίσημο σάιτ που για την ώρα περιέχει τις πολύ βασικές πληροφορίες είναι το http://www.euroteams2017.com και οι σύνδεσμοι chess-results εδώ

*** Στη διάρκεια των αγώνων θα επανέλθουμε με ειδικές αναρτήσεις αγωνιστικού ενδιαφέροντος, αν όχι σε κάθε γύρο, ανά 2 ή 3 γύρους.

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Ο ανιψιός του Ραμώ

Skakistiko - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 22:43

φωτ. Το Cafe de la Regence την ώρα που παίζεται το ματς Στάουντον – Σεντ Αμάν, Δεκέμβριος του 1843. Εικαστική απεικόνιση του Ζαν-Ανρί Μαρλέ.

Ο Ντενί Ντιντερό (1713 – 1784) έγραψε στο τέλος του 18ου αιώνα (θεωρείται ότι ολοκληρώθηκε μετά το 1772) τον Ανιψιό του Ραμώ, έργο μοναδικό και πρωτοποριακό για την εποχή του, το οποίο δημοσιεύθηκε πλήρως μόλις το 1890 μετά την τυχαία ανεύρεση του πρωτότυπου χειρογράφου σε ένα παλαιοβιβλιοπώλη του Σηκουάνα, καθώς μέχρι τότε μόνο αποσπάσματα είχαν δημοσιευθεί μετά το θάνατο του Ντιντερό το 1805.

Το έργο ξεκινάει στο περίφημο καφενείο της Ρεζάνς, το οποίο ήταν το σκακιστικό κέντρο της Ευρώπης τον 18ο αιώνα, όπου μαζεύονταν οι καλύτεροι παίκτες του κόσμου για να παίξουν σκάκι:

******** Αν ο καιρός παραείναι κρύος ή βροχερός, χώνομαι στο καφενείο της Ρεζάνς και διασκεδάζω κοιτάζοντας αυτούς που παίζουν σκάκι. Το Παρίσι το μόνο μέρος στον κόσμο και το καφενείο της Ρεζάνς το μόνο μέρος στο Παρίσι που παίζεται το καλύτερο σκάκι. Εκεί ακριβώς, στου Ρεύ, πάνε και ρίχνονται στο παιχνίδι ο Λεγκάλ με τη βαθιά σκέψη, ο πανέξυπνος Φιλιντόρ και ο Μαγιό ο αχτύπητος. Εκεί βλέπεις τα πιο εκπληκτικά χτυπήματα κι ακούς τις πιο ανόητες συζητήσεις. Γιατί, όπως μπορεί να είσαι ευφυής και μέγας σκακιστής σαν τον Λεγκάλ, μπορεί να είσαι μέγας σκακιστής κι ανόητος, όπως ο Φουμπέρ και ο Μαγιό.
Ένα βράδυ που ήμουν εκεί και κοίταζα πολύ, μιλούσα λίγο κι άκουγα όσο γινότανε πιο λίγο ήρθε και μου ‘πιασε κουβέντα ένας από τους πιο παράξενους ανθρώπους αυτού του τόπου, όπου δόξα σοι ο Θεός, έχουμε μπόλικους….
…Με πλησιάζει, λοιπόν, ο ανιψιός. «Αχά! Εδώ μου είστε, κύριε φιλόσοφε; Και τι κάνετε εδώ μέσα μ’ όλους αυτούς τους τεμπέληδες; Χάνετε και σεις τον καιρό σας σπρώχνοντας ξύλα;» Τα λέει έτσι για να δείξει ότι περιφρονεί το σκάκι και το τάβλι.
Όχι, μα όταν δεν έχω να κάνω κάτι καλύτερο, διασκεδάζω κοιτάζοντας για λίγο αυτούς που ξέρουν να τα σπρώχνουνε καλά.
Τότε διασκεδάζετε πολύ σπάνια, Εκτός από τον Λεγκάλ και τον Φιλιντόρ, οι άλλοι είναι άσχετοι.
Τι λες για τον κύριο Ντεμπισύ;
Ότι ξέρει από σκάκι όσο κι η δεσποινίς Κλαιρόν από ηθοποιία. Κι οι δυο τους παίζουν όπως έμαθαν.
Είσαι δύσκολος. Βλέπω πως παραδέχεσαι μόνο αυτούς που ξεχωρίζουν.
Ναι, αλλά μόνο στο σκάκι, στο τάβλι, στην ποίηση, στη μουσική κι άλλες τέτοιες ανοησίες. Τι προσφέρει η μετριότητα σ’ αυτού του είδους τα πράγματα;
Μάλλον έχεις δίκιο. Όμως, πάρα πολλοί άνθρωποι πρέπει να δουλεύουν συστηματικά σ’ ένα είδος, για να μπορέσει μέσα από τους πολλούς να ξεπεταχτεί κάποτε η μεγαλοφυΐα. Αυτός είναι ένας στο εκατομμύριο. Ας αλλάξουμε, όμως, συζήτηση…

* Το απόσπασμα από τον Ανιψιό του Ραμώ: Ντενί Ντιντερό, Ο ανιψιός του Ραμώ, μετάφραση Σάσα Τσακίρη, εκδόσεις Καστανιώτη 2002, σελ. 21 επ.

* Περιλαμβάνεται στην ανθολογία του Γιάννη Αντωνιάδη, Σκάκι και Λογοτεχνία, IANOS 2013

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Bulgarian Players, Arbiters and Trainers

FIDE - Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:02

Following the decision of the Executive Board to temporarily exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation, the following measures are now in place.

Chess players under the FIDE flag

Players, arbiters, trainers etc. formerly representing the Bulgarian Chess Federation, are now registered under the FIDE flag. They are licensed to participate in FIDE rated tournaments.

According to the Regulations for Registration and Licensing for players, art. 2.10: ‘FIDE flag players’ are not allowed to compete in FIDE and Continental events. However, Bulgarian Players who became, after FIDE decision, ‘FIDE flag players’ will have the right to participate in FIDE Individual Championships registering individually and paying the respective FIDE fee for additional players.


