Arkady Dvorkovich elected FIDE President

FIDE - Wed, 10/03/2018 - 18:22
Mr Arkady Dvorkovich is elected new President of FIDE at the General Assembly in Batumi, Georgia.

Members of the Presidential Ticket of Arkady Dvorkovich are elected into office:

Bachar Kouatly – Deputy President
Sewa Enyonam Fumey – General Secretary
Mahir Mammedov – Vice President
Julio Granda Zuniga – Vice President
Zhu Chen – Treasurer
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Νέος πρόεδρος της ΦΙΝΤΕ ο Αρκάντι Ντβόρκοβιτς – η εκλογή έγινε πριν λίγο

Skakistiko - Wed, 10/03/2018 - 18:04

Η στιγμή που ανακοινώνεται το αποτέλεσμα της ψηφοφορίας στο Μπατούμι της Γεωργίας και τα φλας πέφτουν στον νέο εκλεγμένο πρόεδρο Ντβόρκοβιτς.

Η ομιλία του νέου προέδρου μετά τη γνωστοποίηση του αποτελέσματος.

Πριν από λίγα λεπτά ολοκληρώθηκε η ψηφοφορία στη ΦΙΝΤΕ και νέος πρόεδρος, έως το 2022, εκλέχτηκε ο Αρκάντι Ντβόρκοβιτς. Ο Ρώσος παράγοντας έλαβε 103 ψήφους έναντι 78 του Γ. Μακρόπουλου και μια άκυρη ψήφο. Ο τρίτος υποψήφιος Νάιτζελ Σορτ αποσύρθηκε λίγο πριν την ψηφοφορία υπέρ του Ντβόρκοβιτς. Μετά από μερικές δεκαετίες η ΦΙΝΤΕ αλλάζει, ουσιαστικά, διοίκηση. Χωρίς κανείς να είναι σε θέση βέβαια, μαντικά να γνωρίζει αν με την αλλαγή θα υπάρξει η επιθυμητή και αναγκαία καλυτέρευση.

Ο Ντβόρκοβιτς, στη σύντομη ομιλία του μετά την ανακοίνωση του αποτελέσματος τόνισε πως θα εξασφαλίσει στη θητεία του 5 εκ. δολάρια κάθε χρονιά για τη διεθνή ομοσπονδία και πως η ΦΙΝΤΕ θα βοηθά τις εθνικές ομοσπονδίες και όχι το αντίθετο.

* Περισσότερα θα ακολουθήσουν στα σχόλια καθώς η ειδησεογραφία τρέχει και το ποστ που συζητιόταν στο skakistiko όλους αυτούς τους μήνες το θέμα της εκλογής βρίσκεται εδώ

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TCEC Cup 2018 brackets

Chessdom - Tue, 10/02/2018 - 02:44

(function() { var bn = document.createElement('script'); bn.type = 'text/javascript'; bn.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + 'www.bracketsninja.com/api/bracket/c29eff1463a7f4881dd4cd1979530e60?bnurl=' + window.location.href; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(bn); })();

The first edition of TCEC Cup is coming this fall, with the top 32 engines in a knockout competition

The TCEC Cup will take place right after the Premier Division and before the Superfinal, the exact dates will be announced soon. It will be a knockout championship with 32 participants divided into brackets. Each participant will be seeded according to its standing in the TCEC league event with the #1 seed meeting the #32 seed, #2 meeting #31, etc.

The TCEC Cup will consist of a total of 31 matches divided into sixteenth-final, eighth-final, quarter-final, semi-final and final. For an engine to reach the TCEC Cup gold medal it must win a total of five matches. Both participants that lose the semi final will be awarded a bronze medal.

Each of the matches will consist of 4 pairs of games (8 games, every second with reversed colors and the same opening) with time control 30 mins + 10 sec. In case of an equal score after these games, pairs of tiebreak games with the same time control will be held until a winner is determined.

Here are all participants and the brackets for the competition. Find out more detailed information in the press release here

TCEC Season 13 official website / TCEC beta GUI /TCEC Twitch TV / Facebook page

TCEC Cup full participants list

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Serbia suspended from voting in FIDE elections

Chessdom - Mon, 10/01/2018 - 22:12

The FIDE Ethics Commission during the meetings held in Batumi, Georgia, made the decision regarding the Case no. 5/2018 – Alleged electoral irregularity in regard to the Serbian Chess Federation relating to sponsorship and substitution of delegate.

Excerpts from the decision:

Mr Cogoljevic and the Serbian Chess Federation are found guilty of a violation of art. 2.1 of the Code of Ethics (offer and acceptance of consideration with a view of influencing election into FIDE office) on the basis that the Serbian Chess Federation permitted Mr Cogoljevic’s appointment as delegate and agreed to a casting of his vote in the FIDE elections at his discretion in exchange for the conclusion of the sponsorship contract between the Serbian Chess Federation and Mr Cogoljevic’s educational institution;

Mr Dvorkovich is found not guilty on the complaint levelled against him under case no. 5/2018 for alleged violations of art. 2.1, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 and 2.2.11 of the Code of Ethics on the basis of the absence of sufficient proof, at the level of the ETH’s comfortable satisfaction, of an involvement by Mr Dvorkovich or his representatives in the substitution of the delegate for the Serbian Chess Federation and the conclusion of the sponsorship contract between the Serbian Chess Federation and Mr Cogoljevic’s educational institution;

Mr Cogoljevic is sanctioned in terms of art. 3.2 of the Code of Ethics with a temporary exclusion as delegate of the Serbian Chess Federation in FIDE and from any participation in FIDE meetings, in particular the General Assembly meeting and Presidential elections to take place in Batumi in the period 3 – 5 October 2018 and any assignment, re-assignment or receipt of proxies, for a period of 6 (six) months.

