Letter of the President of Ukrainian Chess Federation

Chessdom - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 22:35

Dear Chess Friends,

The circumstances around the election of FIDE President encourage me to address my colleagues with this letter.

I have always called interested federations and FIDE authorities for paying attention to the urgent need for reforms in FIDE management and transparent interaction with sponsors and companies that would like to cooperate with FIDE on a mutually beneficial basis.

Unfortunately, the former FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov categorically rejected any attempts to modernize FIDE management and decision-making system, and interaction with the external structures remained on the President’s sole discretion. Attempts to limit the possibility to run the Presidential election for two times were also unsuccessful. All these circumstances could not but lead to stagnation and crisis inside of the Federation.

At the same time, I believe that the suspension of Mr. Ilyumzhinov and the election of a new President give chance to change this situation, especially if constructive and pragmatic forces unite to prevent the continuation of the disastrous policy pursued by Mr. Ilyumzhinov for a long period.

Viktor Kapustin

However, apparently, one of the contenders for the post of President, Mr. Dvorkovich is going to proceed with the same destructive policy. Numerous reports indicate that Mr. Ilyumzhinov’s team, which has been placed at Mr. Dvorkovich’s disposal, intends to use the same methods of conducting the election campaign that have been used repeatedly in the past, namely, involving Russian state structures, embassies and other institutions to promote Mr. Dvorkovich’s candidacy and “persuading” the Federations in need to vote for Mr. Dvorkovich.

Probably, in the process of this “persuasion” the same methods, tested by Russian “persuasion experts” in many other cases, in particular when interacting with FIFA, will be used. Let me remind you that most of the former FIFA leadership, who has been imprudently responsive to Moscow proposals, are in prison now, under criminal prosecution, sanctions or have been shamefully resigned.

The fact that the Kremlin is behind the candidacy of Mr. Dvorkovich and his team is not doubtful.

There are numerous facts proving the attempts to bribe and pressure from Mr. Dvorkovich and his associates, as well as state and non-state structures of Russia, to guide a number of federations. The invitation of the leaders of some federations to the matches of the World Cup (with expenses paid of course), the announcement that charter flights will be organized for the transportation of delegates to the General Assembly in Batumi and the promises of certain business proposals to chess federation presidents or delegates – what are all these, if not direct bribery.

Furthermore, President Putin’s direct appeal to the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu with the request to support the candidacy of Mr. Dvorkovich by the Israeli federation, and his offer to give as an exchange support for the organization of a sports event, should be considered as a “favor for a favor” and as the height of pressure and interference in the affairs of the independent FIDE. Needless to say, such actions are against the principles of electoral integrity which any sports organization recognized by IOC should stick to, including FIDE.

It is possible to say with certainty that if Mr. Dvorkovich is elected, FIDE would become a kind of corporation where Putin’s Russia will be the main shareholder, and FIDE President elections will turn into fiction for many decades, as happened with the presidential elections in Russia itself.

I wish also to remind you that Mr. Dvorkovich himself has been included in the pre-Sanctions List of the US Treasury, published on January 30, 2018, which means that sanctions against him can be activated at any moment. It is definitely not in favor of the world chess.

Some of our colleagues nominated Nigel Short for the President of FIDE. I respect their choice. However, in the current situation, I would like to draw your attention to the following circumstances. Grandmaster Short and the team behind him are respected by the chess community.

At the same time, the reality is that Mr. Short cannot count on victory in this electoral cycle. I am sure that even the most loyal of his supporters would agree with this. Objectively, the participation of Grandmaster Short in the elections works in favor of Mr. Dvorkovich and nourishes his hopes to win elections and continue the policy of his predecessor only in a more pro-Kremlin orientation.

I also realize that the candidacy of acting FIDE President Mr. Georgios Makropoulos causes a mixed reaction among some of our colleagues, including Short’s team. However, considering current circumstances and being a realist, I have to state that only Mr. Makropoulos is able to defend FIDE’s independence and resist the attempt of Russia to absorb the Federation.

Addressing my colleagues, I call for the proactive and healthy forces of FIDE and Federations to unite in order to protect the ideals and values of FIDE.

I am sure that there are no issues that can be unsolved if there is a good will and that now is the moment when tactical differences should be subordinated to the achievement of a common strategic goal.

I highly appreciate your time and attention.

Yours faithfully,

Viktor Kapustin
President of Ukrainian Chess Federation

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#KirsanGate story

May 5: Virtual candidate on Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s ticket?
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Adams wins 105th British Championship 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:18

The 105th British Championship took place from July 28-August 5 in the City Hall of Hull, England. It was a nine-round Swiss which had 66 players, including 14 grandmasters.
GM Michael Adams took the lead after he defeated in round 7 GM Gawain Jones with 6 points.
In round 8 he drew against GM Nicholas Perth, which allowed to GM David Howell to catch him with both on 6.5 out of 8.
In the last round Howell lost to Luke McShane. Adams was doing well against GM Danny Gormally but allowed his opponent to get away with a draw.

That meant a tie between Adams and McShane for first place, and a playoff was needed.

First, two rapid games were played with 20 minutes and 10 seconds increment. Adams won the first one easy and in the second game also was winning. But having total control he blundered and lost, which meant another two games of five minutes plus three seconds increment.

This time Adams kept his nerves and won both games, winning his 6th title.

IM Jovanka Houska was the best woman with 5 points.
CM Thomas Villiers won the Major Open event with 7.5 out of 9.

Replay the games here

Final standings

1.Adams Michael 7
2.Mcshane Luke J 7
3.Howell David Wl 6,5
4.Jones Gawain Cb 6,5
5.Pert Nicholas 6
6.Fodor Tamas Jr 6
7.Ghasi Ameet K 6
8.Gormally Daniel W 6
9.Fernandez Daniel H 6
10.Arkell Keith C 6
Eggleston David J 6
Hawkins Jonathan 5,5
Tan Justin Hy 5,5
Wells Peter K 5,5
Palliser Richard Jd 5,5
Trent Lawrence 5,5
Mcphillips Joseph 5,5
Roberson Peter T 5,5
Adair James R 5
Ward Chris G 5
Hebden Mark L 5
Houska Jovanka 5
Macklin Paul 5
Zakarian David 5
Kalavannan Koby 5
Pritchett Craig W 5
Emms John M 4,5
Bradbury Neil H 4,5
Fitzsimons David 4,5
Derakhshani Borna 4,5
Webb Laurence E 4,5
Kolbus Dietmar 4,5
Zapolskis Antanas 4,5
Wall Tim P 4,5
Kalaiyalahan Akshaya 4,5
Payne Matthew J 4,5
Pollack Oscar 4,5
Young Daniel J 4,5
Murphy Conor E 4
Toma Katarzyna 4
Britton Richard 4
Rudd Jack 4
Tozer Philip Aa 4
Maroroa Sue Y 4
Krzyzanowski Patryk 4
Mcdougall William M 4
Miller Dominic 4
Muir Andrew J 3,5
Abdulla Murad 3,5
Moore Graham J 3,5
Longson Sarah N 3,5
Jarmany John 3,5
Verma Aditya 3,5
Jackson Sheila 3,5
Iyengar Ilya 3,5
Burke Mitchell R 3
Mcmichael Richard J 2,5
Waddington Mike P 2,5
Sugden John N 2,5
Price Gwilym T 2,5
Ratnesan Ranesh 2,5
Thurlow Kevin J 2,5
De Coverly Roger D 2,5
Jamroz Krzysztof 2
Anderton David W 0
Stephenson David W 0

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Mislata Open 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 17:14

The Mislata Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 6-12 August 2018 in Mislata, Spain. Venue is Centro Sociocultural “La Fábrica”. C/ Felipe Bellver,43. Mislata.
The tournament is divided in 3 sections. Open A over 2100, Open B 1900 to 2100 and Open C U 1900.

Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Open Dutch Youth Championships 2018

Chessdom - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 15:22

The Open Dutch Youth Championships are taking place from 6-11 August 2018 in Borne.
There will be 3 categories U20, U16 and U 14.
9-round Swiss tournaments and players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Georgian visas can be obtained via electronic visa portal from today

FIDE - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 12:11

Important Information Regarding Visa Procedures and Border Cross

Participants from the countries requiring visa in order to travel to Georgia should submit the request for Electronic Visa through the official visa portal via the following link: https://www.evisa.gov.ge/GeoVisa/ 

Please note, visa portal is already open for all participating countries and you can already submit the visa request from today. Please select “CHESS OLYMPIAD 2018” in the “Purpose of Visit”.

Price for the e-visa 20 USD per person should be paid at the e-visa website after fulfilment of the registration.

No VISA is required to travel to Georgia for the following countries:

Schengen area countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

Other countries: Albania, Montenegro, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Croatia, Cyprus, San Marino, Serbia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Argentina, Turkey, Moldova, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, United States of America, Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, Iran, Jordan, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Botswana, Mauritius, South Africa, Seychelles, Mauritania, Aruba.

Please note, that the participants holding valid visa and/or residence permission of the following countries are allowed of visa free travel to Georgia: Schengen countries, United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Qatar, Canada, South Korea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

IMPORTANT: Special arrangements will be made for participants from Kosovo and Chinese Taipei. The Organizing Committee will contact you with the detailed information.

IMPORTANT: Furthermore, please note that in case you have travelled to the Territory of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia or The Tskhinvali Region (territory of the former South Ossetia Autonomous Region) and have a stamp in your passport, according to the “LAW OF GEORGIA ON OCCUPIED TERRITORIES”: (Article 4, point 2) “Entry of the occupied territories by foreign citizens and stateless persons shall be prohibited… violation of this requirement shall lead to punishment under the Criminal Law of Georgia”.

In case of any additional questions regarding the visa procedures and border cross please contact the visa support team of the Organizing Committee via the following e-mail: visa@batumichess.com.


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Riga Technical University Open 2018

Chessdom - Sun, 08/05/2018 - 19:10

8th international chess festival „Riga Technical University Open 2018” will take place on August 6th – 12th in already traditional venue – international exhibition centre “Kipsala” (8 Kipsalas Street) located across the bridge from the city center.

This year we will keep the changes that we introduced last year since they were even more successful than anyone could expect, bringing the total number of chess players participating in classical chess tournaments at the same time to record breaking 655.

The same five classical chess tournaments as last year will be organized. Any chess player starting from an internationally known top class GM to a beginner is welcome to find an appropriate tournament for him or her. The tournament A – the Grandmaster Open will have GM, IM, WGM and WIM norms. Last year the biggest names of the festival were Latvian GM Alexei Shirov, Indian GM Krishnan Sasikiran, GM Ilja Smirin and GM Tamir Nabaty from Israel and GM Daniel Fridman representing Germany. Many other strong GMs participated, including GM Vladimir Onischuk who managed to win this very strong event. The main tournament gathered 319 participants from 41 countries including 42 GMs and 176 titled players. Tournament A will be 7 days long, the same for tournament B (ELO until 2299 and Latvian rating until 2399), but Tournaments C (ELO until 2199 and Latvian rating until 2299) and D (ELO until 1900) will take place during weekend – Thursday-Sunday and will be 4 days long. Tournament E (Up to ELO 1600) will be the shortest one of the classical tournaments and will take only 3 days – Friday till Sunday. Let me remind you that time limit for the Tournament E is adjusted for players that have not yet used to very long classical games and will be 30 minutes + 30 per move for each player. All tournaments are FIDE rated.

We have introduced one more blitz tournament for those who do not have enough chess during our festival. The first blitz tournament will take place on Wednesday morning while the second one traditionally will be played after the closing ceremony.

This year the total prize fund that is planned to be 20 500 EUR with the 1st prize in the tournament A of 2500 EUR.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine
– Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish

Starting list

1 Kovalenko Igor
2 Bluebaum Matthias
3 Donchenko Alexander
4 Hovhannisyan Robert
5 Predke Alexandr
6 Smirin Ilia
7 Svane Rasmus
8 Esipenko Andrey
9 Stocek Jiri
10 Schroeder Jan-Christian
11 Petrosyan Manuel
12 Kulaots Kaido
13 Ter-Sahakyan Samvel
14 Kollars Dmitrij
15 Zakhartsov Viacheslav V.
16 Praggnanandhaa R
17 Lobanov Sergei
18 Repka Christopher
19 Meshkovs Nikita
20 Demidov Mikhail
21 Dragnev Valentin
22 Annaberdiev Meilis
23 Maiorov Nikita
24 Pavlov Sergey
25 Thybo Jesper Sondergaard
26 Gholami Aryan
27 Anurag Mhamal
28 Usmanov Vasily
29 Kaczur Florian
30 Abdumalik Zhansaya
31 Gretarsson Helgi Ass
32 Leenhouts Koen
33 Laurusas Tomas
34 Miezis Normunds
35 Kozionov Kirill
36 Pultinevicius Paulius
37 Gorodetzky David
38 Haria Ravi
39 Merry Alan B
40 Garriga Cazorla Pere
41 Carlsson Pontus
42 Duzhakov Ilya
43 Kjartansson Gudmundur
44 Cruz Lledo Pablo
45 Pechac Jergus
46 Bryakin Mikhail
47 Sadhwani Raunak
48 Yankelevich Lev
49 Samolins Vitalijs
50 Korchmar Vasiliy
51 Ruiz Castillo Joshua Daniel
52 Fenil Shah
53 Berzinsh Roland
54 Wenninger Philipp
55 Bernotas Arturs
56 Seeman Tarvo
57 Gokerkan Cem Kaan
58 Kreisl Robert
59 Lagunow Raphael
60 Lapshun Yury
61 Pershin Denis
62 Miedema David
63 Martin Julian
64 Schekachikhin Maksim
65 D`costa Lorin A R
66 Krupenski Juri
67 Akesson Ralf
68 Gorbatov Alexej
69 Hansen Mads
70 Krivonosov Oleg
71 Rostgaard Tobias Valentin
72 Rakesh Kumar Jena
73 Seyb Alexander
74 Saveliev Alexei
75 Jackson James P
76 Chekletsov Ilya
77 Anand Nadar
78 Sinz Bernhard
79 Nikitenko Mihail
80 Sirosh Ilja
81 Hedman Erik
82 Shishkov Andrei
83 Stark Lars
84 Srinath Rao S.V.
85 Sai Agni Jeevitesh J
86 Kulkarni Rakesh
87 Jablonicky Martin
88 Haubro Martin
89 Nesterov Arseniy
90 Dedebas Emre Emin
91 Quillan Gary
92 Oboladze Luka
93 Konguvel Ponnuswamy
94 Sawlin Leonid
95 Rietze Clemens
96 Dhulipalla Bala Chandra Prasad
97 Mustaps Matiss
98 Pogosyan Stefan
99 Sergienko Sergey
100 Krykun Yuriy
101 Thakur Akash
102 Stepins Edgars
103 Narva Mai
104 Chittka Julius
105 Dordzhieva Dinara
106 Faibisovich Vadim Z
107 Mishuchkov Nikolai M.
108 Smirnov Timofey
109 Borisovsky Dmitry
110 Zatonskih V.
111 Vovk Ilja
112 Solozhenkina Elizaveta
113 Vaishali R
114 Chukavin Kirill
115 Lavendelis Egons
116 Meessen Rudolf
117 Kuznecovs Nikita
118 Plueg Andreas
119 Modler Andreas Dr.
120 Tanriverdi Enes
121 Thogersen Rasmus
122 Rogule Laura
123 Gurvich Vitaly
124 Hjelmas Lars
125 Kuzmin Egor
126 Sorensen Hampus
127 Arnold Max
128 Stauskas Lukas
129 Pogan Nikolas
130 Jacobs Florian
131 Saulespurens Valdis
132 Bluebaum Karl-Ernst
133 Makoveev Ilya
134 Cherepov Alexej
135 Pulkkinen Kari
136 Severina Maria
137 Semjonovs Ilja
138 Marzano Carlo
139 Kretainis Kristaps
140 Mierins Eriks
141 Petrov Dmitri
142 Gorodetzky Matan
143 Juknis Paulius
144 Polatel Ali
145 Volotovsky Kirill
146 Valner Uku
147 Kholopov Alexander A.
148 Berzina Ilze
149 Manafov Vugar
150 Chibukhchyan Erik
151 Holland James P
152 Priyanka Nutakki
153 Schulze Andreas
154 Chernyak Viktoria
155 Laustsen Lars
156 Haavamae Henrik
157 Issakainen Ari
158 House Glenn L
159 Ungurs Edgars
160 Bolsakovs Vadims
161 Pedoson Georg Aleksander
162 Kerem Halil Ozgun
163 Kukk Sander
164 Player Edmund C
165 Moksh Amit Doshi
166 Krustkalns Kristaps
167 Huber Philipp
168 Zhuravlev Stepan
169 Isik Alparslan
170 Vicas Marijus
171 Kusenkova Natallia
172 Atkinson Paul
173 Linsenmeyer Mario
174 Emdin Mark
175 Chekletsov Egor
176 Ivanov Platon-Jaan
177 Breivik Lars
178 Farmani Anosheh Yasha
179 Smirnova Ekaterina
180 Rasa Gints
181 Tishova Svetlana
182 Osis Renars
183 Sucikova Svetlana
184 Agafonov Yuri Dr
185 Kuhn Ulf
186 Martinkus Rolandas
187 Radkov Bazhen D.
188 Stewart Ashley
189 Henriksen Geir I
190 Ghazarian Kirk
191 Okuyaz Duru
192 Baginskaite Camilla
193 Narva Jaan
194 Adocchio Giampiero Dr.
195 Poysti Nathanael
196 Etxagibel Larranaga Asier
197 Sanchez Ruesga Hector
198 Lahav Michal
199 Zhukov Anton
200 Valantiejus Vaidotas
201 Pogrebnojs Dmitrijs
202 Polyakov Fedor
203 Sarbay Aleksandr
204 Mitrandzas Athanasios
205 Leidorf Sebastian
206 Narva Triin
207 Erneste Inguna
208 Korolev Alexandr
209 Otikova Elina
210 Bekasovs Rihards
211 Efremov Vladislav
212 Hrbek Stepan
213 Lakuntza Plazaola Asier.
214 Lumiste Rene
215 Stepanyan Eva
216 Tsiganova Monika
217 Garabetyan Arno
218 Ilyuchyk Yana
219 Seyhanoglu Deniz
220 Yapar Nedim
221 Lochte Thomas
222 Korchagin Oleg
223 Danielmeier Ralf
224 Makka Ioulia
225 Ludvigsen Frode
226 Waffenschmidt Joachim
227 Buiza Prieto Eihartze
228 Limanovska Elizabete
229 Stasans Aivars
230 Brown Thomas
231 Luessmann Thomas
232 Nilssen Ellen Fredericia
233 Kaliadzich Maryia
234 Suhanovskis Sergejs
235 Orshonova Elena
236 Brikers Aleksandrs
237 Alquist Erik
238 Gorozhankina Julia
239 Zhou Aiden
240 Bedenko Nikita
241 Jazdanovs Aleksandrs
242 Sinitsina Anastassia
243 Prigodin Ruslan
244 Gower Sam
245 French Max
246 Maza Lopez De Los M. Santiago
247 Kolesnikovs Ivans
248 Mitskevich Yauheniya
249 Knecht Guntram
250 Papadimitriou Loukas
251 Tromp Paul
252 Batashevs Arsens
253 Hund Sarah
254 Jayaram R.
255 Suez-Panama Gilles
256 Zukauskas Arnas Povilas
257 Gudovskis Konstantins
258 Kolasa Pjotrs
259 Spiranec Noemi
260 Makhija Aashna
261 Schmitt Carsten
262 Gokcek Kursat Bugra
263 Montero Campuzano Rafael
264 Mulay Pratik
265 Fathallah Joe
266 Vaskevicius Augustas
267 Bluebaum Johanna
268 Krupa Miroslav
269 Gula Julian
270 Tomte Asbjorn
271 Titov Alexander
272 Heinsohn Michael
273 Said Oliver
274 Nair Sanjeev
275 Bashkansky Naomi
276 Ozguner Hakki Ata
277 Poulos Georgios
278 Golubovskis Maksims
279 Borondo Garcia Raul
280 Di Candia Roberto
281 Ocko Dominik
282 Shourya Jain
283 Parhomenko Margarita
284 Horobrijs Daniils
285 Zvereva Margarita
286 Francois-Haugrin Said
287 Ungure Liga
288 Caliskan Seha
289 Mota Pankit
290 Bourgeois William
291 Petrovs Jaroslavs
292 Uibokant Mathias Robert
293 Povilaitis Tomas
294 Dhruv Easwar
295 Jarabek Milan
296 Altunbay Onder
297 Prudent Sylvio
298 Zverev Lev
299 Dathie Jean-Francois
300 Vitins Janis
301 Leonova Ameliya
302 Jacobs Oliver
303 Alcindor Samuel
304 Velagapudi Vihan

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Duany wins Famalicão Open 2018

Chessdom - Sun, 08/05/2018 - 19:01

The 6th edition of the International Tournament of Famalicense City ended, 9 rounds and 121 participating chess players provided great chess games in the Municipal Library of the city, which was also the last event of the National Circuit of Classics of the FPX referring to the season 2017- 2018.