No tournaments taking place in Bulgaria can be registered and rated by FIDE.
Tournament results submitted before the decisions EB-2017/13 and 14 come to effect shall be rated. The list of these tournaments can be found here

‘FIDE flag players’ may participate in title norm tournaments. The following clarifications of the Title Regulations must be taken into account:
(1.43) “At least two federations other than that of the title applicant must be included” These Federations must be National Federations. ‘FIDE flag players’ are not taken into account to fulfil requirement of 1.43
(1.43e) “from at least 3 different federations” These Federations must be National Federations. ‘FIDE flag players’ are not taken into account to fulfil requirement of exception 1.43e

Title applications

Applications for GM/WGM and IM/WIM titles by ‘FIDE flag players’ can be accepted only after prior communication with QC.
‘FIDE flag players’ may apply for titles according to 1.3 provided that they pay the relevant title fee by themselves.

Arbiters under the FIDE flag

Arbiters under the FIDE flag may participate in any FIDE rated event as arbiters, provided that they are licensed.
Arbiters under the FIDE flag may register in Arbiter seminars provided that they pay the seminar fee by themselves.
Arbiters under the FIDE flag may renew their license provided that they pay the relevant license fee by themselves.
Applications for arbiters’ titles by individuals under the FIDE flag can be accepted only after prior communication with ARB Commission.

Trainers under the FIDE flag

Trainers under the FIDE flag are allowed to participate in Trainers’ seminars provided that they pay in advance the relevant participation and title fees by themselves.
Trainers under the FIDE flag are allowed to renew their license provided they pay the relevant license fee by themselves.
Applications for trainers’ FST or Di titles by individuals (as per TRG Regulations) under the FIDE flag can be accepted only after prior communication with TRG Commission.

If anyone has any questions, please contact office@fide.com

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Chess wins three prestigious awards in Botswana

FIDE - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 12:12

On the 7th of October 2017, the 37th annual National Sports Commission Awards took place in Botswana. It was a very successful event for the chess community as chess was nominated for 5 awards and got three of them. This came as no surprise to Botswana Sport lovers since chess has been nominated in the top three for all the past 4 years, and always coming 2nd to cricket.

It started with the former president, Tshepo Sitale being elected as the Senior Vice President of the Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) in a highly contested election. Sitale is one of the pioneer administrators of chess who propelled the Federation to recognition, his election this past weekend as BNOC Senior Vice President was a crowning moment of hard work and meticulous organisation.

Chess won awards for

1) Sports Code of the year

2) Administrator of the year - former President Mr. Tshenolo Maruatona

3) Junior Female Athlete of the Year - Ms. Onkementse Francis

According to organisers, chess looks set to dominate other sports codes because of the level of seriousness and organisation they put into their work at the Botswana Chess Federation.

To cap the glorious chess year, Onkemetse Francis scooped the Sports Woman of the Year award which was sponsored by Debswana for the first time this year to the tune of P40 000. Debswana has taken a deliberate decision to support women within and outside of the organisation in areas such as sports, entrepreneurship and academics.

Former Public Relations Director of Botswana Chess Federation Ms. Keenese Katisenge also won the award in 2014.

Sports woman of the year award winner in Naivy blue dress WIM Dr Onkemetse Francis

Botswana Chess Federation Executive committee after winning Sport Code of the year Award

Administrator of the year Mr Tshenolo Maruatona, former BCF president

Calistus Kolantsho print media journalist of the year Award winner, the man is always at the helm of growing chess in print media.

Tshepo Sitale was voted as Senior Vice President of Botswana National Olympic Committee

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Obituary - IA Philip Haley

FIDE - Thu, 10/19/2017 - 10:54

FIDE regret to announce the passing of Honorary Member Philip Haley of Canada, who was very active in FIDE for over thirty years. We send our condolences to his wife, Betty-June, who attended many Congresses with her husband, and the rest of his family.

Philip Haley was born in St.Stephen, New Brunswick, May 29, 1924. He graduated from Acadia University with an honours degree in science in 1945 and graduated from McGill University with a degree in chemical engineering in 1947. He was employed for 37 years with Imperial Oil and retired from an executive position with that company in 1983. He was known for his expertise in catalytic cracking and heavy oil upgrading and apart from a variety of technical positions, he held a number of managerial positions including manager of engineering design and manager of refining technology. Following his retirement he acted as a consultant on a number of major heavy oil upgrading projects.
Apart from his engineering career, Mr. Haley was well known both nationally and internationally in the world of chess. In Canada, Mr. Haley was Secretary of the Chess Federation of Canada from 1953-1954, developer of the first Canadian rating list and Rating Commissioner from 1953-1955, Vice-president of the Chess Federation of Canada from 1955-1956, Chairman of the Chess Foundation of Canada from 1959-1967, President of the Chess Federation of Canada from 1971-1973 and FIDE (the World Chess Federation) Zonal President and FIDE representative for Canada from 1994-1999. Phil was very active in FIDE. He made a detailed presentation to FIDE's Central Committee in Venice in 1967 on the subject of conducting Chess Olympiads using the controlled pairing Swiss system. He led discussions on this subject in subsequent years until his idea was accepted for the 1976 Olympiad in Haifa, Israel and used in all subsequent Chess Olympiads. Apart from being a member of the Rules Committee he was chairman of the Pairings Committee for Chess Olympiads in Israel, Argentina, Malta and Switzerland. He took part in FIDE meetings in Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Qatar and Turkey.
At the 1995 meeting of the FIDE Central Committee in Paris, Phil introduced a motion of non-confidence in President Campomanes and his team. This was seconded by Fan Adams of the US and was defeated by a controversial vote that was deemed to have been tied. At the FIDE Congress in Yerevan in 1996 Phil introduced a motion that all FIDE executive positions should be filled by individual votes rather than by voting for teams. This motion received strong support but was narrowly defeated. In 1999 Phil was a member of the three man Appeals Committee for the World Championship in Las Vegas. In 1971 in cooperation with Mayor Drapeau of Montreal, Mr. Haley developed and submitted a detailed proposal to FIDE for holding the World chess Championship (Fischer-Spassky match) in Montreal. In 1972 Mr. Haley co-authored with Kenneth Harkness of the US a report for FIDE entitled "Application of the Swiss System to FIDE tournaments." Mr. Haley was the originator of the accelerated pairing Swiss system that proved to be highly successful in tournaments with a high ratio of number of players to number of rounds. He was the tournament director and arbiter for four Canadian Open chess championships in Winnipeg, Kingston, Vancouver and St. John's as well as for the Canadian Closed championship in Pointe Claire, P.Q. in 1969.
Although better known as a tournament director and Chess Federation official, Phil was an active player as well. He took part in many Canadian Opens starting with the first Canadian Open in Montreal in 1956 as well as Canadian Opens in Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, London, Windsor, Sackville, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. He represented New Brunswick in the 1945 Canadian Closed championship in Saskatoon and won the Alberta chess championship in 1959. Phil was also active in the US and participated in US Open championship tournaments in Tampa, Milwaukee, Cleveland and San Juan as well as having been a member of the US Chess Federation Rules Committee and the USCF FIDE Advisory Committee. He received the "Special Friend of the USCF" award in 2006. Mr. Haley was awarded a medal in 1977 from the Governor General of Canada on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth...for contributions in the field of chess. Phil was one of the original members of the Canadian Chess Hall of Fame.