The Serbian Chess Federation is sanctioned in terms of art. 3.2 of the Code of Ethics with a temporary exclusion from membership as a FIDE national federation member (without affecting the rights of players, arbiters, trainers and clubs belonging to the Serbian Chess Federation from participating fully in sport activity) and any participation in FIDE meetings, in particular the General Assembly meeting and Presidential elections to take place in Batumi in the period 3 – 5 October 2018 and any assignment, reassignment or receipt of proxies, for a period of 6 (six) months.

The FIDE Forward team celebrated the victory:
“An important first legal win for our FIDE forward team on ETH case 5/2018 against the methods used by our rivals: Cogoljevic is sanctioned and excluded as delegate of the Serbian Chess Federation from the FIDE elections.”

Arkady Dvorkovich also celebrated the verdict:
“The FIDE Ethics Commission regarded everything thoroughly and, of course, I am satisfied with the decision regarding both myself personally and myself as FIDE presidential candidate.”

But in a slightly contradicting tone he added: “I have questions regarding the fairness of this decision” (on Serbian Chess Federation)

Journalist Goran Urosevic, who was one of the witnesses, said:
“I am glad that another attempt of influencing the FIDE elections by non-compliant means, after the infamous Glen Stark affair which I investigated with my colleagues, has miserably failed. It is no coincidence that people from the same group have been involved in both scandals. Unfortunately, the trouble for Serbia started with the visit of Dvorkovich-Ilyumzhinov representatives on 1st August.”

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89th FIDE Congress: Final list of those entitled to vote

FIDE - Mon, 10/01/2018 - 20:53

In accordance with the Electoral Regulations, the Electoral Commission has sent the final list of those entitled to vote to the FIDE Secretariat.

FIDE is publishing the final list as required by the FIDE Electoral Regulations.
  Final list of those entitled to vote (pdf)
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Police Report Filed in Batumi

Chessdom - Mon, 10/01/2018 - 16:51

On September 30, 2018, Georgios Makropoulos’ team filed a police report in Batumi regarding a case of alleged violence against his team.

The incident is described in the report below.

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Για την κάρτα υγείας αθλητή

Skakistiko - Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:35

Το πορτραίτο του γιατρού Γκασέ. Του Βίνσεντ βαν Γκογκ. Ο βαν Γκογκ έγραψε στην αδελφή του το 1890 σχετικά με τον πίνακα: “Έκανα το πορτρέτο του Μ. Γκασέ με μια μελαγχολική έκφραση, η οποία θα μπορούσε κάλλιστα να φαίνεται σαν ένας μορφασμός σε όσους το βλέπουν… “

Συζήτηση (που περιλαμβάνει πολλές πλευρές) στον σκακιστικό κόσμο έχει ανοίξει η απόφαση οι σκακιστές που αγωνίζονται να έχουν πιστοποιημένη κάρτα υγείας. Στο πλαίσιο αυτό, επισυνάπτω πρόσφατη επιστολή του ΣΟ Νέας Φιλαδέλφειας προς την ΓΓΑ. Η απόφαση είναι σαν κατεύθυνση φυσικά ορθή και επιβεβλημένη, αλλά οι παράμετροι της ελληνικής πραγματικότητας την περιπλέκουν γιατί οι γιατροί του δημοσίου προσπαθούν να αποφύγουν την ευθύνη. Είναι στην κυριολεξία που θα πέσεις. Εγκύκλιος από τα υπουργεία δεν έχει πάει.
Η επιστολή του ΣΟΝΦ κατατέθηκε ως αναφορά στη Βουλή. Με τον έναν ή άλλον τρόπο σπρώχνουν υποχρεωτικά για την κάρτα υγείας στους ιδιώτες που είδαν φως και έχουν κατακλύσει με προσφορές τους συλλόγους:

Αξιότιμοι Κύριοι

Με την παρούσα θέλουμε να επισημάνουμε πρόβλημα που αντιμετωπίσαμε στην πρώτη απόπειρα ανήλικου αθλητή μας να εκδώσει “Κάρτας Υγείας Αθλητή” όπως αυτή περιγράφεται στην ΚΥΑ με ΑΔΑ 61ΒΖ4653Π4-2Ω3, και για το οποίο έχουμε ενημερώσει σχετικά την Ελληνική Σκακιστική Ομοσπονδία στην οποία υπαγόμαστε.