The Cuban Lelys Duany won in the 6th edition of the competition having achieved 7.5 points out of 9.
Five players shared second place with 7 points and the best tie-break went to GM Kevin Spraggett.
Third place was for GM Vladimir Petkov.

Replay the games here

Final standings

1 Duany Lelys Stanley Martinez 7,5
2 Spraggett Kevin Barry 7
3 Petkov Vladimir Ivanov 7
4 Galego Luis Miguel Araújo Bri 7
5 Nagy Gabor 7
6 Damaso Rui 7
7 Oratovsky Michael 6,5
8 Campora Sivori Daniel Hugo 6,5
9 Pinho Paulo Miguel Leitão Gom 6,5
10 Sousa André Miguel V Ventura 6,5
11 Vassallo Barroche Maurício 6,5
12 Pinheiro Albano Pedro Braganç 6,5
13 Rego Pedro Filipe Pinho 6
14 Leonardo João Paulo Lourenco 6
15 Levi Netanel 6
16 Dias Paulo Jorge Guimaraes 6
17 Martins Diogo Faria Oliveira 6
18 Moreno Yaniela Forgas 6
19 Pintor Simão Maciel Abranches 6
20 Romano João Manuel Pereira Co 6
21 Machado Tomás Dias 6
22 Sousa Hugo Carneiro 6
23 Paiva Henrique Maria Branco A 5,5
24 Dias Ivo Rodrigues 5,5
25 Bernardo Daniel Madureira 5,5
26 Ermel Francisco 5,5
27 Demyanchuk Sergey 5,5
28 Silva Daniel Frederico Vascon 5,5
29 Silva Mariana Sofia Teixeira 5,5
30 Fernandes Miguel António Murt 5,5
31 Pintor Ariana Maciel Abranche 5,5
32 Silva Ana Inês Teixeira Da 5,5
33 Silva Pedro Gil Ferreira 5,5
34 Carvalho Vitor Manuel Moreira 5,5
35 Safranska Anda 5
36 Fernandes João Pedro Murtinho 5
37 Padeiro José João Tato 5
38 Santos José Miguel Sereno 5
39 Castellanos Bógalo António 5
40 Barroso Simão Oliveira Alvim 5
41 Pipiras Filipa Fortuna 5
42 Guimarães Álvaro José Esperan 5
43 Monteiro Paulo Alexandre Gome 5
44 Macedo Adriano Esteves 5
45 Monteiro José Manuel Macedo 5
46 Oliveira Maria Alice Ramos Ma 5
47 Velumani Saran Vikash 5
48 Gama João Gonçalo Cerejeira D 5
49 Branco João Carlos Fernandes 5
50 Friedrich Carlos Ernesto G 5
51 Fernandes Rui Filipe Dos Sant 5
52 Costa Paulo Jorge Lopes Da 4,5
53 Rodrigues José Pedro Da Costa 4,5
54 Areal Pedro Miguel Rosa De A. 4,5
55 Melo David Emmanuel Do Vale 4,5
56 Mendes Bruno Daniel Durães Pe 4,5
57 Gonçalves Luis Augusto Soares 4,5
58 Marinho António Pedro Vieira 4,5
59 Gonçalves Lucas Jordão 4,5
60 Vieira Pedro Jorge Das Neves 4,5
61 Oliveira Maria Elisa Ramos Ma 4,5
62 Monteiro Tomás Alexandre De F 4,5
63 Sousa David Oliva Teles 4,5
64 Sampaio Carlos Daniel Lemos 4,5
65 Fonseca Pedro Miguel Ramos Da 4,5
66 Dong Fábio 4,5
67 Marques Ricardo Martinho 4,5
68 Sousa Gil Oliva Teles 4
69 Andrade Ricardo Sarmento 4
70 Viana Eduardo Escudeiro Guerr 4
71 Lomba Lucas Laranjeira De Oli 4
72 Sarabando Rodrigo Andias 4
73 Ribeiro Orlando Camilo Duarte 4
74 Teixeira José Manuel 4
75 Soares Sara Joana De Moura Pe 4
76 Azevedo Manuel Tiago 4
77 Dong Rafael 4
78 Pacheco João Daniel Barbosa 4
79 Magalhães Guilherme António C 4
80 Azevedo Carlos Filipe Salvato 4
81 Filipe Guilherme Castro 4
82 Marrios Ruben José Lopes 3,5
83 Dumont Vincent 3,5
84 Carvalho Pedro Vieira De 3,5
85 Marques Luís Filipe Ribeiro 3,5
86 Filipe Gustavo Castro 3,5
87 Cunha Simão Pedro Sá 3,5
88 Alves José Ricardo 3,5
89 Valente Sofia Moreira Lopes R 3,5
90 Cardoso Vitor Manuel Barroso 3,5
91 Fernandes Tiago João Carneiro 3,5
92 Abreu Duarte Ferreira 3,5
93 Bento David Luís Rodrigues 3,5
94 Silva José Lucas Ferreira 3,5
95 Palhas Miguel Branco 3
96 Soares Paulo Samuel L O M 3
97 Guimarães Henrique Oliveira 3
98 Areal Maria Beatriz Moura F 3
99 Farias David Nuno Moita Estev 3
100 Rodrigues Gonçalo Araújo 3
101 Lu David 3
102 Sousa Duarte Miguel Cunha E 3
103 Silva Tiago Luís Dias 3
104 Pereira Rodrigo Gil Castro 3
105 Pinto José João Meireles Alve 3
106 Dumont André 2,5
107 Marques Clara Sofia Sargento 2,5
108 Duarte Francisco Joaquim Viel 2,5
109 Haddix Micah Macclary 2,5
110 Chipelo Tomás Miguel Da Silva 2,5
111 Pombo João Afonso Lopes Magal 2,5
112 Campos Phoenix Carlos Costa 2
113 Duarte Duarte António Vilela 2
114 Peixoto Bruno Azevedo 2
115 Tarelho Bruna Silva 2
116 Correia Daniel Carvalho 2
117 Monteiro Afonso Pedro De Frei 1
118 Vale Pedro 0
119 Peres Renato José Ribeiro 0
120 Vale Paulo Afonso Da Costa 0
121 Matos Marcos De Lima 0

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Chessdom - Sat, 08/04/2018 - 16:37