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10ο Φεστιβάλ Σκακιού Ράπιντ & 6ο Φεστιβάλ Μπλιτς (+ πρωταθλήματα Ελλάδας Ράπιντ και Μπλιτς)

Skakistiko - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 20:40

Λίγες μέρες μένουν για να αρχίσουν στη Θεσσαλονίκη (ξενοδοχείο ΦΙΛΙΠΠΕΙΟΝ)  το φεστιβάλ rapid & blitz. Τα τουρνουά είναι παράλληλα και Πανελλήνια πρωταθλήματα Rapid – Blitz. Στις προηγουμένες διοργανώσεις έχουν πάρει μέρος πλειάδα GM & IM όπως επίσης και Έλληνες πρωταθλητές και πρωταθλήτριες. Για το τουρνουά Blitz (Παρασκευή 27/10) θα διεξαχθούν 12 γύροι και στο Rapid (Σάββατο και Κυριακή 28-29/10) 10 γύροι συνολικά. Τα χρηματικά έπαθλα για τα δυο τουρνουά ανέρχονται στο ποσό των 2.300 ευρώ συνολικά (750 blitz + 1.550 rapid). Οι κληρώσεις του πρώτου γύρου θα βγουν μια μέρα πριν την έναρξη του κάθε τουρνουά. Θα υπάρξει λεωφορείο (δωρεάν) από το κέντρο της πόλης προς το ξενοδοχείο και το αντίστροφο για να διευκολυνθούν όσοι δεν διαθέτουν οδικό μέσο για την μετακίνηση τους προς τον χώρο αγώνων. Τα δωμάτια στο ξενοδοχείο λόγω εορτών είναι περιορισμένα γι αυτό οι ενδιαφερόμενοι θα πρέπει να κάνουν έγκαιρα κρατήσεις. Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής: oustampasidoulena@gmail.com Πληροφορίες: Ουσταμπασίδου Λένα: 6974 605518

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Obituary - GM William Lombardy

FIDE - Wed, 10/18/2017 - 13:58

FIDE regrets to announce the passing of GM William Lombardy in his 80th year. Whilst probably being most famous for being Bobby Fischer’s official second in the Reykjavik World Championship match against Spassky in 1972, he was also World Junior Champion in 1957, which he won with an 100% score 11/11, the only time this has happened. He became a GM in 1960 and played for the USA in seven Olympiads, winning the Gold Medal in the 1970 Olympiad in Siegen as first reserve. He also was first board for the USA winning the gold medal with 12/13, when the USA won the Student Team Under 26 in Leningrad in 1960. He retired from major tournament competition in 1961 and became a Roman Catholic priest.

William Lombardy and Bobby Fischer. Reykjavik 1972

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List of titles approved by the Executive Board in Antalya, Turkey

FIDE - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 15:58

FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the Executive Board held in Goynuk, Antalya, Turkey on 13-14 October 2017.