Aθλήτρια του συλλόγου μας, 9 ετών, που επρόκειτο να συμμετάσχει με την ομάδα μας στο ομαδικό πρωτάθλημα παίδων κορασίδων στα τέλη Σεπτέμβρη, έκλεισε τακτικό ραντεβού με καρδιολόγο σε δημόσιο Κέντρο Υγείας, σε αρμονία με τα προβλεπόμενα στην ΚΥΑ. Ωστόσο ο ιατρός δε δέχθηκε να την εξετάσει. Η αιτίαση ήταν ότι δεν έχει κατάρτιση και αρμοδιότητα παιδοκαρδιολογου. Τα συγκεκριμένα στοιχεία είναι στη διάθεση του συλλόγου. Την ύπαρξη του προβλήματος μας επιβεβαίωσαν και άλλοι ιατροί.

Με βάση τα παραπάνω η μόνη διέξοδος για χιλιάδες παιδιά είναι τα εξωτερικά ιατρεία των νοσοκομείων παίδων -όπου και όσα υπάρχουν- και τελικά η προσφυγή στον ιδιωτικό τομέα. Το πρόβλημα περιπλέκεται από την ανάγκη έκδοσης ξεχωριστών Καρτών Υγείας -και όχι μιας ενιαίας- για τα διάφορα αθλήματα, ενώ θα είναι πολύ οξύτερο σε επαρχιακές πόλεις.

Έχουμε το ερώτημα γιατί το θέμα των ανήλικων αθλητών, ή έστω αυτών κάτω των 16 ετών, δε θα μπορούσε να διευθετηθεί με τρόπο παρόμοιο με αυτόν που προβλέπεται για την έκδοση Ατομικού Δελτίου Υγείας Μαθητή, διαδικασία από την οποία περνάνε σε ετήσια βάση όλοι οι μαθητές πρωτοβάθμιας και δευτεροβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης.

Παρακαλούμε για τις ενέργειές σας ώστε να διασφαλιστεί η έγκαιρη έκδοση και ανανέωσή της Κάρτας Υγείας για όλους τους αθλητές, ενήλικες και ανήλικους, χωρίς οικονομική επιβάρυνση των ίδιων και των σωματείων για τις προβλεπόμενες ιατρικές εξετάσεις.

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Caissa and FIDE Journalists Awards

FIDE - Sun, 09/30/2018 - 22:53
The FIDE Commission for Women's Chess (WOM) has held its meeting on 29th September in Hotel Sheraton, Batumi.

Thanks to the generous support of Lobortas Classical Jewelry House, the FIDE Commission for Women's Chess presented valuable cups for the performance for 2016 to GM Anna Muzychuk, Ukraine and for 2017 to GM Nana Dzagnidze, Georgia.

A formal letter of recognition was given to Mr. Lobortas for his continuous support to FIDE and WOM.

Dear Mr. Lobortas,

On behalf of FIDE the Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM), we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to you for the ongoing support to chess, and especially to women’s chess. It has been ten years since the cooperation started between FIDE and Lobortas Classical Jewelry House.

It all started back in 2008 when you, and your company, kindly offered to do the restoration of the then damaged Nona Gaprindashvili Cup. Since 2009, the Lobortas Classical Jewelry House sponsored countless elegant Cups to the winners of the Caissa Awards, as well as of the Grand Prix.

These valuable Cups are unique creations, made of precious silver and gemstone. Therefore, we believe that those are very important contribution to our beloved game, and its image in the world.Again, many thanks for your support, and we are looking forward to many more years of cooperation.

Susan Polgar
Co-Chairperson of WOM

Martha Fierro
Co-Chairperson of WOM

Caissa award for Anna Muzychuk

Susan Polgar handing the Caissa award for Nana Dzagnidze

WOM Commission meeting

FIDE Journalists Awards for 2017

The FIDE Commission of Chess Journalists (CCJ) held its meeting on 30th September 2018 in Hotel Sheraton, Batumi, with 19 persons in attendance.

After the report on activities by the Commission Secretary Anastasya Karlovich, the chess public was informed about the voting for the FIDE Journalists awards for the year 2017.

FIDE Commission of Chess Journalists meeting

FIDE Journalists award for the best chess news website goes to ChessBase, by unanimous vote of the Subcommittee formed to evaluate the nominations.

FIDE Journalists award for the best national chess federation website goes to Turkish Chess Federation website, with three votes for and one recusal.

The specially designed prizes were produced by the famous jewelry maker Lobortas House.

For the year 2016 two television houses were awarded - NTV (Russia) and NRK (Norway). For the year 2018 it is proposed to have awards for individuals in more categories. The prototype of such individual prize, also made by Lobortas House, was presented at the meeting.

Beautiful prizes for FIDE Journalists Awards

Precious Prize - FIDE Journalists Award 2017

According to the idea of the authors and creators, the award was designed on the principle of mirror reflections to be carrying the special significance of the fact that the mass media expressly reflect the world written about.

Being an object of the XXI century contemporary artistic jewelry, this prize is associated with the most modern mass media that quickly entered the modern life and became the most widely read information carriers.

The multifaceted composition and special "stereo" allusions convey the past, the present and are directed to the future in their forms and images.