Hotel Wyndham Garden Dresden

The Dresden Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 29 July to 6 August 2017 in Dresden, Germany. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.
The tournament is divided in 3 sections. In group A 100 players are expected.
The top seeded are GM Chao Li, GM Evgeny Romanov, GM Vladimir Onishuk, GM Gabor Papp etc…

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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The Blackthorne Irish Championship 2018

Chessdom - Sat, 08/04/2018 - 16:10

The Irish Championship is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 4-12 August 2018 in the Talbot Hotel Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland Players receive 105 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

Starting rank

1 Baburin Alex
2 Collins Sam
3 Lopez Alex
4 Jessel Stephen
5 Wall Gavin
6 Brady Stephen
7 Murphy Conor
8 O’Donnell Conor
9 Short Philip
10 Daly Colm
11 O’Gorman Tom
12 Li Henry
13 Delaney Killian
14 Freeman Gordon
15 Wallace Paul
16 Moran Stephen
17 Murray David
18 O’Connell Gerard
19 Melaugh Shane
20 Kennedy John
21 Butler Kevin
22 Fox Anthony
23 Melaugh Gavin
24 Bourached Anthony
25 Rush Stephen
26 Manojlovic Mihailo
27 O’Neill Paul
28 Keogh Eamon
29 Cafolla Peter
30 Tirziman Rudolf
31 Nolan Conor
32 O’Gorman Alice
33 Nemeth Zalan
34 Scott Luke
35 Nolan Dermot
36 Carroll Peter

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Sinquefield Cup 2018

Chessdom - Sat, 08/04/2018 - 10:45

The Sinquefield Cup sees Magnus Carlsen and 9 more of the world’s best players compete in the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis from 18-27 August 2018. The event is the penultimate leg of the 2018 Grand Chess Tour, with the tour regulars joined by wild card Magnus Carlsen. In adddition to tour points the prize fund is $300,000, with $75,000 for 1st place. Players receive 100 minutes for 40 moves then 60 minutes for the rest of the game, with a 30-second delay from move 1. A tie for first place will be decided in a 2-game Rapid mini-match (10min + 5sec delay), only between the top two, and if necessary an Armageddon game (5 vs. 4) on 28 August at 13:00 local time.


Alexander Grischuk • Fabiano Caruana • Hikaru Nakamura • Levon Aronian • Maxime Vachier-Lagrave • Shakhriyar Mamedyarov • Sergey Karjakin • Viswanathan Anand • Wesley So • Magnus Carlsen (WC)

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 16 1:00 PM Ultimate Moves
Friday, August 17 4-5:30 PM Autograph Signing
6:00 PM Opening Ceremony**
Saturday, August 18 1:00 PM Round 1
Sunday, August 19 1:00 PM Round 2
Monday, August 20 1:00 PM Round 3
Tuesday, August 21 1:00 PM Round 4
Wednesday, August 22 1:00 PM Round 5
Thursday, August 23 Rest Day
Friday, August 24 1:00 PM Round 6
Saturday, August 25 1:00 PM Round 7
Sunday, August 26 1:00 PM Round 8
Monday, August 27 1:00 PM Round 9
Tuesday, August 28 1:00 PM Playoff (if necessary)
6:00 PM Closing Ceremony**

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Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz Grand Chess Tour 2018

Chessdom - Sat, 08/04/2018 - 10:34

The Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz is the third stage of the 2018 Grand Chess Tour. The 10-player tournament takes place in the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis from 11-15 August and sees tour regulars Aronian, Caruana, Nakamura, Anand, Karjakin, MVL, So, Mamedyarov, Grischuk and wild card Dominguez. The prize fund is $150,000, with $37,500 for 1st place. The rapid section is a single round-robin with 3 rounds each day on the first 3 days at a time control of 25 minutes for all moves and a 10-second delay from move 1. The final 2 days are a blitz double round-robin, with 18 rounds of 5 minutes + 3-second delay blitz. Rapid games count double, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. A tie for first place will be decided in a 2-game Rapid mini-match (10min + 5sec delay), only between the top two, and if necessary an Armageddon game (5 vs. 4). The playoff takes place shortly after the last round.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

Schedule CST

Opening Ceremony & Press Conference to be held on August 10 by invite only.

Rapid (11– 13 August)

Time 11 August 12 August 13 August
1:00 p.m. Round 1 Round 4 Round 7
2:30 p.m. Round 2 Round 5 Round 8
4:00 p.m. Round 3 Round 6 Round 9
Blitz (14 – 15 August)

Time 14 August Time 15 August
1:00 p.m. Round 1 1:00 p.m. Round 10
1:30 p.m. Round 2 1:30 p.m. Round 11
2:00 p.m. Round 3 2:00 p.m. Round 12
2:30 p.m. Round 4 2:30 p.m. Round 13
3:00 p.m. Round 5 3:00 p.m. Round 14
3:30 p.m. Round 6 3:30 p.m. Round 15
4:00 p.m. Round 7 4:00 p.m. Round 16
4:30 p.m. Round 8 4:30 p.m. Round 17
5:00 p.m. Round 9 5:00 p.m. Round 18
5:30 p.m. Playoffs

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26th Troya International Open 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 23:40

26th Troya International Open will be held in Çanakkale from 6 to 11 August.
The venue will be Univercity Student Social Event Center. It will be 9 round Swiss.
The tournament will be divided in 3 sections. 357 players are expected in all events.

Date Time Statement
04 August 2018
Saturday 18:00 Deadline for Application
06 August 2018
09:00 Start of Registration Verification
14:00 Deadline for Registration Verification
14:30 Announcement of List of Players
15:00 Deadline for Appeal to the List of Players
15:30 Technical Meeting
16:30 Announcement of Pairings
16:45 Opening Ceremony
17:00 1st Round
07 August 2018
10:00 2nd Round
16:00 3rd Round
08 August 2018
10:00 4th Round
16:00 5th Round
09 August 2018
10:00 6th Round
16:00 7th Round
10 August 2018
Friday 10:00 8th Round
11 August 2018
10:00 9th Round
16:00 Closing Ceremony

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27th Kavala International Open 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 23:26


The 27th Kavala International Open is a 9-round Swii tournamnt taking place from 5-11 August 208 at the Foyer of Prefecture Amphitheatre in Kavala, Greece and is organized by the Kavala Chess Club and East Macedonia & Thrace Chess Union. Players receive 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game plus 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.
141 players are expected.

Four groups according to FIDE Rating – Group A : Rtg > 1800 (women>1750)
Group B : Rating < 2000 (Players with Rating between 1800 - 1999 have the right of choice to participate
either in the First or Second Group) -- Group C : Rating < 1200 -- Group D : Born after 1-1-2010
1st Round Sunday 5 August 16:30 h 6th Round Wednesday 8 August 17:00 h
2nd Round Monday 6 August 10:00 h 7th Round Thursday 9 August 16:30 h
3rd Round Monday 6 August 17:00 h 8th Round Friday 10 August 16:30 h
4th Round Tuesday 7 August 16:30 h 9th Round Saturday 11 August 10:00 h
5th Round Wednesday 8 August 10:00 h Closing Ceremony Saturday 11 August 15:30 h.