GM  FED Martirosyan, Haik M.  ARM Mikaelyan, Arman  ARM Petrosyan, Manuel  ARM Smirnov, Anton  AUS Gorovets, Andrey  BLR Santiago, Yago De Moura  BRA Xu, Xiangyu  CHN Oliva Castaneda, Kevel  CUB Quesada Perez, Yasser  CUB Fernandez, Daniel Howard  ENG Guerra Mendez, Jose Angel  ESP Delorme, Axel  FRA Anurag, Mhamal  IND Puranik, Abhimanyu  IND Thejkumar, M. S.  IND Mosadeghpour, Masoud  IRI Kobo, Ori  ISR Steinberg, Nitzan  ISR Meskovs, Nikita  LAT Hamitevici, Vladimir  MDA Sadzikowski, Daniel  POL Paravyan, David  RUS Matinian, Nikita  RUS Zaitsev, Alexander  RUS Ali Marandi, Cemil Can  TUR Erdogdu, Mert  TUR Shevchenko, Kirill  UKR Vorontsov, Pavlo  UKR     WGM  FED Fataliyeva, Ulviyya  AZE Hernandez Moya, Yuleisy  CUB Fuchs, Judith  GER Klek, Hanna Marie  GER     IM  FED Bakunts, Rafael  ARM Gadimbayli, Abdulla  AZE Sutkovic, Damir  BIH Grib, Roman  BLR Kleinman, Michael  CAN Bao, Qilin  CHN Liu, Yan  CHN Duran Vega, Sergio  CRC Tica, Sven  CRO Albornoz Cabrera, Carlos Daniel  CUB Borges Feria, Yasel  CUB Diaz Perez, Michel Alejandro  CUB Fernandez Guillen, Ernesto J.  CUB Gomez Sanchez, Jorge Marcos  CUB Guerra Mojena, Leandro  CUB Pulpan, Jakub  CZE Haria, Ravi  ENG Pigott, John C  ENG Gonzalez Trigal, Jose Luis  ESP Ladron De Guevara Pinto, Paolo  ESP Suarez Gomez, Julio  ESP Eden, James  FRA Sochacki, Wojtek  FRA Beradze, Irakli  GEO Kumsiashvili, Nikoloz  GEO Carow, Johannes  GER Keymer, Vincent  GER Colpe, Malte  GER Malikentzos, Sotirios  GRE Kaczur, Florian  HUN Csonka, Balazs  HUN Chandra Prasad, Dhulipalla Bala  IND Prince, Bajaj  IND Raja, Harshit  IND Rakesh, Kumar Jena  IND Shvayger, Yuliya  ISR Bontempi, Piero  ITA Lai, Hing Ting  NED Nouri, Hamed  PHI Barski, Radoslaw  POL Lobanov, Sergei  RUS Rogac, Srdjan  SRB Nayhebaver, Martin  SVK Pechac, Jergus  SVK Koksal, Ege  TUR Soysal, Serkan  TUR Gokerkan, Cem Kaan  TUR Matviishen, Viktor  UKR Sturt, Raven M  USA Kaliksteyn, Alexander  USA Sindarov, Javokhir  UZB     WIM  FED Yao, Lan CHN Forgas Moreno, Yaniela CUB Miranda Rodriguez, Tania CUB Haussernot, Cecile FRA Vantika Agrawal IND Dimitrova, Aleksandra RUS Obolentseva, Alexandra RUS Gajcin, Marina SRB Injac, Teodora SRB Martynkova, Olena UKR Prudnykova, Olga I. UKR     IA FED Di Franco, Mauro ARG Sandler, Leonid AUS White, Andre BAH Miskic, Sejfudin BIH Popova, Natalia BLR Strelets, Igor I BLR Han, Yajun CHN Gonzalez Acosta, Paul Jesus CRC Hassan, Wael EGY Kamel, Ihab EGY Madian, Usama EGY Yunes, Samy EGY Garcia Perez, Ramon ESP Juberias Sequera, Santiago ESP Brongers, Henk FRA Feryn, Alexandre FRA Lapeyere, Pierre FRA Siradze, Salome GEO Iskos, Alexandros GRE Riga, Niki GRE Tapas Kumar, Mohanty IND Teli, Rajendra IND Winston, G. IND Madhav, Viswanathan Baba IND Afshar, Fatemeh IRI Jamadi Baher, Saeed IRI Mollaghorbani, Bagher IRI Niksresht, Homa IRI Sharif Nataj, Khadijeh IRI Azizi, Khatere IRI Gal, Lior ISR Miller, Donald JAM Malaige, Antonio MOZ Castaneda, Carlomario PER Cuellar, Ulises PER Olarte, Hernan PER Viana, Eduardo Esudeiro POR Rivera Mulero, Eduardo PUR Bunbich, Vitaly RUS Kalashnikov, Viktor RUS Penzina, Vera RUS Perevertkin, Vladimir RUS Tan, Teck Leng Tony SGP Nikolic, Petar J SRB Petrovic, Vojkan SRB Radosavljevic, Nebojsa SRB Stanimirovic, Zoran SRB Franzen, Thomas SWE Annageldyev, Orazly TKM Ergur, Fuat TUR Kara, Aydin TUR Uctu, Ahmet TUR Murad, Abdulla UAE Khripach, Artem UKR Abate, Rudolf D USA Atkins, Michael USA Hater, David USA Kummer, Michael J USA Murimi, Simbarashe ZIM     FA FED Martins, Valentino AHO Vilte, Hectorduardo ARG Borsuk, Yuriy BLR Z|iaziulkina, Alena BLR Keabofe, Onkemetse BOT Tiroyamodimo, Roger BOT Tsypin, Vadim CAN Castro Guerra, Mario CHI Pizzaro Soza, Francisco CHI Liu, Yao CHN Pan, Lixiang CHN Araya Fuentes, Cristian CRC Jimenez Rojas, Fabian CRC Soto Olivera, Lester Jesus CUB Garcia Beltran, Ibrahim CUB Montilla Sencion, Crisanto Jose DOM Hawas, Khaled EGY Mohsen, Peter EGY Jimenez Melguizo, Francisco ESP Marcos Herrero, Francisco ESP Robles Asuncion, German ESP Denous, Cyprien FRA Beria, Giorgi GEO Schiefelbusch, Dirk GER Anagnostou, Zoi GRE Pahaki, Hristina-Despoina GRE Psoma, Virginia GRE Gyomber, Tamas HUN Kapas, Robert HUN Hariputra, Chessy Prila INA Amit Kumar, Biswas IND Anuj, Singari IND Aranganatham, C IND Bhabesh, Mohanty IND Deepak Kumar, Narendra IND Ganesh Chockalingam, Pillai IND Hemprakash, Barsagahe IND Mohapatra Santosh, Kumar IND Prabhat Ranjan, Kumar IND Rathi, Pavan IND Sohani Vivek, Suhas IND Vikas, Sahu IND Karthik, Shetty IND Anbarestani, Melika IRI Eivazi, Halimeh IRI Eskandari, Farazane IRI Farnia, Fatemeh IRI Jahangiri, Sepideh IRI Khosravani, Gholam Hossein IRI Kianpour, Mahdi IRI Masih, Fatemeh IRI Moosavian, S. Hamed IRI Nasirpour, Farnaz IRI Paridar, Shadi IRI Rabiei, Vahid Reza IRI Rava, Shirin IRI Saeedi, Reza IRI Salim, Mehdi IRI Mohammed, Αbbas Mohammed IRQ Mohammed, Ibrahim Hussein IRQ Kalnins, Toms LAT Laizans, Alvars LAT Mihailovs, Arturs LAT Putka, Verners LAT A. Yusuf, Sofian MAS Chuah, Jin Hai Jonathan MAS Lim, Poay Sim MAS Lucas, Charles MAS Tham, Tick Hong Jax MAS Gressli, Kristoffer NOR Nesheim, Geir NOR Cantilo-Paz, Thomas PAN Garcia Contreras, Jesus File PER Clesinski, Andrzej POL De Wet, Anjurie RSA Belikov, Yury RUS Bykov, Vladimir RUS Mayorova, Lyudmila RUS Nikitin, Aleksey RUS Stepanenko, Nikolay RUS Arsic, Novica SRB Lazovic, Milos SRB Randjelovic, Dragana SRB Naslud, Mikael SWE Alhalak, Mohammad SYR Zehrawi, Adeeb SYR Cabbaroglu, Kurtulus TUR Kacar, Yasemin TUR Korkuc, Cagatay TUR Ozkan, Derya TUR Sapan, Umut TUR Yildirim, Yucel TUR Yildiz, Suat TUR Almarzooqi, Eisa UAE Omar, Noaman UAE Pepa, Yurij UKR Scherbov, Grigory UKR Parmet, Daniel Eduard USA Thorpe, Thomas WLS Bwala, Gift ZAM     IO FED Rivero Gonzalez, Carlos CUB Oupindrin, Narayanin FRA Arsenidze, Alexandre GEO Vargas, Gabriela PAR Baralic, Nebojsa SRB Cinar Corlur, Nilufer TUR Urosevic, Goran SRB Maher, Musa SUD Zarubitski, Mikalai BLR Nakvanich, Sahapol THA         CONDITIONAL ON RATING   IM FED Muradli, Mahammad AZE Mgeladze, Tamaz GEO Singer, Christoph GER Sarenac, David SRB Li, Zhaozhi USA     CONDITIONAL ON INFO   IA FED Beltran Ortiz, Edda Georgina ESP     FA FED Vinchev, Simeon BUL Arribas, Robaina, Maritza CUB Carstensen, Claus DEN     IO FED Salazar Obando, Carlos CRC

Download the LIST of FA titles from Seminars approved by the Executive Board 2017.