Materials: silver, brass, sodalite

FIDE and Lobortas Classic Jewelry House

The Lobortas Сlassic Jewelry House and the World Chess Federation have been linked by a long-standing friendship that began in 2008, when the FIDE requested a restoration of the Nona Gaprindashvili Cup. This cup suffered significant damage during transportation due to the negligence of workers of one well-known foreign airline, and a valuable trophy was virtually destroyed. It took five months of careful work for the Lobortas Classic Jewelery House to restore the trophy. The most important thing was that the Cup was returned to the pristine appearance. Restoration of the Cup by the House of Lobortas was a gift to the FIDE and to the entire chess world.

The presentation of the renovated Nona Gaprindashvili Cup took place at the 80th FIDE Congress in Kallithea (Greece), dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the World Chess Federation of FIDE. In the course of the congressional meetings, the world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk made a proposal to revive the tradition of awarding the Caissa prize to the year's best female chess player. Design and creation of the Caissa Cup, the tournament's main trophy, was entrusted to the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House. A completely new creative approach by artisans and artists led to the creation of a unique precious silver and gemstone prize, the Caissa Cup, which also was a patron contribution of the jewelry house to the development of international chess sport. With the FIDE's support, a new scope of rewards – Big and Small Cups of Caissa – has been created at the initiative of the Lobortas Classic Jewelery House. The double-cup framework of the main sporting trophies has been introduced for the first time in the world practice. The Big Cup, intended to award the tournament winner ceremonially, is in the FIDE's ownership and may be applied for passing from federation to federation. In the moment of victory, the winner triumphantly holds the Big Cup of Caissa, and takes a small precious copy of the Cup forever.

The history's first winner of the Caissa Cup was Nadezhda Kosintseva, the world champion in chess. The world's best female chess player, ranked by FIDE 2009, got her award from the hands of the legendary Nona Gaprindashvili in 2010. To date, the holders of the Caissa Cup are Nadezhda Kosintseva, Judit Polgar, Mariya Muzychuk, and Hou Yifan (four times). During the congressional meeting of the Commission for Women's Chess within the Batumi Olympiad, Anna Muzychuk, the 2016 best female chess player, would receive her award, and Nana Dzagnidze, the newly chosen 2017 best female chess player, would be the owner of her own Caissa in international FIDE competitions agreed by the WOM leadership.

The leadership of the FIDE World Chess Federation has decided to create two categories in the Grand Prix series in women's and men's personal championship at its 84th Congress in October 2013 in Tallinn (Estonia). At the decision of the FIDE Women's Subcommittee, chaired by the world champion and grandmaster Susan Polgar, each of the awards represents two precious prizes – Big and Small cups made of silver, gold, and diamonds in the authorial development of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House.

On the Grand Prix Cup of FIDE, the names of the winners are to be engraved. The Grand Prix Cup of FIDE representing a reduced copy of the Big Cup is to be handed over to the winner forever. In case of the repeated victory, the year or years of the winning seasons are to be additionally engraved on the Small Cup.

For the first time in the prize series of FIDE Grand Prix, as well as chess award of Caissa, a new artistic and technical solution has been used – there is a seal on the stand of the Small Cup, which can be used by the winner in particularly significant cases. In addition, the winner can replace this seal with her own one or upgrade it to a new one in case of further victories. Such a decision of the main prize – the Cup – can gain popularity among other well-known and significant international awards. Thus, the Cups, created by the House of Lobortas are the objects of the XXI century jewelry art and gain a special historical value due to their owners' victories in the FIDE championships.

The history's first owners of the Grand Prix Cup were Hou Yifan from China and Fabiano Caruana from America.


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October 2018 FIDE Rating List

FIDE - Sun, 09/30/2018 - 22:26

FIDE publishes October 2018 FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.

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ETH Commission’s decision of today re Complaint concerning the Serbian Chess Federation

FIDE - Sun, 09/30/2018 - 15:07

FIDE herewith publishes the Ethics Commission’s decision of today regarding the Complaint concerning the Serbian Chess Federation (Ethics case no. 5/2018).

See full decision here

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89th FIDE Congress in Batumi

FIDE - Fri, 09/28/2018 - 20:10
The 89th FIDE Congress is taking place from 27th September to 5th October at the Sheraton Hotel in Batumi, Georgia.

The Congress is held concurrent with the 43rd Chess Olympiad.

During the first two days several FIDE Commissions concluded their sessions and are expected to submit reports and recommendations for the FIDE Executive Board and General Assembly.

The following FIDE Commissions/Committees held the meetings: Central Board of Commissions (CBC), Qualification Commission (QC), Small Nations, Commission for the Disabled (DIS), Technical Commission (TEC), Arbiters’ Commission (ARB), Ethics Commission (ETH), Events Commission (EVE), Marketing Committee and Commission for World Championships & Olympiads (WCO).

For 29th September scheduled are the following FIDE Commissions: Anti-Cheating Commission (ACC), Social Projects Commission (SPC), AIDEF, ECU Edu Commission, Commission for Women's Chess (WOM), Rules Commission (RC), Trainers' Commission (TRG) and Chess in Schools Commission (CIS).

WOM together with the sponsor Lobortas Classic Jewelry House will have the Caissa Award presentation ceremony on Saturday, September 29 at noon at the Sheraton hotel during the Commission meeting.