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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11th Arad International Chess Festival 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 23:19

Arad Culture Palace

The 11th Arad International Chess Festival is a 9-round Swiss open taking place from 5-12 August 2018 in the Continental Hotel in Arad, Rumania. The event is organised by the Vados Chess Club Arad. Players receive 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 15 minutes for the rest plus 30 seconds per player per move starting from move 1.
256 players are expected. The top seeded are GM Kiril Georgiev, GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, GM Konstantin Tarlev etc…

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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22nd HZ Chess Tournament 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 23:13

The 22nd Hogeschool Zeeland Tournament is a 9-round Swiss open taking place in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, from 4-11 August 2018. The time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1.
247 players are expected. The top seeded are GM Sandro Mareco, GM Eduard Iturrizaga Bonelli, ,GM Jorden Van Foreest, etc…

Live game with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – Komodo, Houdini, and Stockfish.

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Abu Dhabi Chess Festival 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 22:48

Abu Dhabi Chess & Culture Club is organizing the Abu Dhabi chess festival in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and under the Patronage of H.H Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan from 6-16th August in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE.

1. Masters Tournament:
Open to all FIDE rated players with standard rating of 2100 ELO and above. Tournament will be a 9 rounds Swiss system, time control 90 min for each player and 30 seconds increment for each. 30-minute tolerance will be applied.
Top prizes: $13000 $7,500 $5,500 $3,500 $2000 $1500 $1000 $800 $700 $600

2. Open Tournament:
Open for players rated 2000 ELO and below. The tournament will be a 9 rounds Swiss system, time control 90 min for each player and 30 seconds increment for each move. 30-minute tolerance will be applied.
Top prizes: $2000 $1500 $1200 $1000 $800 $500 $400

3. Juniors Tournament (U16):
Open for players born in 2002 or later. The tournament will be a 9 rounds Swiss system, time control 70 min for each player for the whole game. 30-minute tolerance will be applied.
Top prizes: $1500 $1000 $700 $500 $400 $300. Also prizes for sections U8, U10, U12 and U14.

4. Blitz tournament:
Swiss system, 11 rounds, 3 min + 2 sec increment. Entry fees AED 100 (US$ 27). GM, IM with standard Ello Above 2400 and WGM are exempted.

5. Simultaneous exhibition:
Held by a renowned international GM. Free Registration

6. Homeland protector’s tournament:
Open to members of military and police and national service. Swiss system, 7 rounds, 15 min. If there are 10 or less teams participating, the tournament will be a round robin. Free Registration.

7. Family Team Tournament:
Swiss system, 7 rounds, 15 min. Open to teams of 2 players (player + one of the parents). If there are 10 or less teams participating, the tournament will be a round robin. Free Registration.

Chess Festival Site

25th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival – Masters:

1 GM Le Quang Liem VIE 2727
2 GM Rapport Richard HUN 2718
3 GM Cheparinov Ivan GEO 2717
4 GM Wang Hao CHN 2711
5 GM Fedoseev Vladimir RUS 2706
6 GM Dubov Daniil RUS 2690
7 GM Amin Bassem EGY 2683
8 GM Sargissian Gabriel ARM 2680
9 GM Sjugirov Sanan RUS 2677
10 GM Korobov Anton UKR 2662
11 GM Short Nigel D ENG 2659
12 GM Morozevich Alexander RUS 2656
13 GM Akopian Vladimir ARM 2655
14 GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2653
15 GM Parligras Mircea-Emilian ROU 2644
16 GM Maghsoodloo Parham IRI 2636
17 GM Salem A.R. Saleh UAE 2635
18 GM Adly Ahmed EGY 2634
19 GM Lupulescu Constantin ROU 2619
20 GM Vocaturo Daniele ITA 2617
21 GM Gupta Abhijeet IND 2613
22 GM Petrosian Tigran L. ARM 2610
23 GM Karthikeyan Murali IND 2609
24 GM Jumabayev Rinat KAZ 2608
25 GM Andersen Mads DEN 2601
26 GM Idani Pouya IRI 2599
27 GM Tabatabaei M.Amin IRI 2590
28 GM Pantsulaia Levan GEO 2587
29 GM Jojua Davit GEO 2582
30 GM Aravindh Chithambaram Vr. IND 2581
31 GM Narayanan.S.L IND 2574
32 GM Istratescu Andrei ROU 2573
33 GM Yuffa Daniil RUS 2569
34 GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2560
35 GM Firouzja Alireza IRI 2560
36 IM Nihal Sarin IND 2555
37 GM Bernadskiy Vitaliy UKR 2544
38 GM Abdusattorov Nodirbek UZB 2538
39 GM Debashis Das IND 2538
40 GM Aryan Chopra IND 2536
41 GM Kadric Denis BIH 2536
42 GM Shyam Sundar M. IND 2526
43 GM Lalith Babu M R IND 2519
44 FM Erigaisi Arjun IND 2517
45 GM Vishnu Prasanna. V IND 2516
46 GM Puranik Abhimanyu IND 2514
47 IM Kuybokarov Temur UZB 2499
48 IM Saduakassova Dinara KAZ 2494
49 IM Sindarov Javokhir UZB 2488
50 GM Swapnil S. Dhopade IND 2485
51 GM Kunte Abhijit IND 2484
52 IM Iniyan P IND 2464
53 IM Vignesh N R IND 2463
54 IM Harsha Bharathakoti IND 2454
55 IM Nguyen Anh Khoi VIE 2453
56 GM Laxman R.R. IND 2448
57 IM Nitin S. IND 2448
58 CM Gukesh D IND 2440
59 IM Halvax Georg AUT 2437
60 FM Raja Rithvik R IND 2436
61 IM Prithu Gupta IND 2434
62 GM Sundararajan Kidambi IND 2432
63 IM Labib Ibrahim Hasan EGY 2425
64 IM Mammadzada Gunay AZE 2425
65 FM Sadhwani Raunak IND 2424
66 IM Ikeda Junta AUS 2419
67 IM Akash G IND 2410
68 IM Raghunandan Kaumandur Srihari IND 2404
69 GM Jonkman Harmen NED 2403
70 IM Dimakiling Oliver PHI 2401
71 Muthaiah Al IND 2391
72 Arjun Kalyan IND 2390
73 IM Krishna Teja N IND 2389
74 IM Rakesh Kumar Jena IND 2385
75 GM Raetsky Alexander RUS 2380
76 FM Anand Nadar IND 2377
77 IM Kathmale Sameer IND 2366
78 WGM Soumya Swaminathan IND 2361
79 Wagh Suyog IND 2356
80 Kulkarni Chinmay IND 2355
81 WGM Rapport Jovana SRB 2354
82 IM Omar Noaman UAE 2353
83 WGM Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim UZB 2350
84 FM Rathanvel V S IND 2348
85 FM Samhouri A. JOR 2348
86 Saravana Krishnan P. IND 2347
87 FM Aliyev Ravan AZE 2346
88 IM Sidhant Mohapatra IND 2339
89 IM Ahmad Al Khatib JOR 2336
90 IM Padmini Rout IND 2336
91 CM Zuo Yifan CHN 2333
92 Koustav Chatterjee IND 2325
93 FM Mithil Ajgaonkar IND 2318
94 CM Aronyak Ghosh IND 2318
95 FM Kigigha Bomo NGR 2317
96 Sammed Jaykumar Shete IND 2314
97 WGM Kulkarni Bhakti IND 2312
98 WIM Eric Jovana SRB 2307
99 Sankalp Gupta IND 2304
100 WGM Gomes Mary Ann IND 2303
101 FM Hamidi Amir Mohammad IRI 2299
102 CM Karthik Kumar Pradeep IND 2295
103 FM Salem Ghuloom UAE 2293
104 FM Shailesh Dravid IND 2290
105 Daneshvar Bardiya IRI 2290
106 WGM Hejazipour Mitra IRI 2285
107 Patil Pratik IND 2280
108 Raahul V S IND 2277
109 IM Sharma Dinesh K. IND 2274
110 CM Kushagra Mohan IND 2270
111 IM Mohota Nisha IND 2268
112 AGM Jubin Jimmy IND 2267
113 WIM Nandhidhaa Pv IND 2266
114 Aaryan Varshney IND 2260
115 Pranav Anand IND 2260
116 WIM Alinasab Mobina IRI 2259
117 AGM Krishnater Kushager IND 2256
118 WIM Srija Seshadri IND 2255
119 Navalgund Niranjan IND 2255
120 Rayes Abdul Kader SYR 2242
121 Dixit Nikhil IND 2240
122 Pranavananda V IND 2232
123 Pranav V IND 2227
124 WIM Vantika Agrawal IND 2225
125 FM Gajwa Ankit IND 2223
126 FM Dushyant Sharma IND 2221
127 WIM Parnali S Dharia IND 2218
128 Samant Aditya S IND 2216
129 WFM Varshini V IND 2205
130 Bhambure Shantanu IND 2194
131 Sahil Tickoo IND 2192
132 WIM Mahalakshmi M IND 2177
133 WFM Divya Deshmukh IND 2172
134 Adnan Habib CAN 2171
135 CM Mendonca Leon Luke IND 2167
136 Senthil Maran K IND 2167
137 FM Srinivasa Rao M. IND 2160
138 WIM Pujari Rucha IND 2159
139 Esenbek Uulu Ilimbek KGZ 2159
140 FM Thompson Ian D ENG 2156
141 Ajay Karthikeyan IND 2156
142 WIM Michelle Catherina P IND 2153
143 WIM Ivana Maria Furtado IND 2146
144 Moayed Obied JOR 2146
145 Sarvesh Kumar A IND 2145
146 WCM Isha Sharma IND 2144
147 IM Sultan Ibrahim UAE 2140
148 FM Jeet Jain IND 2136
149 FM Al Hosani Omran UAE 2135
150 AGM Srihari L R IND 2135
151 Hakobyan Eduard ARM 2134
152 FM Villanueva Nelson PHI 2133
153 Bartakke Amardeep S. IND 2133
154 Byron Alan M ENG 2132
155 WCM Song Yuxin CHN 2126
156 Pranav Shetty IND 2124
157 Mortel Marlon PHI 2123
158 FM Al-Hajiri Bader KUW 2120
159 Priyanka K IND 2106
160 Mayank Pal IND 2100
161 WFM Salonika Saina IND 2069
162 Panda Sambit IND 2043
163 Polakhare Aryan IND 1957
164 CM Al-Zaabi Sultan UAE 1945