Download the LIST OF NEW TRAINERS' TITLES approved by the Executive Board 2017.

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Congratulations to the RCF Board of Trustees Chairman Dmitry Peskov

FIDE - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 13:35

FIDE and RCF congratulate the RCF Board of Trustees Chairman D. Peskov on his birthday

Athens, 17 October 2017

Mr. D. Peskov
RCF Board of Trustees

Dear Mr. Peskov,

On behalf of the World Chess Federation and its 188 Federations I would like to congratulate you on your anniversary!

We have been enjoying our close collaboration with the Russian Chess Federation in organization of the flagship FIDE events in Russia: Chess Olympiads, World Championships and Women’s World Championships, Candidates’ tournaments and Grand-Prix events and look forward to many years of fruitful cooperation to come.

We are confident that your kind participation in the management and supervision of the chess life in Russia will result in many more successful stories of our sport in your great country! Please accept our most sincere wishes of the best of health, energy, optimism, prosperity and happiness!

Sincerely yours
Georgios Makropoulos
Deputy President

Letter to Mr. Dmitry Peskov (pdf)

Dear Mr. Peskov!

On behalf of the Russian Chess Federation I would like to congratulate you on your anniversary! Through your kind involvement chess is regaining its popularity in Russia and has extended coverage in mass media. Russian politicians pay more attention to chess and chess players and gladly visit high-level chess tournaments, like the all-Russian team competition for schools Belaya Ladya and World Championships among men and women.

Also I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for visiting the World Chess Championship Match between Sergey Karjakin and Magnus Calrsen in New York. Your support was very important for the Russian candidate for the title.

We highly appreciate your participation in such significant events of the Central House of Chess Player as the opening ceremony of the RCF Chess Museum and celebration of the House's 60th anniversary. The RCF Board of Trustees has really shown their thoughts for the Russian chess and chess players!

Today I would like to wish you robust health, energy, optimism, success, happiness, and well-being!

Andrey Filatov
President of the Russian Chess Federation

Chairman of the RCF Board of Trustees Dmitry Peskov Celebrates his Anniversary

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Executive Board 2017 Decisions

FIDE - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:57

88th FIDE Congress
Executive Board meeting
Goynuk, Antalya, Turkey
13-14 October 2017


EB-2017/1. To establish the quorum

EB-2017/2. To reconfirm the decision of the Extraordinary Presidential Board meeting, April 2017 in Athens.

EB-2017/3. To accept a motion of Prof. A. Siegel to request the FIDE President not to run in the next Presidential elections.

EB-2017/4. To note the result of the secret ballot – 37 in favour of the motion, 20 against, 2 abstentions.

EB-2017/5. To refer the decision of the item in the financial report about the 30,000 loan to Mr. L. Ncube to the next Presidential Board for a final decision.

EB-2017/6. To approve the budget for 2018.

EB-2017/7. To approve the financial regulations excluding the title fees.

EB-2017/8. To refer the Title fees to the General Assembly 2018.

EB-2017/9. To approve the Verification Commission report.

EB-2017/10. To discharge the Treasurer from his duties.

EB-2017/11. To re-appoint Ernst & Young, Switzerland, as FIDE External Auditors for the financial year 2017.

EB-2017/12. To approve the provisional membership of the Antigua and Barbuda Chess Federation and recommend to the General Assembly its ratification.

EB-2017/13. To temporarily exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

EB-2017/14. To approve that the players from Bulgaria to play under FIDE flag.

EB-2017/15. To form a Committee to check the possibility of FIDE of registering tournaments of Bulgaria.

EB-2017/16. Not to accept the end of suspension of the ASEAN Chess Confederation.

EB-2017/17. To approve a new Agreement with Agon.

EB-2017/18. To accept the Qualification Commission report.

EB-2017/19. To approve over-the-board titles.

EB-2017/20. To accept the Arbiters’ Commission report.

EB-2017/21. To approve arbiters’ titles.

EB-2017/22. To accept the Trainers’ Commission report and ask the Luxembourg Chess Academy to change its name.

EB-2017/23. To approve trainers’ titles.

EB-2017/24. To accept the Technical Commission report.

EB-2017/25. To accept the Rules Commission report.

EB-2017/26. To approve the proposed changes to the Laws of Chess.

EB-2017/27. To accept the Constitutional Commission report.

EB-2017/28. To accept the Systems of Pairings and Programmes Commission report.

EB-2017/29. To accept the Development Commission report.

EB-2017/30. To accept the Chess in Schools Commission report.

EB-2017/31. To accept the Women’s Chess Commission report.

EB-2017/32. To approve the change of the Women’s Chess Commission’s name to the Commission for Women in Chess and recommend its final ratification by the General Assembly 2018.

EB-2017/33. To accept the Social Actions Commission report.

EB-2017/34. To accept the Social Projects Commission report.

EB-2017/35. To accept the Chess for Disabled Commission report.

EB-2017/36. To accept the Medical Commission report.

EB-2017/37. To accept the Ethics Commission report.

EB-2017/38. To accept the Events Commission report.

EB-2017/39. To approve IO titles.

EB-2017/40. To accept the Journalists’ Commission report.

EB-2017/41. To accept the Media regulations.

EB-2017/42. To accept the Anti-Cheating Commission report

EB-2017/43. To accept the Online Commission report.

EB-2017/44. To note the Marketing Committee report.

EB-2017/45. To accept the World Championship and Olympiads Commission report.