For 30th September scheduled are the following FIDE Commissions: Constitutional Committee (CON), Development Commission (DEV), Medical Commission (MED), Systems of Pairings and Programs (SPP), Commonwealth Chess Association, Commission of Chess Journalists (JOR), Ethics Commission (ETH), Social Action Commission (SAC), IberoAmerican Chess Association, Verification Commission (VER) and Online Commission (OLC).

FIDE Arbiters' Commission

FIDE Ethics Commission

The FIDE Executive Board is the only body to meet on 1st October, while on the following day will be held the Continental meetings of the Affiliated Organizations.

The last three days of the Congress, 3-5th October, are reserved for the FIDE General Assembly, when also the FIDE Presidential elections and Continental elections will take place.

For more information contact the FIDE Administrative Manager Mrs Polina Tsedenova at office@fide.com.

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World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2018

FIDE - Fri, 09/28/2018 - 15:24

FIDE World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad 2018 will be held in Konya, Turkey from 24 November to 3 December 2018.
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43rd Chess Olympiad: Announcement for Captains

FIDE - Fri, 09/28/2018 - 14:38


The Chair person of the Medical Commission, Dr. Jana Bellin, will be lecturing on Sunday, September 30th, at 3.30pm, in Arbiters’ Room of the Playing Hall 1, to explain recent developments in WADA, nutrition and developments in monitored substances (such as caffeine).

Following her lecture there will be an opportunity for questions.

All captains are welcome to attend, as are other interested persons.

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89th FIDE Congress: Re-assignment of proxies

FIDE - Wed, 09/26/2018 - 08:38

FIDE recommends that the following wording be used for the re-assignment of proxies:

"I, the Delegate of the federation of _______________________ [insert country], hereby re-assign the proxy that was assigned to me by the federation of _______________________ [insert country] to the Delegate of the federation of _______________________ [insert country] who is on the list published by FIDE on 4 September 2018 (or to his/her nominee, in case of re-assignment pursuant to Art. 5(A)(7) ER).

Date: _____________________

Name: ____________________

Signature: _________________"

The person re-assigning a proxy may, if they wish, mention the name of the Delegate to whom the proxy is re-assigned in the proxy re-assignment. They are not obliged to do so and may also simply mention the federation of the Delegate to whom the proxy is re-assigned.

Article 5(A)(7) of the Electoral Regulations provides as follows: “Every delegate is permitted to represent, besides his own, only one additional federation in the General Assembly. If (and only if) a delegate has been assigned two or more valid proxies, the delegate can re-assign the valid proxies over the one he is allowed under this Section until 17.00 h three days before the opening of the General Assembly. A proxy can be re-assigned only to the delegate of another federation who is on the list that is referred to in Section (3) above and it cannot be re-assigned to a federation who assigned or re-assigned it. A re-assignment cannot be revoked. […]”.

In the present case, re-assignments of proxies must be signed and delivered to the FIDE Secretariat by 30 September 2018 (@ 17.00 Batumi time).

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3ο Κύπελλο Ζάππας στη Λύση Προβλημάτων

Skakistiko - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 20:32

Του O.A. Brownson Jr. Ματ σε 2 κινήσεις.

Την Κυριακή 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018 (ώρα 11.00-13.30) θα πραγματοποιηθεί το 3οΚύπελλο «Ζάππας» στη Λύση Σκακιστικών Προβλημάτων, το οποίο είναι αφιερωμένο στον κορυφαίο Έλληνα συνθέτη σκακιστικών προβλημάτων Βύρωνα Ζάππα (από τους λίγους με τον τίτλο του γκρανμαίτρ στη σύνθεση). Μετά τις επιτυχημένες διοργανώσεις του Κυπέλλου Λύσης, που διεξάγεται στην αρχή της χρονιάς, στόχος του Κυπέλλου «Ζάππας» είναι να δώσει μια ακόμη ευκαιρία στους Έλληνες λύτες να δοκιμάσουν τις δυνάμεις τους και να καθιερωθεί και αυτό στο ελληνικό καλεντάρι του καλλιτεχνικού σκακιού.

Όπως και το Κύπελλο Λύσης, Το Κύπελλο «Ζάππας» είναι ένας διαγωνισμός που:

α) απευθύνεται τόσο σε έμπειρους λύτες όσο και σε σκακιστές που ελάχιστα ή και καθόλου έχουν ασχοληθεί με τα σκακιστικά προβλήματα

β) θα πραγματοποιηθεί ταυτόχρονα σε πολλές ελληνικές πόλεις, με κοινά θέματα και ενιαία βαθμολόγηση, ώστε να δοθεί η ευκαιρία σε περισσότερους σκακιστές να γνωρίσουν τον κόσμο του Καλλιτεχνικού Σκακιού.