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FIDE Forward campaign website launched: Press Release

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 21:31

Dear chess friends,

As the FIDE elections of 3 October are approaching, we are pleased to announce the launch of our “FIDE Forward” campaign website. Together with our social media accounts, it will be our main tool for direct communication with all FIDE delegates and for promoting the principles and values of our team.

On the 4th of July the three competing tickets were announced by FIDE, together with the list of Federation Presidents that nominated each ticket. The numbers confirm what is already known within our organization and the international chess community: that National Chess Federations do not tolerate the practice of “Money for Control” and instead opt for our main principle of “Dignity Above Money”.

The federations nominating each candidate were as follows on 4 July:

Ticket of Georgios Makropoulos - 64 federation presidents
Ticket of Arkady Dvorkovich - 13 federation presidents
Ticket of Nigel Short - 6 federation presidents

We are in the pleasant position to confirm that today, 26 July, the number of federations nominating our ticket has increased to more than 80 and we are confident that we will win the elections in the first round!

As expected, our opponents, some chess websites and the Russian press tried to downplay the significance of our public support and even eliminated it completely from their reports. The Russian Chess Federation took this practice to an extreme and mentioned only that the Russian candidate was nominated by 13 federations, conveniently omitting to mention our 64 nominations!

The overwhelming support that we have received forced Arkady Dvorkovich to go to any lengths to try and carry out the order he has been given from the Kremlin: to bring FIDE under Russian control at any cost. Suddenly we learn about invitations to the football World Cup for certain delegates from Africa, with expenses paid of course. There have been offers of free charter flights for African and delegations from the Americas to the Chess Olympiad, African chess forums are full of talk about 100’000 euros for “buying African dreams”.

We have seen numerous interventions of Russian government officials and ambassadors demanding support for Dvorkovich and pressing National Olympic Committees and Ministries of other countries. This is of course major interference by a foreign government in the internal affairs of national sport federations, and in the election process of an independent international organization, and it will be dealt with soon as it is a clear violation of IOC and FIDE principles.

What is at stake today is the political and financial independence of FIDE from any foreign government. Arkady Dvorkovich is the continuation of the old practice “Money for Control” and, unfortunately, FIDE today is in danger of becoming the tool of a certain government for achieving its geopolitical aims which have nothing to do with chess.

During the last two years, with Georgios Makropoulos as acting President, we have proven that FIDE can evolve into a stable and healthy organization. The reserve funds of FIDE have reached a high of 1.7 million euros through our hard work and commitment and by the end of the year we expect that the reserve funds will reach to 2.2 million euros. The whole Presidential and Executive Board of FIDE as well as the members of the FIDE Forward ticket have proven their integrity by turning their back to the “Money for Control” logic and taking all the right decisions to keep FIDE financially healthy and independent.

Unfortunately, as always, after Arkady Dvorkovich announced his candidacy, there are a few that have followed the smell of easy money, and try to secure financial deals for themselves. There are announcements on the internet which call for “negotiating” votes and other shady acts. These people are the same who were hoping that our team would be honest (and we are!) so they can be dishonest and negotiate their own improper deals.

We will remain honest until the end and we will fight for, and secure, the financial and political independence of FIDE so that each and every delegate will be proud to be a member of our organization. This is our dream and you cannot buy dreams, you should work for them!

The FIDE Forward team

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Spectacular London Venue Announced for FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 20:51

World Chess and FIDE are pleased to announce The College, a breath-taking historic building in the heart of London as the venue for the FIDE World Chess Championship Match 2018.