EB-2017/46. To approve the proposal of Mr. Borg to negotiate with potential bidders for the World Team for open and women a package deal including a stage of the Women’s Grand-Prix.

EB-2017/47. To approve the proposal of Mr. Makropoulos to sign an agreement on an exact schedule of construction for the Batumi 2018 Olympiad playing hall.

EB-2017/48. To authorize the Presidential Board to finalise the contract with the Khanty-Mansiysk Organisers.

EB-2017/49. To approve the proposal of Mr. Makropoulos to sign an agreement on an exact schedule of preparation for the Khanty-Mansiysk 2020 Olympiad.

EB-2017/50. To award the World Youth Championship 2019 U-14, U-16, U-18 to India.

EB-2017/51. To award the World Cadet Championships U-8, U-10, U-12 2019 to China.

EB-2017/52. To award World Senior Championships 2019 to Romania.

EB-2017/53. To award World Senior Teams Championships 50+, 65+ 2019 to Greece.

EB-2017/54. To award World Amateur Championship 2019 to Mexico.

EB-2017/55. To accept the Continental Presidents’ reports.

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2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games - Final list of participants

FIDE - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:45

FIDE is publishing the final list of participants for the 2nd IMSA Elite Mind Games - Huai'an, China 2017.

List of Participants - Open section

FIDE ID NAME FED Std_12 G Blz_12 G Rpd_12 G S_Avg G 13401319 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar AZE 2777,833 68 2784,083 55 2820,833 36 2794,25 159 4126025 Grischuk, Alexander RUS 2755,583 74 2797 39 2815,5 24 2789,361 137 8603677 Ding, Liren CHN 2767,333 88 2875 0 2710 7 2784,111 95 14100010 Ivanchuk, Vassily UKR 2735,75 65 2764,333 39 2807,833 34 2769,306 138 4158814 Andreikin, Dmitry RUS 2726,333 72 2787,333 48 2744,083 32 2752,583 152 12401137 Le, Quang Liem VIE 2723,583 59 2748,25 18 2760,583 9 2744,139 86 8603820 Yu, Yangyi CHN 2740,5 119 2709,5 50 2779,75 42 2743,25 211 5007003 Harikrishna, P. IND 2753,75 89 2759 0 2706,833 6 2739,861 95 8602883 Wang, Hao CHN 2688,417 127 2757,667 9 2763 0 2736,361 136 14105730 Korobov, Anton UKR 2685,333 118 2740,083 59 2741 15 2722,139 192 1118358 Wojtaszek, Radoslaw POL 2742,333 96 2705 47 2716,5 26 2721,278 169 24101605 Artemiev, Vladislav RUS 2673,333 83 2771,75 94 2711,833 66 2718,972 243                       The 2 reserve players in case of withdrawals are the following:                                 13401653 Mamedov, Rauf AZE 2684,917 62 2778,333 76 2689,25 53 2717,5 191 14103320 Ponomariov, Ruslan UKR 2706 53 2719 26 2711,25 32 2712,083 111

List of Participants - Women Section

FIDE ID NAME FED Std_12 G Blz_12 G Rpd_12 G S_Avg G 14111330 Muzychuk, Anna UKR 2567,833 68 2658,5 17 2583,917 25 2603,417 110 14109336 Lagno, Kateryna RUS 2535,833 36 2637,25 41 2581,25 12 2584,778 89 8603006 Ju, Wenjun CHN 2583,833 75 2553,75 17 2539,75 16 2559,111 108 2902257 Stefanova, Antoaneta BUL 2513,25 72 2550,5 17 2541,667 25 2535,139 114 4128125 Kosteniuk, Alexandra RUS 2548,25 68 2482,333 65 2551,5 81 2527,361 214 8603642 Tan, Zhongyi CHN 2504,833 89 2555,5 21 2489,417 35 2516,583 145 5015197 Harika, Dronavalli IND 2533,167 81 2527,5 19 2461,5 26 2507,389 126 13601903 Dzagnidze, Nana GEO 2522,667 57 2458,75 17 2540,25 18 2507,222 92 14114550 Muzychuk, Mariya UKR 2543 43 2430 0 2498,833 11 2490,611 54 8601283 Zhao, Xue CHN 2498,75 46 2505,75 17 2465,25 16 2489,917 79 4641833 Paehtz, Elisabeth GER 2467 104 2491 67 2453,667 35 2470,556 206 14110911 Ushenina, Anna UKR 2452,833 75 2462,5 19 2486,25 16 2467,194 110                       The 2 reserve players in case of withdrawals are the following:                                 8605114 Lei, Tingjie CHN 2487,667 135 2447,667 20 2446 4 2460,444 159 13300210 Danielian, Elina ARM 2441,75 40 2429 0 2473 0 2447,917 40

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Exciting second round of TCEC Season 10

Chessdom - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 16:21

Two rounds of TCEC Season 10 are now over. Stockfish, the current champion, is in the lead with 2,0/2 after defeating Chiron and Jonny. Stockfish shares the first position with four other engines – Houdini, Texel, Ginkgo and Hannibal.

Full standings and live games at http://tcec.chessdom.com/live.php

This is an exciting and unexpected start of a computer championship, as from the twenty four games played the prevailing results are decisive. There are a total of 8 wins for white, nine wins for black, and 7 draws.

The current leaders have protagonized the best games of the event so far. After defeating Chiron, Stockfish went on to win against Jonny. It was an offbeat opening – a Sicilian with 2…Nc6 3.b3 – where Stockfish showed that there is a lot of life in the position and squeezed most out of the high depth opportunities to seal the victory

Replay Stockfish – Jonny with analysis

Texel by Peter Osterlund (Sweden) has had an amazing start. It’s most notable victory came in round 2 against a direct competitor for qualification for the next round, Fizbo. The game was a QGD: Ragozin, Vienna, 6.e4 c5 7.Bxc4, 8…Qa5. In a position that looked like a fortress from a human point of view, Texel gave back the exchange and with fantastic endgame skills won the Queen + pawns ending that again looked like a definite draw.

Replay the amazing ending of Texel – Fizbo here

Ginkgo 2 was merciless against the single core Hakkapeliitta and Fruit. It’s games were totally dominant from the beginning to the end. The first one was an English: Anglo-Dutch victory for white, while in the second Ginkgo defended well in the Dutch: Leningrad, Main Line, 7.Nc3 Nc6 and proved a good way to take advantage with black.