Στο διαγωνισμό θα δοθούν προς λύση 12 προβλήματα από όλες τις «επίσημες» κατηγορίες (δηλ. δύο σε κάθε κατηγορία: ορθόδοξα δύο κινήσεων, ορθόδοξα τριών κινήσεων, ορθόδοξα περισσοτέρων κινήσεων, βοηθητικά, αντίστροφα και σπουδές) και οι διαγωνιζόμενοι θα προσπαθήσουν να λύσουν όσο περισσότερα μπορέσουν μέσα στο χρόνο των 2,5 ωρών.Τα μισά προβλήματα (το ένα κάθε κατηγορίας) έχουν επιλεγεί έτσι ώστε να είναι επιλύσιμα ακόμη και από άπειρους -στον τομέα αυτόν- σκακιστές, ενώ τα άλλα μισά είναι επιπέδου διεθνών διαγωνισμών. Φυσικά πολύ χρήσιμο έως απαραίτητο θα ήταν οι αρχάριοι στη λύση να κατατοπιστούν εκ των προτέρωνγια το είδος των προβλημάτων που θα αντιμετωπίσουν, τον τρόπο γραφής των απαντήσεων, τις συνθήκες κλπ. Για το σκοπό αυτό υπάρχει υλικό στην ιστοσελίδα: http://www.kallitexnikoskaki.blogspot.gr(με χρήση υπερσυνδέσμων επί της παρούσας προκήρυξης). Συγκεκριμένα: α) Περιγραφή όλων των επίσημων κατηγοριών και του τρόπου γραφής των λύσεων β) Ειδική αναφορά στα Βοηθητικά και τα Αντίστροφα γ) Διαδικτυακές προτάσεις για να βρείτε προβλήματα δ) Το γλαφυρό άρθρο του Παναγιώτη Κονιδάρη «η συνωμοσία των λυτών»: http://skakistiko.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/η-συνωμοσία-των-λυτών.pdfε) Λεπτομερέστερη και επιστημονικότερη παρουσίαση του Καλλιτεχνικού Σκακιού, για όσους ενδιαφέρονται να εμβαθύνουν στο θέμα.

Συνοπτική περιγραφή

Τα προβλήματα μοιράζονται τυπωμένα σε διαγράμματα. Ο κάθε λύτης τοποθετεί τις θέσεις στη σκακιέρα που του δίνεται (μπορεί να χρησιμοποιήσει και δικές του) και προσπαθεί να βρει τις λύσεις μετακινώντας, αν θέλει, τα κομμάτια.Καταγράφει τις απαντήσεις σε ειδικό φύλλο.

Βαθμολόγηση, βραβεύσεις, Elo

Οι απαντήσεις των λυτών όλης της χώρας θα συγκεντρωθούν και θα βαθμολογηθούν από τον «κεντρικό» διοργανωτή, ώστε να υπάρξει ενιαίος πίνακαςβαθμολογίας. Τα αποτελέσματα θα «μετρήσουν» για το Διεθνές Elo(του Καλλιτεχνικού Σκακιού, εννοείται). Ο πρώτος στην κατάταξη καθώς και ο πρώτος έφηβος [Προσοχή! Για τον ορισμό του «εφήβου»θα ακολουθήσουμε φέτος τον κανονισμό της WFCCπου περιλαμβάνει όποιον δεν κλείσει, μέσα στο 2018, τα 23του χρόνια] θα βραβευθούν με κύπελλα, ενώ οι επόμενοι δύο με μετάλλια. Μετάλλιο θα απονεμηθεί και στην πρώτη γυναίκα. Οι κατά τόπους Διευθυντές Αγώνων μπορούν προαιρετικάνα βαθμολογήσουν (ανεπίσημα) σε τοπικό επίπεδο τους λύτες της πόλης τους και να τους βραβεύσουν ανάλογα.

Ώρα έναρξης

Η ώρα έναρξης (11.00 π.μ.) θα τηρηθεί πολύ αυστηρά για ευνόητους λόγους (ανάγκη ταυτόχρονηςέναρξης σε όλες τις πόλεις). Συνιστούμε σε όσους δεν έχουν εμπειρία τέτοιων διαγωνισμών, να προσέλθουν αρκετά νωρίτερα(30-40 λεπτά) ώστε να λύσουν με άνεση τυχόν απορίες τους.

Πόλεις όπου θα διεξαχθούν Διαγωνισμοί:

  • ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ: Εντευκτήριο Σ.Κ. Κυβελείων “EnPassant(Αγίας Τριάδος 23 – Θεσσαλονίκη). Υπεύθυνη: Άννα Ηλιάδου, τηλ. 6946-768645, email: kiveliachess@gmail.com
  • ΠΑΤΡΑ: Παμπελοποννησιακό Στάδιο (Αίθουσα σκακιού), Πατρών-Κλάους 93. (Εξυπηρετούν τα λεωφορεία 2 και 7). Υπεύθυνοι: Αλέξανδρος Αλεξόπουλος, τηλ. 6983-520780 email: aagdalex@gmail.comκαι Ράνια Κυδωνιάτη, e-mail: info@sopatron.gr
  • ΑΛΙΜΟΣ (ΑΘΗΝΑ): “Ευπαλίνειο” Επαγγελματικό Λύκειο (ΕΠΑΛ) Αλίμου(αίθουσα εκδηλώσεων), Πάτμου 1 και Δωδεκανήσου(είσοδος από Πάτμου 1), (5 λεπτά με τα πόδια από το σταθμό μετρό της Ηλιούπολης (κόκκινη γραμμή)).Υπεύθυνος: Δημήτρης Σκυριανόγλου, τηλ. 6973-039006,email: dimiski@di.uoa.gr
  • ΧΑΝΙΑ: Λέσχη Α.Ο. «Κύδων» Χανίων, Εθνικό Στάδιο Χανίων (είσοδος από οδό Κοραή). Υπεύθυνος: Νίκος Σγουρός, τηλ. 6978-777543,email: nsg1971@yahoo.gr
  • ΠΡΕΒΕΖΑ: Εθνικής Αντίστασης και Κολοβού,Υπεύθυνος: Ανδρέας Αθανασιάδης, τηλ. 6973-240377, email: andrewathanassiadis@gmail.com
  • ΕΡΜΟΥΠΟΛΗ Σύρου: Αφροδίτης 2(εντευκτήριο Σ.Σ. Σύρου): Υπεύθυνος: Μιχάλης Κεραμιώτης, τηλ: 6937-313878, email: slowhand@otenet.gr
  • ΣΑΜΟΣ: Στο Βαθύ Σάμου (Μανιάκειο). Υπεύθυνος: Δημήτρης Δαγκλής, τηλ: 6946-951431, email: ddaglis@hotmail.com
  • ΔΡΑΜΑ: Εντευκτήριο Σκακιστικού Ομίλου Δράμας  (25ης Μαρτιου 2α).Υπεύθυνος: Χρήστος Δεμιρτζόγλου, τηλ: 6945-499800,email: sidchris@gmail.com
  • ΑΓ. ΚΗΡΥΚΟΣ Ικαρίας: Έδρα του Συλλόγου «Ιωάννης Μελάς», αίθουσα Ζήση, πεζόδρομος Αγ. Κηρύκου. Υπεύθυνη: Κατερίνα Διαμαντάκου, τηλ: 6946-821881, email: katerikaria@hotmail.gr
  • ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ:Επιμελητήριο Ευβοίας(2ος όροφος, αίθουσα εκδηλώσεων), Ελ. Βενιζέλου 12. (χάρτης εδώ). Υπεύθυνος: Γιώργος Τσουνής, τηλ. 6932-274274, e-mail:tsounisg@gmail.com

Σημείωση: Αν βρεθούν διοργανωτές και σε άλλες πόλεις αυτές θα προστεθούν τις προσεχείς ημέρες

Υπεύθυνος για τη διοργάνωση είναι ο Δημήτρης Σκυριανόγλου(στοιχεία επικοινωνίας πιο πάνω). Την επιλογή των προβλημάτων και τη βαθμολόγηση έχει αναλάβει ο Παναγιώτης Κονιδάρης. Για κάθε ζήτημα που δεν προβλέπεται από την παραπάνω προκήρυξη, αρμόδια να αποφασίσει είναι τριμελής επιτροπή που αποτελείται από τους κ.κ. Νίκο Μενδρινό, Χάρη Φουγιαξή και Δημήτρη Σκυριανόγλου.



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An Indian and Colombian engagement at the Batumi Olympiad

Chessdom - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 16:31

Niklesh Jain of India proposes to Angela Franco of Colombia minutes before the start of 2nd round of the Batumi Olympiad 2018!

It was a surprise for Angela, while Niklesh had planned it all! An amazing moment not just for Niklesh and Angela but the chess community in general.

A Colombian got engaged to an Indian at the biggest possible event in chess where people from 189 countries are taking part! Gens Una Sumus!

Video by ChessBase India

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ETH Commission decides that Application for Provisional measures against Mr. Makropoulos falls to be dismissed

FIDE - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 14:32

FIDE Ethics Commission (ETH) unanimously decides to dismiss the application for Provisional Measures in the complaint against Mr. Makropoulos by Messrs Dvorkovich, Kouatly, Granda Zuniga, Furney and Mammedov, as well as Ms Chen.

See full decision

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Seminars at Hilton Hotel

FIDE - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 10:14

Seminars at Hilton Hotel

Seminar for International Organizers     25, 26, 27 September 9:30 – 12:30 Rustaveli 1             FIDE Trainers’ Seminar     26, 27, 28 September 16:00 – 17:30 Lazica, Ushba 29 September 11:00 – 21:00 Lazica, Ushba             FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar     26, 27 September 9:30 – 12:30 Egrisi 29 September 9:30 – 12:30 / 17:00 – 21:00 Egrisi 30 September 9:30 – 12:30 Egrisi 1 October 9:30 – 13:00 Egrisi             Seminar for School Instructors     24, 25, 26, 27 September 15:00 – 19:00 Armazi       ECU School Chess Teacher Course     30 September 9:30 Kazbegi 1 September 9:30 Kazbegi

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89th FIDE Congress: List of Proxies

FIDE - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 09:11

The following proxies were approved by the Electoral Commission:

Proxy to Kouatly, Bachar (France Delegate)
Proxy to Sundar, Damal Villivalam (India Delegate)
Proxy to Vega Fernandez, Jorge (Guatemala Delegate)
Proxy to Makropoulos, Georgios (Greece Delegate)
Proxy to Pein, Malcolm (England Delegate)
Proxy to Makropoulos, Georgios (Greece Delegate)
Proxy to Wanjala, Benard (Kenya Delegate)
Proxy to Sarhan Al Muaini (UAE Delegate)
Proxy to Sundar, Damal Villivalam (India Delegate)
Proxy to Gluhovsky, Mark (Russia Delegate)
Proxy to Al-Susi, Rajai N (Palestine Delegate)
Proxy to Makropoulos, Georgios (Greece Delegate)
Proxy to Alamiri, Adel (Kuwait Delegate)
Proxy to Sundar, Damal Villivalam (India Delegate)
Proxy to Makropoulos, Georgios (Greece Delegate)
Saudi Arabia  
Proxy to Borg, Geoffrey (Malta Delegate)
Proxy to Makropoulos, Georgios (Greece Delegate)
Proxy to Al-Mudahka, Mohd (Qatar Delegate)
Proxy to Msukwa, Kezzie (Malawi Delegate)

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43rd World Chess Olympiad started in Batumi

FIDE - Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:38
The long anticipated 43rd World Chess Olympiad began today at the brand new Batumi Sports Palace with the games of the first round.

A record breaking 185 teams compete in the Open Section, while the Women Section has 151 teams participating.

President of Georgia Mr Giorgi Margvelashvili attended the first round of the 43rd Chess Olympiad at the Batumi Sports Palace and made the first symbolic move for the Georgian top player GM Baadur Jobava in the game against GM Yehuda Gruenfeld.

Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia Mr Mikheil Batiashvili also attended the beginning of the games, having an honor to make the first symbolic move for the Georgian star Nana Dzagnidze in the game against Wang Chengjia of South Korea.

President of Georgia Mr Giorgi Margvelashvili making the first move for Baadur Jobava

Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia Mr Mikheil Batiashvili making the first move for Nana Dzagnidze

Joining the President of Georgia were FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos, ECU President and Head of the State Commission for organizing the 43rd Chess Olympiad Zurab Azmaiparashvili Georgian Chess Federation President and Charmain of the Organizing Committee Giorgi Giorgadze and other officials. A press conference devoted to the start of the Chess Olympiad was held afterwards. Brief statements are posted below.

As usual in the events run by Swiss pairing system, the first round saw the top seeded teams facing the lower rated opposition.

The team of Angola

Most of the world's best players participating in the Olympiad sat out of the first round. USA and Russia defeated Panama and Uganda respectively by maximum 4-0 score.

However, on the third table China conceded one point to Morocco as CM Mohamed-Mehdi Aithmidou beat GM Li Chao b. Azerbaijan allowed half a point to IPCA, as well as India to El Salvador and Ukraine to Zambia.

Angola took two draws from England and Madagascar achieved the same against Hungary.

The team of Azerbaijan

In the Women Section Ukraine and India were convincing, while Russia and China dropped half a point each to Costa Rica and Tajikistan.

Roza Eynula from South Korea stunned Lela Javakhisvhili from the hosting country Georgia's first team. Also Albania snatched one point from France as WCM Rozana Gjergji beat IM Sophie Milliet.

The 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi started successfully for all six of the Georgian teams. Georgia 1 in the women section outplayed against South Korea with 3-1, but Javakhisvhili lost her first game. Georgia 1 in the Open section defeated ICCD with 3,5-0,5 score. Baadur Jobava, who won the golden medal on the 1st board at the previous Chess Olympiad in Baku, gave half a point in the match.

Georgia 3 team in Open and Georgia 3 in the Women section won easily against Macau and Seychelles respectively with the 4-0 score.
As for the second teams, Georgia 2 in Women section have won 4:0 without any hesitation against South Africa and Georgia 2 in Open scored 3,5-0,5 against Liechtenstein.

Results, standings, pairings and multimedia on the official website of the 43rd Chess Olympiad

Press conference devoted to the start of the Chess Olympiad was attended by Georgian Chess Federation President and Charman of the Organizing Committee Giorgi Giorgadze, ECU President and Head of the State Commission for organizing the 43rd Chess Olympiad Zurab Azmaiparashvili and FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos.

FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos:
Georgia is a country of great chess tradition. At one point when the Soviet team was winning the Women Olympiad, it was composed entirely of Georgians. Of course, there were also strong male players, I am sitting here between two Grandmasters, ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili and GCF President Giorgi Giorgadze. And together they have organized many great events, for women and men, of continental and world level.

ECU President and Head of the State Commission for organizing the 43rd Chess Olympiad Zurab Azmaiparashvili:
Georgian hospitality is well known and I believe the Olympiad is a perfect opportunity to present our country, to brand our country. And this is the reason why we had such an opening ceremony, which was highly praised by everybody, because beside our hospitality we wanted to present our culture to the world. With so many countries here at the Olympiad, Batumi and Georgia will benefit a lot, as I believe that when our guests return to their homes, they will pass a message that Georgia is peaceful country with great people welcoming the tourists from all over the world.

Georgian Chess Federation President and Charmain of the Organizing Committee Giorgi Giorgadze:
The Olympiad is a great opportunity for Georgia to become known all over the world. I agree with Mr Azmaiparashvili and Mr Makropoulos that yes, we might feel a little exhausted at this moment, but three months from now we will be seeking for new organizational challenges and what could we do next. After organizing the event of such level as is Olympiad, the next event will be a relaxation for us.

Minister Mikheil Batiashvili giving the interviews

Photos by David Llada, Lana Afandiyeva and Goran Urosevic

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