The 10,000 square foot space in Holborn will host 400 people each day to see Magnus Carlsen defend his world title against US challenger Fabiano Caruana. The much-anticipated match will be held in London from 9th to 28th November.

Ticket prices range from £45 to £100, with over 4,500 fans already registering for pre-order on TicketMaster and worldchess.com. All ticket holders will automatically receive premium digital access to the whole tournament and will be able to follow the games live as if they were in the room with the Grandmasters.

The organisers, with the ambition of making chess one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, are curating a phenomenal experience for fans coming to watch the games live: a dramatic venue, limited edition merchandise and the opportunity to meet the Grandmasters. Spectators will also be able to view the after-game press conferences and listen live to commentary by the world’s biggest chess stars and experts.

Ilya Merenzon, CEO, World Chess, said: “We know there are millions of chess fans in the UK – this is their chance to witness a battle of the world’s greatest minds. There will also be an influx of Norwegians heading to London to support Magnus. You’ll be hearing a lot of Norwegian accents in Covent Garden in November! The fact that an American is playing, for the first time in almost 50 years, will certainly make it a must-watch clash in the US!”

Those following the games online will also be catered for; they will be able to watch the moves for free on worldchess.com, the official broadcasting platform. They can also sign up for a $20 premium account, giving fans access to multi-camera views, commentary, behind-the-scenes footage, the opportunity to ask questions during press conferences and more. A portion of the digital revenue will be set to aside increase the prize fund from a guaranteed EUR 1,000,000.

The 2016 Championship took place in New York with the total audience for the event reaching a record-breaking 1.5 billion people. For the first time in decades, the World Chess crown may return to America in 2018 after Brooklyn-born Caruana won the Candidates Tournament in Berlin and earned the right to fight Carlsen for the Championship title.

The College provides an appropriate venue for the pinnacle of the world’s oldest game – its retained a number of authentic Victorian features including furnishing, marble reception areas and a show-stopping glass-dome roof.

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Qualifiers for FIDE Women’s World Championship 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 20:48

FIDE is publishing the player’s contract for the Women’s World Chess Championship 2018 to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia from November 1st to November 24.

The qualified players are expected to fax or email scanned the original document of their signed contract to the FIDE Secretariat’s fax number +30 2109212859 or email office@fide.com no later than midnight of Thursday, 16 August 2018.

FIDE is also publishing the initial list of qualifiers as per regulations. The full technical regulations of the event are on the FIDE handbook.


a) From World Women’s Championship 2016
01. Tan Zhongyi (CHN) – Winner 2016
02. Muzychuk Anna (UKR) – Runner up
03. Harika Dronavalli (IND) – Semifinalist
04. Kosteniuk Alexandra (RUS) – Semifinalist

b) From average Rating List 2/2017 to 1/2018
05. Hou Yifan (CHN) 2664.41
06. Ju Wenjun (CHN) 2580.75
07. Gunina Valentina (RUS) 2507.25
08. Lei Tingjie (CHN) 2507.16
09. Zhao Xue (CHN) 2490.25

c) World Girl Junior Champions 2016-2017:
10. Saduakassova Dinara (KAZ) World Junior G20 Champion 2016
11. Abdumalik Zhansaya (KAZ) World Junior G20 Champion 2017

d) 28 players from European Women Championships 2016 & 2017
12. Ushenina Anna (UKR) 2016
13. Vega Gutierrez Sabrina (ESP) 2016
14. Stefanova Antoaneta (FID) 2016
15. Mkrtchian Lilit (ARM) 2016
16. Paehtz Elisabeth (GER) 2016
17. Atalik Ekaterina (TUR) 2016
18. Bodnaruk Anastasia (RUS) 2016
19. Zawadzka Jolanta (POL) 2016
20. Javakhishvili Lela (GEO) 2016
21. Matnadze Ana (ESP) 2016
22. Shvayger Yuliya (ISR) 2016
23. Goryachkina Aleksandra (RUS) 2016
24. Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan (SCO) 2016
25. Khukhashvili Sopiko (GEO) 2016
26. Dzagnidze Nana (GEO) 2017
27. Galliamova Alisa (RUS) 2017
28. Lagno Kateryna (RUS) 2017
29. Muzychuk Mariya (UKR) 2017
30. Socko Monika (POL) 2017
31. Danielian Elina (ARM) 2017
32. Nechaeva Marina (RUS) 2017
33. Khotenashvili Bela (GEO) 2017
34. Zhukova Natalia (UKR) 2017
35. Pogonina Natalija (RUS) 2017
36. Hoang Thanh Trang (HUN) 2017
37. Gara Anita (HUN) 2017
38. Gaponenko Inna (UKR) 2017
39. Kashlinskaya Alina (RUS) 2017

e) 8 players from Americas
40. Cori T., Deysi (PER) (Continental 2016)
41. Miranda Llanes, Yerisbel (CUB) (Continental 2017)
42. Aliaga Fernandez, Ingrid Y (PER) (Continental 2017)
43. Foisor Sabina-Francesca (USA) (Zone 2.1)
44. Paikidze Nazi (USA) (Zone 2.1)
45. Ouellet, Maili-Jade (CAN) (Zone 2.2)
46. Vazquez Maccarini, Danitza (PUR) (Zone 2.3)
47. Lujan, Carolina (ARG) (Zone 2.5)

f) 12 players from Asia/Oceania
48. Kuilkarni Bhakthid (IND) (Continental 2016)
49. Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (KAZ) (Continental 2017)
50. Alinasab Mobina (IRI) (Zone 3.1)
51. Hamid Rani (BAN) (Zone 3.2)
52. Vo Thi Kim Phung (VIE) (Zone 3.3)
53. Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim (UZB) (Zone 3.4)
54. Zhai Mo (CHN) (Zone 3.5)
55. Ni Shiqun (CHN) (Zone 3.5)
56. Zhu Jineer (CHN) (Zone 3.5)
57. Sun Fanghui (CHN) (Zone 3.5)
58. Timergazi, Layla (NZL) (Zone 3.6)
59. Padmini Rout (IND) (Zone 3.7)

g) 3 players from Africa
60. Wafa Shahenda (EGY) (Continental 2017)
61. Toubal Hayat (ALG) (Continental 2017)
62. February Jesse Nikki (RSA) (Continental 2017)

h) 2 nominees by FIDE
63. To be announced
64. To be announced

TOTAL: 64 players

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Cellavision Chess Cup 2018

Chessdom - Fri, 08/03/2018 - 20:08

The Cellavision Chess Cup is an 8-round Swiss tournament taking place from 3-5 August 2018 in Lund, Sweden. It starts off with four Rapid games with a time control of 15 minutes for the entire game, plus a 5-second increment starting from move one, followed by four classical games with 90 minutes per game and a 30-second increment. In parallel with CellaVision Chess Cup the Small CellaVision Chess Cup is open for players with elo rating below 1600.
185 players are taking part in the main event.

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