Replay Fruit – Ginkgo here

Hannibal, the fourth leader after round 2, played a nice Trompowsky: 2…Ne4 3.h4 c5 4.d5 . It is a season where Hannibal has high hopes of qualifying to the next stage, and all await its games against the top three – Komodo, Stockfish, and Houdini

Replay Gaviota – Hannibal

Houdini is the fifth engine with full points after two rounds. It achieved a notable victory with black against a direct competitor for the medals.

Replay Fire – Houdini

The honorable mention of the round goes to Komodo, the engine of the late Don Dailey, currently developed by Mark Lefler and Larry Kaufman. Komodo is a three times TCEC champion and this season is one of the top three contenders for the title once again. It started with a draw with black against Fizbo in Reti: KIA, but played a true masterpiece in round 2. There it soundly defeated Wasp in a game that deserves a replay

Replay the game of the day – Komodo vs Wasp

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88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey - Day 7

FIDE - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 23:12

Day 7

On the seventh day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey the Executive Board continued the meeting.

The Commissions  reports were discussed and approved. The reports will be  posted soon on the FIDE website. AGON presented the report about its  activities  and presented the information about forthcoming event –  Candidates Tournament 2018. The President of ECU Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili  reported about the World Cup 2017 and informed the members about the preparation to the  World  Chess Olympiad 2018. He confirmed the exact dates of the  Olympiad which will take place from the 23rd of September till the 6th of October 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

The Executive Board decided to temporarily exclude the Bulgarian Chess Federation and approved that the players from Bulgaria play under FIDE flag.

The Executive Board discussed the future events from the FIDE Calendar for 2019.

The World Youth Championships U-14, U-16, U-18 was awarded to India. China will organize the World Cadet Championship U-8, U-10, U-12. The  World Senior Championship will be held in Romania. The World Team Championship 50+, 65+ was awarded to Greece. The World Amateur Championship 2019 will be organized in Mexico. The full list of the Executive Board decisions will be published in a few days.

FIDE expresses its gratitude to the Turkish Chess Federation for hosting help in organization of the FIDE Congress 2017.

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Day 6

The sixth day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey was devoted to the meeting of the Executive Board.

The President of the Turkish Chess Federation Gulkiz Tulay welcomed all participants of the Executive Board meeting.

FIDE President Kirsan Iluymzhinov briefed the Board about his projects and trips made over the last year.

FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos reported to the Board about several issues, including organization of the FIDE World Championship Match in New York, the FIDE World Women Championship in Tehran and some other events.

FIDE Deputy Mr. Makropoulos deplored the fact that the Presidential Board and Executive team of FIDE had been defamed, threatened and insulted by an election campaign that Mr. Ilyumzhinov had initiated. Mr. Makropoulos mentioned that Mr. Ilyumzhinov is abusing the name of Russia and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in order to hide himself and excuse his team’s insults and threats to FIDE officers. Mr Makropoulos said that Mr Ilyumzhinov should stop doing this.

The FIDE Executive Board reconfirmed unanimously the full delegation of FIDE President Powers to the Deputy President. The decision has been made on 10th of April 2017. 

FIDE Treasurer Professor Siegel proposed the following motion: "FIDE Executive Board requests Kirsan Ilyumzhinov not to run in the next Presidential election". The members voted 37-20 in favour of the motion with 2 abstentions. This decision is not mandatory and Mr. Ilyumzhinov can decide whether to stand or not.

Ballot Paper (pdf)

Professor Siegel gave an explanation of the present situation regarding FIDE finances, which showed a surplus in 2016 of over Euro 800,000.

Ilya Merenzon gave a presentation on Agon, which was followed by a discussion on the subject of FIDE’s contract with the company. FIDE Vice-President Israel Gelfer informed that he had signed a revised agreement with Agon on behalf of FIDE and advised the terms.

Many Commissions presented their reports which were the approved.

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Day 5

On the fifth day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey, the African Chess Federation held a meeting in the morning. The Commission for World Championships and Olympiads (WCOC) held their meeting from 3 till 6 pm. During the meeting of the WCOC, AGON presented their plans for the Candidates Tournament 2018 in Berlin and the World Championship Match later that year. The Commission has also discussed proposals for Candidates, Grand Prix and World Championship Match regulations.

Commission for World Championships and Olympiads (WCOC)

Mr Zurab Azmaiparashvili informed the commission about Olympiad 2018, while Geoffrey Borg reported about venues for Women Grand Prix 2018-2019 and negotiations with the Chinese Chess Federation regarding Women’s World Championship Match.

All Commission have had their annual meetings and prepared their reports and proposals, which will be discussed at the Executive Board. The FIDE Executive Board starts at 9 am on 13th of October and occupies the full day.

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Full schedule, along with the Executive Board Agenda and Annexes can be found on the dedicated page.

Day 4

On the fourth day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey, the following Commissions and Associations held their respective meetings:

Constitutional Commission
Social Action Commission
Events Commission
Commission for Disabled
Development Commission
Online Commission
Francophone Chess Association
Commonwealth Chess Association

At the start of the meeting the Chairman of the Commission for Disabled Thomas Luther spoke about goals and strategic plans of the Commission. He informed the audience about the FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for Disabled in 2017 and FIDE World Chess Championship for Disabled 2017. Polina Torochkova delivered her report about events in Moscow. The Commission agreed on some proposals which will be discussed during the meeting of the Executive Board.

The members of the Online Commission heard the review of the previous year, statistical information and planning for the upcoming year. The Commission discussed a new simplified version of the transfer regulations and rules of the eligibility for players and proposed changes into regulations for registration and licensing of players.

Events Commission

The Events Commission discussed in details proposals for amendments in regulations, regulations of World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships, FIDE EVE Calendar 2018. The Commission made recommendations for IO titles for the FIDE Congress and discussed the budget of EVE for 2018.

The Constitutional Commission chaired by Roberto Rivello discussed a number of federation and statutory issues.

Constitutional Commission

The Francophone Chess Association discussed several issues, including the forthcoming event in Tunisia which will be the fifth Francophone chess championship and will see the participation of several Grandmasters. The Chairman Patrick Van Hoolandt proposed a number of development ideas.

Congress Photo Gallery

Full schedule, along with the Executive Board Agenda and Annexes can be found on the dedicated page.

Download also the Informative Bulletin (PDF)

Day 3

On the third day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey, the following Commissions held their respective meetings:

- Social Project Commission
- Commission for Women’s Chess
- Anti-Cheating Commission
- Chess in Schools Commission
- Verification Commission
- System of Parings and Programs

The Skills Management Committee Chairperson made a decision to postpone the meeting and it will be held on 12th of October.

The Anti-Cheating Commission started with the Chairperson's report. Israel Gelfer specified the role of the Commission and explained what the Commission members have been doing during the last period. The Commission members informed about the outstanding cases, recent cooperation with National Federations and discussed opportunities for developing a 2018 edition of the ACC Guidelines.

WOM Secretary Anastasia Sorokina started the meeting of the Commission for Women’s Chess by giving a brief summary regarding the events for 2017 and some of the projects of WOM. In the next part of the meeting, participants shared their ideas about how to motivate female players worldwide regardless of playing levels. Besides, it was suggested that WOM introduce leading female chess players as their ambassadors. WOM also made a few proposals.

The Chess in Schools Commission approved the changes to regulations to cover the online version of the school instructor. The Chairman Kevin O’Connell was pleased to report that the collaboration that they have been working for the past two years with FEDA and FIBDA is now fully operational with the first ever online seminar and two seminars in Argentina in the last two weeks. The members were pleased to appoint PEP Suerez of Spain who had been so as a counsellor. The Commission also discussed collaboration with AIDEF which they began a year ago and expect to have matching results next year.

The Verification Commission discussed in great detail the 2016 accounts.FIDE Treasurer Adrian Siegel was present during the meeting to answer many relevant questions received from the floor.

Congress Photo Gallery

Anti-Cheating Commission

Commission for Women's Chess

Chess in Schools Commission

Systems of Pairings & Programs Commission

Day 2

On the second day of the 88th FIDE Congress in Antalya, Turkey, the following Commissions held their respective meetings:

- Qualification Commission (QC)
- Ethics Commission (ETH)
- Medical Commission (MED)
- Rules Commission (RC)

The Qualification Commission approved the title applications and discussed other items from the agenda: direct titles, late registrations and submissions, effects of no-service federations, review of rating system, rating of matches, and the Regulations for rapid and blitz ratings.

The Ethics Commission elaborated on its statement in regard to the "Kovalyov case", following the formal complaint by the Chess Federation of Canada. The Commission members also informed the meeting about the other ongoing cases.

The Medical Commission heard the Chairperson's report, including the new insights on the compliance with WADA-Code. The WADA is tightening the protocol after the series of doping scandals in athletics and other major sports. The Commission answered a large questionnaire issued by WADA and is strictly observing all requirements. The Chairperson added that, however, FIDE is considered a very low-risk sport. FIDE Executive Director added that WADA is very satisfied about the current level of cooperation with FIDE.

The Commission informed that 16 tests were conducted in year 2016, all returning negative results. The organizers and the players cooperated with the Commission. It is added that the current testing pool for out-of-competition tests consists of 15 players (10 male and 5 female).

The Rules Commission reviewed the "Guidelines for the organizers" and "Interpretation of the Laws of Chess made with the Arbiters' Commission", and drafted the "Amendments of the Competition Rules".

One of the items that should be brought to public attention are the "Amendments to the Laws of Chess 2017", which, after the approval from the FIDE Executive Board, should become valid from 1st January 2018. According to the draft, the same regulation regarding an illegal move will apply in standard, rapid and blitz games.

Full schedule, along with the Executive Board Agenda and Annexes can be found on the dedicated page. 

Download also the Informative Bulletin (PDF) 

Rules Commission

Ethics Commission

Medical Commission

Qualification Commission

Day 1

The 88th FIDE Congress started today at the Avantgarde Hotel in Antalya, Turkey.

The Congress is organized by the Turkish Chess Federation and attended by the FIDE Executive & Presidential Board, the FIDE Commissions, the FIDE Delegates and the National Chess Federations.

On the first day there were meetings of the Central Board of Commissions, the Marketing Committee, the Technical Commission (TEC), the Arbiters' Commission (ARB), the Trainers' Commission (TRG) and the Commission of Chess Journalists (CCJ).

The Central Board of Commissions discussed several important topics, including the seasonal effect on the FIDE budget in the odd years, the coordinated effort of various commissions to standardise and implement dress code, and the updating of the FIDE Handbook by assigning proper sections to relevant commissions for reviewing.

The Marketing Committee saw the interactive presentations by Chairman Martin Huba and member Sonja Johnson. The Committee is proposing several key areas to focus on for further development: Membership, Branding, and alternative sources of funding. The Committee is also asking the Presidential Board to formulate and adopt the FIDE Mission Statement, which is an important first step for applying to grants.

The Technical Commission heard the opening by the Chairman and started the session with the "presentation of final text of the Separate Chapter of the Technical matters". The Commission also discussed the "Chess Evolution Sets" prepared by GM A. Naiditsch, "Live chess platform for FIDE events" prepared by Asim Pereira, "Leap Chess Clock", and the "Tie-breaks study - Unplayed games" with presentations from Prof. Anantharam and Mr. Roberto Ricca.

The Arbiters' Commission reviewed the Minutes from Councilors' Meeting in Reykjavik (21-24 April 2017). The Commission approved IA and FA title applications, the Amendments of the Regulations, the List of Lecturers, and Classification of the Arbiters.

Also on agenda were the activities of the Commission, including online lectures for the new laws of Chess (in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish) and online Conference for the new laws of Chess.

The Commission presented the 5th issue of the "Arbiters’ Magazine" and the "2017 Arbiters’ Manual", and approved the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission’s Budget for 2017-2018.

The Trainers' Commission held the consultation session as the Councillors' Meeting already took place this summer in Montenegro. Due to the huge interest of the members and guests, the session was extended to last full two hours. Many relevant questions and competent proposals arrived from the floor, with the Chairman and the Secretary answering in detail.

The Commission of Chess Journalists reviewed the Media Regulations which should be forwarded to the Executive Board for the final approval. The Commission also reported on the progress on issuing the FIDE Journalist accreditations and the plans for the 2018 SportAccord Convention.

The Central Board of Commissions

The Marketing Committee

The Technical Commission

The Arbiters' Commission

The Trainers' Commission

The Commission of Chess Journalists

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